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  1. I'm excited to see more designs. I need to make me a portable hole to go with my anvil and need some ideas for it's design.
  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    @Stitch do you think that saw could be used for plunge cuts in the middle of stock?
  3. Hunter - WIP

    Here's a thought on the handle. When using the serrated side will you hit your knuckles on what you are cutting? Other than that I think it looks good.
  4. Gravel Pit? Also forging curtains?

    I have worked on hard surfaces, cement and steel barges, for countless hours. These surfaces are not good on your body, they are very rough and will fatigue you more than a softer material like dirt. These issues can usually be fixed with posture, inserts, ankle support, and frequent breaks. A good boot with an orthopedic insert, not a generic cheap one, and proper posture will help. Keep in mind though that you will still be fatigued and feel pain after so long. The simple fact is we are not designed to function on those hard surfaces for such extended periods of time.
  5. Looking for information on maille

    If @Nobody Special is correct that you ran one end through the other end than I think you would be better off bending it down the other way. That way it makes a little hook which will be a stronger connection. Other than that, I don't know what I'm talking about.
  6. JABOD dimensions

    I made mine roughly 4" x 8", the size of my fist by the size of two fists. There is an inch under the tuyere and somewhere between 2" and 4" above it. I will note that I've noticed it being hard to heat longer stock on my forge. The hot spot was a little low which had me tilting my stock down into the fire. So I had to cut about an inch off of where I put my stock to make it level again. I might have to do the same on the opposite side for longer stock.
  7. Rivet Heading / Upsetting Tool

    I might give it a try anyway and report back on my findings.
  8. Rivet Heading / Upsetting Tool

    I have a question for y'all. Could a pipe flaring tool be used for this?
  9. I made my anvil with an 8lb sledge hammer head and nine lengths of 4x4 lumber. Cut the wood to the same length, strap them together, carve out a tight hole for the anvil, and beat in the anvil. The only problem I have found so far is that in bounces around a bit when I start really getting down on it. Check out my thread about my shop for pics.
  10. My simple but effective Charcoal Forge

    It looks fantastic! Two things though, where's the pics of it burning and can I get a better pic of the rack on the right? Please and thank you !
  11. "Wholly Contained"

    Going off the wording of that quote I'd say a coal or Coke forge would work since coal and coke are not " charcoal, propane, or natural gas"
  12. I mean absolutely no offense, just offering advise for next time. Honest if it work then more power to you. In the future when designing a work tool look at the structural integrity. Square shapes are over all weaker than rounded shapes. Cut outs are weaker than having metal behind the blade. Your work surface is usually the center of the blade, on axes, so it will take the most abuse.
  13. Well, it looks like you did good work, but wow do I not like it.... I would have taken the weight off on the bottom and top to make it more of a bearded axe style.
  14. Octagonal Hammer Handles

    I haven't used an octagonal handle, but it just sounds uncomfortable. I would imagine the ridges would hurt. My preferred shape is oval with a bulge at the end. I might have to adjust some more yet, but ya. Also.... I've been wanting to say this somewhere since last night but couldn't figure out where. For the last few weeks to a month I've been longing for a wood lathe to make handles with, mostly for knifes. Finally last night I realized that handles aren't round.... Good thing I didn't go buy one yet haha!
  15. Strongly considering a coal forge.

    I'd say it mummifies you if anything charles and mummies don't make very good Smith's.... Might not be bad fuel though. I recently made me a side blast forge, burning charcoal in it for now, and can say that you should do it. I got mine set up for a grand total of $10, the cost of a hairdryer. I do still want a gas forge, mostly to make a clean environment for welding, but the coal forge has got me beating steel.