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  1. Maximum stroke length

    The tonnage produced is dirrectly related to the pressure put into the ram, For the pressure to accumulate there has to be a resistance to the rams movement. What the above statement MAY be refering to is if the ram is used unsuported in like a press then to prevent kickout of the ram shaft getting bent the pressure needs to be reduced but Im only guessing there, I susspect that that statment is for a ram constructed to have a 16 inch stroke total. As long as the ram pivot or mounting points are in line with the centre line of the ram and free to move a ram with a 28 inch stroke should be ableto be used to its full design pressure for the full stroke. All this info should be freely available online if you look
  2. Maximum stroke length

    Stroke length has nothing to do with the tonnage produced
  3. Maximum stroke length

    When a hyd rams design pressure is exceeded with a well sourced component, modern design ram usually the worst that happens is the internal piston seal is extruded past the piston and this can happen on just one side which loads the piston against the cylinder wall and causes scoring. Its best to have excess stroke and not use the full stroke extenstion as this helps support the ram shaft from getting kicked out and bent Cheers Beaver
  4. Hi Mark1 Being rich or wealthy in a money sense for Me wouldnt be the end of the world, it would be a burden I would just have to bear LOL What my frustration is about is the supprestion of the hourly wage of people who work with their hands for a living and now there is a skill shortage starting here from a lack of apperentices and training over the last 30 years. so hopfully the wages will start to increase in the future again for skilled people but our beloved polititions have been talking about allowing more people in from overseas to fill the gaps which is Ok to a point but as long as everybody gets a fair go at a decent rate
  5. This is per hour I forgot to put, I was having a conversation with the manager of one of the largest engineering businesses in Invercagill and we got onto the subject of margins on materails, I mentioned my 40% and he said really I am happy with 10% admitally he is often dealing in 100000 of dollars and much more but does that mean that because it a larger sum of money you are not allowed to make as much profit on your money invested?. I told him i wouldnt even bother for 10% and yet people are perfectly happy to buy clothing or stuff they dont really need and the margin is 300%. Or go to your so called profestional (Laywer, Dentist etc or any other of the expensive parsites) and they just except it. I sometimes barter but you have to be carfull here as you are trading with things that may have differing values for the parties involved so you need to know exactly what each party expects and be sure both will deliver
  6. For Me this is a constant source of frustration I charge $60 plus GST at 15% (goods and services tax) there are other names for this but it would get me banned, plus consumables, vehicle charged out at $1.20 per Km, Mig welder $1.00/min Oxy/acet $1.00/min unless its a large heating tip them its more, Stick welding rods $1.00 each some of the special rods are up to $7.50 each. When I purchase any items steel or any other items I add 40% markup All of these are plus GST. As I get older I have become a lot less tolerant of people wanting stuff done right now but do not want to pay much for it I am very blunt and to the point Cheers Beaver
  7. Claw hammers

    These are two of my first claw hammers these are practice for when I get cosistant enough to make them out of pattern welded steel the first pic is upside down stupid smart phone but the unfinished hammer thats as far as I am going with that one as I used a hot cut to isolate for the claw and I should of used a radiused tool instead as it has formed a bad lamination
  8. Simple Oil forge Build

    While I wont go into how you heat the zinc this is how I would cast it after making sure the mould was properly heated before pouring in the metal. There is probably already stainless steel bolts welded where an anode has been in the past and this stops damaging the paint and antifouling of your hull if not you should fit some. Just be mindfull that too many anodes can be as bad as none as you have to have a ballance because you are basicly making a battery. The holes in the stainless strap in the centre are to increase the keying of the zinc and stop it coming loose and the strap just rests on top of the channel and the zinc will be held slightly off the surface of the hull Cheers Beaver
  9. Air-Assisted Hydraulic Bottle Jack Press

    If budget is a proplem have you looked at a rolling mill they could be made for a small amount with some talented scrounging and from what I have seen of them they work very well
  10. C41-150 Installation

    Looks like you are already mostly done, follow the manufactures recomendations and dont scimp on concrete volume Cheers Beaver
  11. Hyd pump

    Yes, here pumps are sold as a certain displacement per rev as well so output is easy to work out cc"s x revs or cu"x revs
  12. Are those wire rope handles on the bench for tooling I had wondered about doing some thing like that myself as it would be a good way of lessening any shock from miss hits
  13. Salvage of my star pattern welded billet

    Its all done very pleased with the outcome though there are still some faults it will be a servicable knife. I went for Jarah wood with copper pins and danish oil finish
  14. I have a Wilkinson and I see mostly Peter Wright and Wilkinsons here in the lower south island of New Zealand
  15. What Robs said is a valid point If I was doing this and had access to a forklift I would try to lift it back up as shown in my scrible this is lifting close to the load centre mass and care would have to be taken when the load tips foward that the pipe doesnt roll forward and you drop the load, Lifting like this also gives you a low lift. Just be carefull take your time and think about out comes before you get commited and past any possible point of no return Cheers Beaver