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  1. MailleMas I ran a TIG for a while that could be turned down to 5 amps (Miller dynasty iirc.) Best machine I think I ever ran a bead with. Knew a guy who welded two beer cans together with it, I couldn't believe my eyes. I lost a bet that day. Anyways, it does seem like it comes down to spending money or spending time. And quite frankly, I would rather spend the time haha. Next time the forge is running, I may try to weld a few rings. Not having a TIG around anymore, it may be my best bet.
  2. Be warned: This is about to get off topic Bigfootnampa I have mixed feelings about Lars Anderson. Sure he is skilled. No question. But much of what he propagates is not historic fact. He does a lot of interesting trick shots with his bows, but I'm pretty sure archers did not jump around like that, besides in Hollywood and video games maybe. His whole point about how archers held their arrows as well... Don't get me started haha. Historically, I think archers typically stood still, well behind the foot soldiers, or atop the walls of a city, and their strength was their numbers.
  3. Charles I agree. When you hold, I find, you end up overcompensating and making a bad shot. On top of that, muscle fatigue can cause shaking, and the pressure on your fingers for too long can cause a poor release. It's far better IMO to draw, line up, and just release. It's amazing just how accurate your instincts can be.
  4. Thomas And I thought I was tough for being born on the floor in a hospital.
  5. Decor anvil... I am unfamiliar with this term. Is that the anvil that you forge on in the dining room? Personally, I prefer to forge in the kitchen. Better ventilation, ya know?
  6. Frosty I know exactly what you mean. I have 0 experience with metal bows, but I definitely know the longbow/ short bow comparison. I tend to make longbows (almost always over 60") just because I hate the hand shock that short bows give you. I found, with myself and others, that the anticipation of the hand shock from short bows ends up causing a flinch and throwing shots off. That, and perfectly tillering a short bow is far more difficult. It needs to be PERFECT. Recurves are kind of in the middle, I think. Ahem to that.
  7. Interesting. That poor pritchel hole looks more like a hardie hole now haha.
  8. That second one has a strange look to it. I can't place my finger on it. Maybe it's how the heel and horn come in at such a straight angle rather than a curve...? What kind of anvil is that?
  9. I was mistaken. I thought he meant groups who did smelting haha. That is interesting though, I am going to look further into this. Thanks. That is awesome, about the bloom I mean. Seems like it would be a lot of fun.
  10. I've checked for things of that nature in my area, with little success. But, you may know better than I. I'm in central New York State. I'm just realizing how off topic this thread has become haha.
  11. Thats really cool. I've always wanted to see a bloomery in action, but to take part in it would be pretty interesting. I am beyond curious, what did you do with the bloom when the smelting was complete?
  12. Markus Davis That sounds fantastic! I would love to see all of that. Seems like it would be a great time. Thomas That seems like a lesson that only needs to be learned once haha. As one who burns charcoal in my forge, I can only imagine the shower of sparks that would come out of a bloomery. That sounds very interesting nonetheless.
  13. The SCA? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they do historical reenactments of combat, right? If so, I must say, that is awesome.
  14. I considered ordering them, but to be get right to the point, I'm cheap haha. It may be my only option though. Thanks for the tip Thomas, I'll try to shoot over there and ask some of those guys. If I had a tig welder around the shop, I would just fuse them together and call it good. No filler metal needed.
  15. ..... Maybe.... OK, yes it was haha.