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  1. Sad Day

    I am in Southeast Ohio. We had a bad outbreak of wasting disease about 15 years ago. The state has done a good job of thinning the herds down with generous bag limits. I have not seen any signs of it here yet, sure hope it stays that way. I have a public road thru my property, and night poaching is an issue. Its possible they were shot and made it far enough to not be recovered. I have not found any does, only these 3 nice bucks.
  2. Sad Day

    Not sure. As you said not poaching, they did not take them animal. Two of them died in the velvet so it was before hunting season began. I found no arrows around the skeletons. I saw these guys around April, they looked to be in in excellent health. I guess that leaves coyotes. Sounds like I better start trapping.
  3. Sad Day

    Found these guys on my farm in 1 day of hiking! Sad to loose so many nice bucks but at least I have plenty of antler to work with.
  4. Buck 2017

    For sure, after getting this guy I found 3 nice buck skeletons around my farm in one day. Hate to loose such nice animals but i'm set for antler material for a good bit.
  5. Since everything else has been tossed in the mix, here is a method for big hammers, peel back the roof and drop it in with a crane Problems solved....
  6. Can it be partially disassembled? If I recall correctly that was one of the selling points of those hammers. If that's true with the 150 you could take it down to manageable parts, and assemble inside the shop. Or better yet what Jim said ^.
  7. Refflinghaus or Ridgid ?

    Nimba is another good anvil and made in the USA
  8. Its a 1500 pound Erie. The compressor required would be MASSIVE. That's after you converted it to run on air. She is currently set up to run on steam. To put it in perspective the piston rod is 4" diameter. If I was a high roller it would already be in my yard holding up my mailbox! If you find anyone interested and they need any info feel free to contact me, I made the big hole next to it. I pulled a 30,000 pound self contained forging hammer out of there. Pic below is the Dies, my shoe is a size 14! si
  9. I second pouring a block beneath it. I run a Blacker in my little shop, its a dirt floor, I framed and poured a pad to bolt it to. Works great. I suggest just leaving the form boards on to protect the edges and have fun with your new hammer.
  10. Chinese Hammers

    Has it arrived ?
  11. I wish I could afford a shop

    Thanks goodness I'm a little east of the new alley. I live a few miles from the Ohio River to be semi-exact. I do need to put up a tall shop for my new hammer. I guess a pole barn is not that far off from a long house.......
  12. I wish I could afford a shop

    A good guide is the indigenous populations, they had 10,000 years if you believe the story to figure out what worked. For me its a Wigwam (eastern woodlands USA) . Hmmm wonder if I can get 16 foot ceilings, I guess its a long house for my new shop!