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  1. I have finally got Colin mounted in the garden, He has been christened Colin just because it amusses me and a bit of a nod to the Black Adder as thats the sort of name the Rowan Atkinson would give it
  2. I used most of those but there was alot of cutting shapes from solid, quite alot of cold bending and shaping in the hyd press, Mig welding then grinding I was going to let it rust but its turned out much better than I hoped so now thinking of getting it shot blasted and Zinc sprayed
  3. This is made from some eight inch or 200mm pipe, I saw some of these in someones garden made from polystyrene and thought I could make that from pipe so I did and it got me off the hook for a present
  4. My large linisher is fixed speed and has a 220mm Dia drive wheel with 50Hz gives 2750 rpm with a 2 pole motor that gives 1900 meters per Min so it really fizzs around and with 60 grit Zirconated belts can really remove lots of material. But my smaller knife making linisher is on a VSD and goes from 270 to 5000 rpm with a 100mm Dia drive wheel which gives 84 to 1570 meters per min so that gives a range of speeds So as others have suggested you could set up a couple of cone pulleys to give you a better surface speed for light or heavy work
  5. This is a project just for fun to hang on the wall forged from some digger track spring. It weighs 5Lb or 2.5Kg, It may not get any more finished than this but it may get a Jara wood handle
  6. I just made it up as I went but could do some chicken scratchings (free hand drawings) of the main points of the tracking system and pivots if you want. The tracking system pivots on 12x35 ball race brgs that are cheap as chips and the tracking part is cut from larger boxsection and the adjustment is a bolt pushing against an old valve spring so no freeplay but easy adjustment
  7. It has been a bit cold I measured -12 cent the other morning but it gets up to about 8 to maybe 12 deg cent in the afty my burner have two .9mm jets and maybe Im impaitent but run the presure about 15 to 20 psi and when i was doing the conrods I had it up to 30 psi That was really cranking out some heat. Our Lpg is mostly butane with some propane I believe and in the winter there is a bit more propane added. Even with both bottles paired after an hour or so the pressure drops to a point where I cant get the req pressure and there is a coating of ice on the outside of the bottles, Butane has a
  8. Well I am getting well along with my bottle warmers for my two 45Kg cyl, There are two 300 watt heaters with a circulating pump all for heating fish tanks and submursable. The tank will be filled close to the top with antifreeze added mainly to stop corrosion but also the unlikely event of cold enough frosts (It has happened with other things in the shop) to freeze the water and damaging something. I was going to put it on wheels but i think I will leave it as is and shift it with the forklift when the need arrives
  9. That wee one by the fire is indeed a good looking axe Very nice
  10. Yes I agree if a thumb screw or bolt was put into a corner of the outer tube to force the inner into the corner to give repeatability may help. I use ball race bearings on the arms for free movement with zero freeplay
  11. I have been making and selling industrial linishers locally on and off for about 25 years and I make them very ridgid to stop tracking variations when put under load. The motor mounting plate though longer than yours is 25mm thick and the latest mod is the tensioning screw is now in line with the drive pulley to cut down on flex even more. You can lean on these as much as you like and the belt does not track off more than a few mm. The last pic is my new 2x72 and it uses a strong gas strut and the motor is foot and flange mounted and the plate on the flange is 10mm thick. The blue machine is 2
  12. The motor is mounted on what looks like just flat plate thats not that thick, It only takes a small amount of movement to affect the tracking and I though that could be one of the places the actual frame is indeed strong looking
  13. I see that two rollers are cambered, you usually only need one of them to be cambered and it dosent take much either only about 1deg. How do you tension the belt? insufficient belt tension may be part of the problem as speed should not be an issue, If everything is setup correctly turning in either direction should not change how it tracks or speed/ type of belt. A ridgid machine frame with no flex is important as flex as tension or load from a heavy cut will make the belt throw off
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