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  1. My second knife

    That is the best type of knife. At the end of the day, knives are tools. Tools require pragmatism over all else. Ive made some blades that were decent looking (lets be honest, they were pretty bad!) but they performed flawlessly and effectively. What more can be asked? You did well, i like it. Excellent choice in handle material, i love the pattern in the wood. And the mosaic pins look great. Your son should be proud. I have a feeling your mother will soon have a new favorite paring knife.
  2. True, i guess i overlooked that point.
  3. And also a massive amount of sellers seeing that wave of buyers, and looking to make a quick buck off of their ignorance.
  4. Ive been thinking of making a tumbler for a while, and i never thought to not make it round. That makes a lot sense. Any benefit of going hexagonal vs. octagonal? Perhaps pentagonal?
  5. Wait, Fe3O4 melts at 2907° F (1597° C) and iron melts at 2800 ° F (1538° C) how can the scale liquefy before the iron does?
  6. Looking for guidance - menpō mask

    Its just, that weight isnt going to be on your legs, or shoulders, or hands. Its going to be on your face. So i would want less weight over almost anything else. This is, of course, opinion.
  7. Looking for guidance - menpō mask

    Why steel and not aluminum? Far lighter, and you dont need strength for your application.
  8. Ye ol’e slippery Stuff

    [Spray can sprays lube on the floor to prevent chase and makes a speedy getaway]
  9. Please critique my process.

    Heat treating is a broad term, it does not describe one single action. Normalizing, annealing, quenching, soaking, and tempering are all heat treatment processes. Everybody else pretty much covered everything else. Black iron oxide, also known as magnetite, chemical formula Fe3O4. It passivates the surface so rust has nowhere to get a foothold.
  10. A few of my recent attempts (Photo Heavy)

    All great work. Very well done.
  11. My shop progress

    That sounds about right, yeah.
  12. A quick google search revealed this coming up soon: http://www.newenglandschoolofmetalwork.com/bladesmithing/index.php?page=beginner-bladesmithing-chopper-dec-11-14 It is up in Auburn, Maine, but its a several day course offered by a reputable school.
  13. Thomas, im afraid youll have to contact Mr. Hughes about that one. Then wait for a Red October.
  14. Ding! A new term has been coined, i like it lol.
  15. Very true, Ernest. Its a strange world we live in. Giving sudden incorrect information is valued more than accurate, fact checked info.