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  1. Hows the blades look?? They are usually not cheap if you can find them
  2. I use an 18 pounder on concrete and stone, hard as a woodpeckers lips.
  3. I see some scale on the new hammer! How do you like it so far?
  4. I think its a good idea to remove the rag forming on the side. I have found that it will eventually lead to spalling, taking a chunk with it. So as with the struck end of tools, keep it dressed and avoid those issues.
  5. If your not familiar with fishers I will offer this, consider purchasing or making some hardies for it for fuller cut etc, the edges are prone to chip on them.
  6. Saw that listed at $450, not a bad price in today's market given the condition. Smart buy congrats
  7. My guess is that it broke some leafs somewhere along the way. I have always heard from owners of these and champions thatthey "hit" harder than the coil spring setups. I could see that after riding in trucks with both coils and leafs, coils absorb shock much better for sure. Great for cars, not sure its as great for hammers. The other advantage is simplicity of mechanism, I agree with you if its not broke why fix it. Awesome hammer, Congrats.
  8. Plan to swap it back to leaf springs?
  9. Put a blanket on it, I use an old sweat shirt, keeps it from rusting