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  1. We are in a tool bubble, sell em if ya got em!
  2. Digging this up from the graveyard. How did the hammer turn out?
  3. Mark Krause, also known as the Hammer Whisperer would be a good guy to look up. He has a website and posts on instagram. He shows the insides of the hammers he works on, gives really good insight on the pros and cons of them.
  4. That's pretty much free as far as rigging goes. It usually starts at 3 grand. I'm guessing that was a screw press.
  5. demo lineup looks good
  6. Only options there with USA reps are Anyang or Say Mak
  7. Iron kiss was the opposite of self contained, it required a separate air compressor to operate. Only thing similar that's being produced I know of is Kens KZ100.
  8. A real loss, he made a very good hammer.
  9. That 250 pound little giant has made 10,000 hammers for him. Crazy part is the asking prices lately, not long ago you would have to work hard to get 5k out of a 250 LG. Maybe my big self contained is worth 50k now......... lol. With the prices on used mechanical what they are now, it makes these imported hammers look even more appealing to the hobbyist and pro alike.
  10. So many choices, I have heard of TZ Runfa, but not these guys. The striker hammers were made by Shazxi no2 or something like that if I remember correctly. Last I heard of those they were superior to Anyangs but the USA distributor did not work out.
  11. Yep, it has a number to the right of the inset I sent NJanvilman a message
  12. I would think the owner of the fisher norris museum should know the weights. Does he still frequent this site?
  13. Whatever Fisher supplied with them back in 28. I installed the machine myself, I can say it "felt" close to 500 pounds as I muscled it up my makeshift ramp.