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  1. marcusb

    New Shop Build

    I need to correct the grade of my shop site and add some fill dirt on a low corner. I should have started with a level site but I lacked the proper equipment to move and grade the dirt. Today I went to a local sale and purchased some older Ford implements for my Ford tractor. I purchased a scoop to move the fill dirt into position and a rotating box blade to grade it out. This should be a real upgrade from the wheelbarrow and shovel!
  2. marcusb

    Oxen in training

    Shorthorn cross I am training to use around the farm
  3. marcusb

    New Shop Build

    One thing I have found out, sawing lumber out of ash is real work! Its a heavy wood so rolling the logs and then the cants takes all the strength I have. I did setup the mill next to a bank and bury some timbers to act as rails for the log to roll on (log deck). This is a big time saver because instead of using a tractor to lift the logs up onto the mill or fighting logs up a ramp using wedges to keep them from rolling back, I can roll them from the ground right onto the mills frame. Something to consider doing if you are setting up a small band mill.
  4. marcusb

    New Shop Build

    I"m sawing some 8" beams from the lower grade stuff, I need it for cribbing under the anvil of a self contained hammer i'm setting in this new shop.
  5. marcusb

    New Shop Build

    Current plan is to skirt it with pressure treated wood, then install board and batten I have been sawing above that. Flooring in the forge area will be crushed pea gravel, I find its easiest on my feet. The main mechanic area will be larger stone until funds allow concrete. I am planning on pouring one corner 6'x10' with concrete so I can frame it in and insulate it. I'm going to keep my mill, and future lathe in there to keep it away from all the dirt,grime and condensation. Going to add a little wall stove and window ac unit to give me a lounging spot in all seasons Here's is the mill setup I have been using. Nothing fancy but it makes boards.
  6. marcusb

    New Shop Build

    Well I have begun to build what will be my 5th shop. My current setup is in an old machinery building/ horse stall and between roof leaks, gophers and no room due to sharing space with farm equipment I have decided its time to make a dedicated structure. This new shop will still pull double duty as a mechanic shop as needed but I think I have got it planned out well enough to minimize the junk buildup. I have been sawing ash trees on my property that have been killed by the ash bore for the majority of the lumber. The posts are recycled from another pole barn that the owner wanted out of there way. I went to auctions and bought lumber I did not want to saw out. I have got the layout decided, now I just have to build the thing. First load of lumber Second load of lumber
  7. marcusb

    shop lumber load 2.jpg

  8. marcusb

    Shop Lumber load 1.jpg

  9. marcusb

    Shop rebuild

    Sweet anvil! Did it come from overseas?
  10. marcusb

    Anvil Stand, maybe

    Any portable band sawmill's in your area? They could square that up for you in a few seconds time on the mill.
  11. marcusb

    Starting my forge

    I have found two things to help greatly with charcoal, Pile it deep and use less air than you think you need.
  12. Flat pulley with slack belt worked well for most other hammers of the era.
  13. marcusb

    New Team

    Calves in training to be oxen
  14. marcusb

    Debarking Log

    Ash tree being prepped for sawing into lumber for the workshop build.