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  1. D.IVO

    Third Dagger

    My initial plan was to do the plunge lines only on the belt grinder, for a smoother transition into the bevel. Not pleased with it because I know I can do much better with just a file. It's the only thing i dont like about this knife. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. D.IVO

    Third Dagger

    Daggers are becoming my favorite type of knive, simple yet difficult to get right. Spring steel blade: 16cm Copper guard and pommel Handle made from oak, palo santo and aluminium. Through tang construction and peened at the end. Leather sheath engraved with weave. Always a pleasure to share my work and critics are always welcome. Cheers
  3. D.IVO

    It's only fair.

    I cant see anything to criticize, All that remains to know is how they perform .. Next step is make a sheat for those two.
  4. D.IVO

    1st Big Bowie

    "that's a knoife"... Mighty blade, I would put a smoother transition beetween the guard handle, handle seems a bit blocky and outcast from the perfect fit & finish blade and guard. Nicely done.
  5. D.IVO

    Is this a decent design?

    For wood crafting it's best a scandi or full flat grind .
  6. D.IVO

    Beginner Projects

    Why not a medieval crossbow. I built one years before I got into knife making.
  7. D.IVO

    April's latest mount knives

    Yes, the top finger groove is for the thumb, it gives more grip for thrusting. None of these were forged, just true up the steel on the anvil and straight to grinding. Thanks
  8. D.IVO

    The Ghost Dog

    Small details make a big difference, the bolsters are my favorite. Well done.
  9. New work The bigger one is a further development of a design I started in december 2017, made from spring steel with paulo santo and cedar wood, edge quenched and tempered 1 hour around 210 cº. Spent three hours just fitting the mortises, it's the most difficult part of this knive and I havent figured out how fit them perfectly without epoxy... yet. Did a bit of choping and it kept an edge really well. The other is a stainless X48 ( 440a equivalent) blade with aluminium guard, paulo santo and blood wood for the handle . HT is done by heating to 1040 cº and air cooling temper around 180 cº, I dont have fancy Ht oven so I quenched in veg oil after reaching vivid yellow and tempered twice for 30 mins to straw color in the oven. I've used this methods few time before and they work just gotta test the blade for flexibility because this steel wont hardened like simple high carbon does. I've also got new leather stamps and went with a basket weave effect on the small sheath. Cheers
  10. D.IVO

    Finn's SPECTACULAR first sword

    That's awsome... but will it kill?
  11. D.IVO

    Knife making video questions

    It's high carbon steel judging by the number of springs on the sparks, it wasnt heat treated nor did he bothered sharpening. A knife without HT is only a paper wheight.
  12. D.IVO

    Anniversary Hunting knife

    In celebration of my 30th anniversary , here's a small hunting knife of my signature style. Blade of spring steel, diferential hardendend, lenght 14 cm, width at base 5.5 mm. Alluminium guard Handle made of palo santo and cherry tree with alluminium spacers and steel butt cap screwed and pinned tang. Sheath made from 5mm thick leather. I've etched the blade with lemon vinagar to give a darker look, it's not a blade with great edge holding like my other ones from file steel but one of the sharpest and strongest knives I've made yet. Still trying to figure out the right finish for the palo santo wood, the varnishes I use take days to completely dry. Cheers
  13. So that's how boomerang is made.. Strange shoes, I believe the japanese wear something similiar.
  14. I hammer and grind on the backyard of my apartment, as long I respect the legal hours there´s nothing the neighbors can do. I do not use the forge nor the anvil more than twice every week, for a few hours, until I move to new home with decent privacy. 2 1/2 hours on the anvil is not much but imagine every day you got home from work and some artist is ringing the church bell for hours, a person can get psychotic.
  15. D.IVO

    What item is this?

    Just tested on a flame and the dial moved slowly, gonna soake it with Wd-40 and see if it loosens the mechanism. Thanks.