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  1. I made a set of Wood turning parting tools for my stepson yesterday they could of been finished better but they had to be finished last night. The plain one is made from 1080 crane rail track and is 6mm thick and the birds eye one is crane rail and band saw blade and is 3mm thick
  2. BeaverNZ

    2 small rams vs. 1 large ram??

    The tonage developed by a hyd ram is directly related to piston area and the pressure deleveloped, If you use two 4 inch rams at the same pressure as one then you will double the force developed but you will half the speed they will travel at. For the same tonnage at the same speed with two 4 inch rams you need half the pressure but you need to pump twice as much oil so a larger pump but not nessesarilly bigger motor req and the down side to this can be you need bigger hoses and valves to cope with the incressed flow
  3. Hi Anvilantics Yes what you described is what I am thinking too, I am going to use the dies as finishing tools an I am going to use EN39B steel for the rods and I have got the forging temp written down somewhere 970 deg C or something. This has been an interesting journey so far and have found out alot of info to do with conrod related things, did you know that the reason most single piece conrods are copper plated? It is used as a masking agent for case hardening to stop the carbon from being absorbed where you dont want surface hardening. This gives a hard bearing surface and tough everywhere else. I had the dies CNC machined locally and I have finished them by hand radiusing some areas and removing the tooling marks. I am really quite excited about this part of the operations hopfully I can get the metal to move under my probably border line too small hammer I can get axcess to a 3 and 500 ton pressbrakes while they are quick for a pressbrake the lack of real speed would pull the heat out of the billet. Have you had some experiance in work like this I am all ears. Cheers Beaver The finished die with the radiuses all done, I am thinking of removing the flashing as it happens as this will use up energy from the hammer for no reason that is what the cutout around the impression is for and I have allowed 3mm clearance for the flashing gap. The small end will have a spigot for me to hold onto the forging as I work it. At the big end I have got a hole to be tapped with a 16mm thread to hold a button to help extrude the metal outwards radially but I will have to experiment with the size required and the materail will be drawn out length wise as well for grain in the req direction
  4. If you are going to make your own pulleys the taper is around 1 deg on each side so turn your pulley parallel then turn each side until the cut comes close to the centre leaving a small parallel strip in the middle. Only one of each running pair needs a camber on it, the cambered pulley is not a must have but makes the belt run much better
  5. I have finally got the tooling for forging a conrod for my project motor bike. This has been a very round about journey and during researching this rekindled my interest in knife making and these things are the reason that I aquired my Massey power hammer. There is a lightening storm happening here at the moment and seems to be making internet play up in down loading pictures or the wife is on facebook or both (sigh) but anyway I am copying a conrod of an old KTM I used to have and just changing the centres I am going to use EN39B steel which is a case hardening steel and high tensile. Very excited about this part of the project of the much modified engine and just maybe in the future may turn into something I can sell
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    Freezing Propane Tanks. A Different Solution

    Mosquitos must be in the same family as politians exept they talk through the same area as well
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    Freezing Propane Tanks. A Different Solution

    I have been talking to one of the gas suppliers and he is looking into a vaporizer for me, if i have more than 100Kg onsite i have have a permit at a couple of hundred dollars a year, between bottle rentals and permits this must be a racket run my some under world outfit. The bottle rental thing is something that if i think about it too much i start talking through clenched teeth and muttering swear words that cant be repeated in gentle company like this.
  8. BeaverNZ

    Freezing Propane Tanks. A Different Solution

    Well I went and got a cup of tea and some buscuits and read the pinned post and I still havent got an answer to my question as I really need to have my bottles outside if I have more than one, I wish there was the big propane tanks here like I saw in Merica while I was there years ago but they dont seem to be available here and I dont wish to have a giant bank of bottles if I can avoid it. i have done most of the heating tricks that were talked about well the less dodgy ones. cheers Beaver
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    Freezing Propane Tanks. A Different Solution

    I have been using one of my LPG burners over the last few days to reduce the scale forming on blanks for rivets and my 45 Kg LPG bottle pressure kept on taking a dive, Without going to the trouble of running water over the bottle to try to maintain temp how do others deal with this problem. In the future I wish to run two of these burners (3/4 inch body) which are not big off two bottles in tandem which I though should cover the req drawoff, Has anyone tried a Vaporizer that you supply with liquid gas from the bottle which would remove the problem. This is done in large instalations but what about smaller scale?
  10. BeaverNZ

    Freezing Propane Tanks. A Different Solution

    Yes there is sorry though i did the google search using Iforgeiron etc, Guess I didnt see the obivous and I put it down to industrail blindness thats my story and im sticking to it LOL Cheers
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    XXL coil springs, usefull ?

    I have lots of spring steel around 45mm dia from digger track tensioning springs and have made punches and drifts with it and have found with mine if you just let it air cool is good for punches But I dont know what steel it is but probably 5160ish
  12. I am having a go at making some folding pocket knifes, the blades are made from Sawmill bandsaw blade and railway track, I am going to try a coffe etch to see what happens
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    1m X 1m Side Blast

    Just my 2cents worth but why not keep it simple and use dirt or better still clay? it wouldnt blow around and when dry and fired it wouldnt be dug into as easily and its dirt cheap as well Just like the JABOD
  14. BeaverNZ

    Simple folding Knife or Peasant Knife

    I have given them both away to a couple of guys who have done a great deal of vollentary work with cubs and scouts just as a random thankyou for your work
  15. BeaverNZ

    Simple folding Knife or Peasant Knife

    Its all done and I have used a coffee etch which did improve the contrast and using 2000 grit sand paper really helded as well, I had to make 6mm screws into 4mm screws which was a bit fiddley and the barrel was turned from a bronze bolt. I think I will make some more of this style of blade
  16. BeaverNZ

    Simple folding Knife or Peasant Knife

    TwistedCustoms yes I have copied one of those but didnt want to sayso dirrectly unless someone got upset Good spotting Cheers
  17. BeaverNZ

    Oxy Acetylene regulators

    One way of getting an idea if the old regs are dammaged is to turn the cylinder on but just leave the torch turned off and if the pressure creeps up on the outlet side then they are faulty and can be dangerous if the fuel gas is acetylene as above 15 psi it can become unstable. When you turn the cylinder valves on do it slowly as if you just crack them open the high pressure gas can surge through and this slams the internal metering valve onto its seat and will damage it, with care regs last along time. You can usually get new gauges as well and fit them to the old regs, just make sure they are made for use in a gas set and a side note dont use copper pipe as hose joiner with acetylene as it can form copper acetylide or something like that that is shock sensitive if i remember correctly.
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    Press pump problem??

    JPH From what you are saying and the fact it works now but the saftey and the gauge dont work I think you may have the control bank plumbed the wrong way round, the outlet and inlet swapped. have a look at the valve bank and on the outlet spigot there is often a letter T for Tank cast in it other than that take it to an expert Cheers Beaver
  19. BeaverNZ

    Press pump problem??

    Actually thats right you can also often put an allen key or such down a hole in the solenoid spigot and push it in to manually trigger it as well
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    275-layer laddered chef's knife

    That looks so good I really like the stand as well
  21. BeaverNZ

    Spun a few 6" aluminum balls today

    Thats facinating and looks really nicely done can you put up a bit of vid of the spinning part if its not a secret squirel process I have never done any thing like that before, Cheers Beaver
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    Press pump problem??

    Hydraulics dont usually give off sparks unless it does turn out to be the solenoid My first thought was a problem with the coupling between the motor and pump and maybe a stripped or missing key/keyway or a tapered shaft and couplig being loose or damaged and starting to slip when the load comes on I have come across this in the past and its not obvious what the problem is Cheers Beaver
  23. BeaverNZ

    First Damascus hawk

    That looks really nice
  24. BeaverNZ

    Press Design - To have or not to have 45 degree joins?

    No problem its easier to do it a bit too strong and not have it bend than remove damaged materail and then redo it and a rigid press is much safer to use as well, Enjoy cheers Beaver