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SOFA Quadstate 22-24 Sept 2017

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Is there a SOFA Quadstate 2017 ?

Everything I find on their site and on the internet is from 2016. Last newsletter was Winter 2016.

I find no place to register for 2017, or any information in the event for this year.

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It the same weekend in September evey year.  Last year there was talk on a few new people taking the Raines running the conference.   An event that big is a big responsibility

we think he meant reigns

No, I think he meant "reins".

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I seem to be missing out on information concerning the Quad State Get Together.

Mr. T. P. got a flyer about it. But I have not seen it. Are the contents posted somewhere on the net?

He also wrote that he found nothing concerning it on the S.O.F.A. ( = Southern Ohio Forge & Anvil) website.

Mr. 1forgeur saw a video about it. What is the u.r.l. for it?

Were I to go there, I would require a little lead time in order to make hotel reservations, and other travel plans.

Last year I received and studied the Ohio state tourist brochures. There was no mention of the quad state meeting anywhere that I could find.

Are they not aware of the largest blacksmith gathering in North America? Did no one inform them of this meeting?

I am beginning to get the impression that Quad state is really for a selected few. An "in crowd" affair, so to speak.

Are all us neglected souls relegated to other, smaller gatherings, elsewhere?

Hopefully, some S.O.F.A. member will read this screed and relate it officers in that organization. Perhaps they may be able to help out me and others that have the same questions.

Regards to all on this site.



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 I received my Quadstate registration pamphlet in the mail yesterday.....looks to be a good 40th year round-up ! I just wish I could stay for the whole thing....Maybe we can con Wayne to put out an IFI member sign in sheet or a can to collect IFI business cards? Now I just need to figure out what day to go.......        Life is Good           Dave

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Been a few years since I have been able to get to quadstate. Unfortunately this fall is not looking good for going,  but how about someone who has a registration package letting the rest of us know who the demonstrators are this year.

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Saturday is the big day as many folks have to leave early on Sunday to get back home for work on Monday.  People will start arriving several days before it opens to snag good selling locations but buyers usually wait till at least Thursday....


Michael Bendele---Repousse 

Joe Bonifas---Contemporary

Richard Sullivan---Forged Rifle Barrel

Kevin Cashen----Bladesmithing, Metallurgical Bladesmithing 

Nathan Allan---Traditional

Benjamin Lockhart & Danielle Russell---Basic Blacksmithing

Friday Night Forging Demonstrator Pete Braspenninx

Now the way they generally do it is that the demonstrators all demonstrate simultaneously in differing locations of the site.  You can go plunk yourself down front and center at one; or move around checking them all out.  If you find one Demonstrator's style not to your taste---go to another; or wander the tailgating; or do some arm waving with other smiths!  No sign up or added fees for the main demonstrators. (I don't recall if there is a signup for Basic Blacksmithing class as I'd been smithing around a decade before I went to Q-S my first time)

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There are Blacksmithing conferences all over the USA and the world; but it's hard to say they are "like Quad-State".  Not to say they are no good or not worth attending; just Q-S is much bigger with more going on than most of them---sort of the difference between a county fair and the state fair.

Just a few----From the ABANA affiliate event map:

Map Points
AACB Annual Conference
ABANA Conference
AFC 28th Batson Blade Symposium
AFC 31st Blacksmith Conference
BGCM 28th Blacksmith Days
BGOP Spring Fling
BK&S 9th Annual Fire & Brimstone Hammer -In
CBA Spring Conference
Dan Boone Pasture Party
FABA Annual Conference
IBA 36th Annual Conference
IVBA Summer Conference
MASA Gichner's Memorial Hammer-In
MFC 10th Annual Hammer-In
MFC Annual Conference
NEB Spring Meet
NRBA Fall Conference
NRBA Spring Conference
NWBA Spring Conference
RMS Conference
SCABA Conference
SOFA Quad State Conference
WRABA Conference
Ypres 2016 - International Blacksmithing Event

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Headed to quad state in southern Ohio for the first time.  Any tips from people that have been there before?  I'm hoping there are a lot of vendors.  I'm hoping to find the cornerstone of my new shop, a good, reasonably priced anvil.

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Vendors begin showing up on Wednesday, more on Thursday, and mostly full by Friday.  Bring more cash than you think you will need.  You will find lots of stuff you will want.

You will be amazed at the variety and quantity of tools and other stuff available.

Stop by my set up hopefully near the main intersection and introduce yourself.  Look for the sign for the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum.

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Still time to sell plasma; but not a kidney!

Don't bet that the item you want will still be there and cheaper on Sunday---people start packing up and leaving before the event's officially over. (OTOH that final pass through the tailgators has netted me stuff I had wanted but couldn't afford)

On the other hand look everything over before buying.

Camp on-site if possible for you and  spend time talking with other smiths.

Weather has ranged from middle 90's and high humidity to one time I woke up and there was ice on my water bucket. +/- rain.

Wander the demonstrators sometimes a demonstrator will be such a great demonstrator you will want to watch him/her even when you planned on watching a different one.

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