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  1. The seax/sax would be a good start. I would add some belly to the blade and make sure there is finger clearance at the handle so your friend can use the entire edge and not snag knuckles on the bales.
  2. This is an experimental knife using my first attempt at forge welding. I made a small billet and twisted it. Of course forging the blade out untwists it quite a bit. It is a stick tang with deer antler and birch bark stacked for the handle.
  3. Thanks! Please let us know how this goes. I haven’t used Michigan birch yet, I bought scraps from a canoe maker out West. Thanks, wigwassie has a nice swing to it! Thanks! It feels good in the hand.
  4. I will try the washer idea. Thanks for that and the feedback! Suitable birch bark is hard to come by unless you live in an area where they grow. It is a Good material to work with and the hand feel is fantastic. Thanks!
  5. Recently completed knife. This one was a request for something “different” so I went with a bit of a trailing point on the blade then deer antler and birch bark for the handle.
  6. I use Evaporust all the time on older steel bicycles and it works great! One issue I have had is that when reusing Evaporust is that it can turn carbon steel quite dark.
  7. Sell the saws and buy new known steel!
  8. I like the mortise look of the way you joined the two pieces of wood!
  9. Been in the same room as Gates but didn't have a chance to talk to him. I met and had a pleasant, although somewhat one-sided conversation with Woz. He is energetic and enthusiastic! I started with one statement and he then talked for several minutes without a pause! This continued through the whole talk we had. Sorry for the topic diversion!
  10. That looks pretty amazing. I haven't seen much chain Damascus that retains as much of the chain's original look.
  11. Thanks for posting the Elizabeth Brim episode. I really enjoyed that!
  12. Yes, this is probably caused by an air bubble. Is it large enough to cause a problem? My only other wheel is a 4 inch and has no blemishes of this size so I have no experience by which to judge.
  13. Just got this and am excited to try it out but I am concerned about this void. Anyone have an opinion?
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