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  1. Damascus chefs knife (pic heavy)

    Frustrating, indeed. But i suppose mistakes keep me going, keep me aspiring to, one day, make a perfect knife with 0 flaws (unlikely to ever happen lol!) Thank you for your kind words.
  2. Damascus chefs knife (pic heavy)

    That would definitely be interesting, but the knife is already finished and out of my hands, so no changing it now. Yeah, sure. Lets go with that. Lol.
  3. This is simply the BEST comment i have seen Ohio, your leaf is really not that terrible. You should see the first knife i tried to make, if you want to talk about terrible lol. But now you have a baseline, something to work from and strive ahead to create things that are more and more beautiful. Good luck to you. And remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. This is the BEST advice i can give (Sorry Thomas, i had to!)
  4. Damascus chefs knife (pic heavy)

    Thank you gentleman.
  5. Hello everyone. Despite the numerous problems that occured throughout the process, this blade turned out successful. The customer loved it. Blade is 7 inches long, 11-1/2 inches overall. ~72 layers of O1 and 15N20 with "toxic green" kirinite scales, polished to 2000 grit. Epoxied on and pinned with two 3/16" and two 1/8" 303 stainless pins. The portion of the blade directly in front of the handle did not etch properly. I beleive this to be a heat treat issue (that part may have been colder than the rest of the blade during the quench.) The learning curve hit hard in this particular area. I am disappointed about it, but all in all, i am satisfied with the knife overall. Comments and critique are, as always, welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  6. Super steel/Damascus/

    Holy eye candy!!! Looks outstanding, beautiful work.
  7. Damascus etching help

    It seems Foundryman was correct. I just got back from picking up more acid and after etching in the new stuff, the whole pattern is showing again. Somehow, the old acid became contaminated, possibly in my hasty excitement to see the pattern right after heat treat, i didnt clean it properly and that resulted in contamination. I thank everybody for their replies and their help. I will post pics when the blade is finished.
  8. Damascus etching help

    That is possible i suppose. But i would think that it would make the whole pattern not show up, not just in spots. I will take some fresh etchant in a new conatiner and give it a try. Thank you.
  9. Damascus etching help

    Strangely enough, no.
  10. Damascus etching help

    Likely not a grease issue. I am certain it was clean. Also, there is no way its a hardness issue. I just remembered i have a pic of right after i heat treated it. Ill add it in. The only thing that changed between then and now is that i sanded it down. Thank you for your reply. The above pic was directly after tempering. I wanted to see the pattern, so i quickly sanded it and etched it. After that, i ground in the final edge and sanded the scratches out. Strange, huh?
  11. Damascus etching help

    Hello everyone. I need some help with a knife im etching. The blade etches great in some spots, but barely at all in others. Ive made quite a few damascus blades before, but ive never had this happen. For the last few hours ive been experimenting with every variable i can think of; time in acid, grit of sandpaper used to remove oxides, etc. For some reason, it simply refuses to etch properly in this one spot, on both sides of the blade. Any help that can be given will be appreciated. And this knife is supposed to go out to the customer tomorrow, so quick replies would be even more appreciated. Sorry if this topic seems brash and hastily written but im at my wits end here. Apologies for the bad pictures, but all i have is my phone. Blade is o1 and 15N20, and it is being etched in hydrochloric acid. Thanks.
  12. 55 forge tuyere diameter

    I made my blower from a fan similar to the one you are talking about. Using it electrically is going to be WAY too much air, but making it a hand crank works a treat. Some 2x4s for a frame, a few pulleys, and some round stock to act as axles is all you really need. Oh, and a welder. Its worth considering anyway. Gives you way more control than a hair dryer.
  13. Knife making - Starting equipment

    Now this thread is just downright metamorphic!
  14. Blademithing series on History channel

    I usually dont watch FIF, but ill be tuning in for your episode, Theo. Looking forward to it.
  15. Knife making - Starting equipment

    Im just going to break a piece off. I have a chip on my shoulder anyway.