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  1. Very nice moose! They would sell like crazy in the gift shops around here.
  2. I plan on going! I go buy there a lot motorcycling.
  3. Do you still sell these?
  4. Thanks, again very nice work!
  5. Really nice, it would be great to see more detail on how you formed the brass. I really like that knife!
  6. I am jealous, I wish there was a forge like that that I could hang out in, and interesting old gents like that to be around. Great little video.
  7. Great work !
  8. Ok what is a tire upsetter? Something that puts the crown in the tire?
  9. wood and pellet stove shops often have ceramic blanket refractory
  10. Are those clics readers? I have had 3 pare of clic readers, I just got real rx glass but still wear the clics in the garage Looking at their website they do not come as readers to bad.
  11. a young woman; especially : a young woman who is a servant. This post refers to the difference between a winch and a wench Posted On May 19, 2017 at 11:24 PM
  12. I want to make one off these. I like the design of this one. Did you use spring for the side columns?
  13. It is a kiridashi , Japanese utility knife. Very nice.
  14. Here they are called a "Stiff Hitch"
  15. My guess would be that fin is meant to go in a slot on the bench or stand to hold the vise from side to side in the front, two bolts hold it in the back. Just a guess...cool vise.