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  1. marcusb

    Post vice I.D.

    I love that place. It was a long drive when I lived in NW Ohio and even longer now I am in the SE part of the state. I have not been there in over 5 years now! I'm glad to hear they are still up and running.
  2. marcusb

    Blacker Whacker

    I forgot I posted this. Seems fitting to dredge it up since I will be moving this hammer soon after I get the new shop closed in. I have really grown to like this machine, the design offers such versatility not found in most mechanical's. I highly recommend blacker hammers "if" you can find one for sale.
  3. marcusb

    Any steam hammers available?

    The CFM requirements on utility hammers that size are just mind blowing! Another reason self contained are preferred I guess.
  4. marcusb

    Any steam hammers available?

    Is that Ric Furrers Hammer? Seeing this reminded me Matt Harrison was trying to sell his 750 pound chambersburg awhile back not sure if he's still in the mood.
  5. marcusb

    Post vice I.D.

    Was this shop in Lodi?
  6. I was given a clutch fork assembly for a John Deere A tractor.The frame was cast iron and had a steel shaft that runs thru the casting. Rusted/bonded into a solid mass. This part had laid out in a field for many many years....Rusted Solid! Soaked it in Kroil for a week or so and it moved free like a new one. I would never have believed it had I not done it myself. I'm sure its bad stuff but it works miracles....
  7. marcusb

    Stone forge chimney

    I have no masonry forge chimney experience. I have made them out of metal and they require a 12" diameter to get a decent draft going. Any idea the size inside the chimney?
  8. Nice! I hope it does well for ya. Tool prices have sure gone nuts! I watched those "NASA" Nazel's at auction bring 25k and still not meet reserve a few weeks back...
  9. marcusb

    New Shop Build

    I agree, the mud/grit alone at the current job site would run the paint. I have planking across the lower roof so I can set the upper rafters on the roof instead of a ladder. Once I have the upper roof framed I will try and roof it in one go.
  10. Tried Bob Bergman at the Postville blacksmith shop yet?
  11. marcusb

    New Shop Build

    Single bubble insulation sounds like the best fit for me. I will call around and see what I can find that's local to me. I have got the side roofs completed now, ready for the insulation and roof metal.
  12. marcusb

    load of metal

  13. marcusb

    7" Sliding Jaw post vise project

    Decorative Hammer Deflectors...Don't ask me how I know there function....LOL. I think these are just more curved than normal, the whole vice shows a real high level of detail, well beyond any other post vise I have been around. I imagine it was pricey when new!
  14. marcusb

    7" Sliding Jaw post vise project

    I have finally got around to a project I need to complete while my old shop area still has power. I have what i think is a Peter Wright post vise. The jaws are 7" wide and what makes it unusual is that it has a sliding jaw that is adjustable. As always there is a catch.... the screw is missing. I do have the screw box just not the screw.