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  1. I love Upstate NY, Such a beautiful place! So you tore down that building? Looked pretty nice from afar.
  2. Thinking half moon shape on the sides? My blacker anvil has those with screws pushing against them, works great, no movement. I did something similar with my ASO and it does not move either.
  3. marcusb

    Columbian vise

    I recently sold a Reed 8" bench vise for $1200 if that helps your pricing any.
  4. I think the market is finally softening up a bit on Blacksmith tools. I notice here they are lingering longer on the sale sites for lower prices than in the recent past.
  5. I shoveled 2.55 tons of #57 stone off my truck into the entrance of the new shop building. I also raked level and tamped sand for my floor (24'x24') with a tamper I made out of 3/4 plate steel and some pipe. My arms are spent. Going to get another load of stone tomorrow and repeat again......
  6. Are the roof first buildings more expensive? I would guess the structure would be more substantial to carry the roof without the bracing of the walls.
  7. That's how the frenchies went about it to
  8. No vertical adjustment is pretty wild! So enough travel in the arms to handle everything with in its range? Come to think of it I guess my blacker is kinda like that. You set the head height and it will pretty much eat what ever you can shove under there
  9. I do not see how it would cause it any damage from a mechanic point of view.
  10. That may be the case again in NE Ohio with the Shale boom. My area used to be a-wash with it, but that boom has long since past.
  11. They will rotate with horn and heel work. I was referring to the nice stand Old Crew built and his mention of hold-downs. With that nice border he made all the way around the base It wont turn on the the stand. Now if he starts having someone sledge on the horns it would start rocking.
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