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  1. Cassowary

    That is so cool!
  2. Bees Wax and Renaissance wax

    Steve, Did you buy the wax locally? I live in NH and was wondering where you got it?
  3. Tanto and Kogatana knife set

    Well done!
  4. Diplomatic blades and a couple of choppers

    I am so impressed every time I see your work! They are great!
  5. Gravel Pit? Also forging curtains?

    Almost sounds like plantar fasciitis , you may want to google it. I tended to ware the same shoes everyday for a really long time, when I notice foot, hip or back pain I need to get new shoes. good luck
  6. Metal Benders

    I have a bench version of the pedestal bender. I think it is all but useless. I spent more time trying to get something to work than and fit in the bender than making anything. The other one looks like it would work better.
  7. Keeping it old school......

    Is the Swag block new? Is there a place to buy one?
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    That plant bracket is wonderful! All your work looks great.
  9. How am I doing on these tongs

    Neal Cassidy flips his hammer.
  10. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    That is a very nice knife, I would have been proud to make that! I think you did a great job, everything I see you post on here looks great.
  11. Hammer in at Ben's Mill Barnet Vermont

    This was a great afternoon! Lucian did a very interesting demo. Had some fun with trying out a coal forge before he showed up, and worked with a guy starting a bottle opener. I wish there was something like this every weekend close by. Ben's Mill is worth the trip to check it out, lots of neat stuff there. Great folks too.
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Never saw one but now I want one! very cool. About how long is the handle?
  13. Moose head - first try

    Very nice moose! They would sell like crazy in the gift shops around here.