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  1. Going to need more flow for that hammer to be of any use.
  2. That would be no fun for sure. My hammer had the pit filled with oil. No rot at all after 60 years but submerging my arms up to the armpit in old oil to pull off the nuts was not much fun!
  3. How much wood does the hammer require under the anvil? I'm curious how much wood is replaced by that sheet of Fabreeka.
  4. Value of a 500 Lb. Fisher anvil?

    People will be along shortly to tell you its a regional thing, what some one is willing to pay etc. If you want to hock it, throw it on E-bay. Word to the wise you will be looking at about 20% fees etc but you should get what its "worth".
  5. Glad to see the hammer moved. Could you describe the half stroking ? Did you weigh the anvil?
  6. New Opening

  7. Sounds like a call to the yard is in order, a few minutes with a tape measure would solve the mystery.
  8. Ol' rusty build

    Tire hammer rams are filled with lead. If you can spring for it solid is preferable.
  9. Ol' rusty build

    Pipe in a pipe/Tube in a tube. Usually with UHMW in between with some kinds bolts to adjust the fit between the whole affair.
  10. Expectation Management

    Find a class and take it
  11. This is for ERIE but should get you close to size estimation for that hammer.
  12. Dies on a 1500 pound ERIE, shoe is a size 14