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  1. Mark G

    Tx steephollow forgeworks Feb 2016

    I'll be doing the hammer making class on Friday and I'll be there Saturday. Looking forward to it.
  2. Mark G

    Advantage of a propane forge with blower?

    Thank you very much, Frosty. That's exactly what I wanted to know.
  3. Mark G

    Advantage of a propane forge with blower?

    It works great. But the used one is up for auction and the current bid is only $13 with 1 day left on the auction. My only real problem would be transporting it.
  4. Mark G

    Advantage of a propane forge with blower?

    Thank you. I wasn't sure of the exact name of the types of forges.
  5. Hello all. I currently have a Diamondback 2 burner blacksmith forge that works great for me. However, I have a line on a used forge from a knifemaker's estate. It's a forge that he made and it comes with a blower. I wanted to ask what the advantages would be for this type of forge over what I have right now?
  6. Mark G

    Moving a heavy anvil

    Thank you all. This is exactly what I was needing
  7. I currently have a 140 lbs PW and love it. But, it seems I always have my eye out for another (large) anvil. I can move 140 lbs around OK. But, I'm was wondering how do you all with larger anvils move them around, if you need to? I'm currently set up in my garage, so if I eventually get a large anvil, I'll need to be able to move it around.
  8. I was wondering if there was any other events like this one in other parts of the country?
  9. I live in San Antonio, Texas. So, anvils can be found but they are usually pretty expensive. The last one I saw at auction was a 150lb Peter Wright that went for $850. Way out of my price range.
  10. I hate doing this, but I'm looking real hard at an auction about 2 hours from where I live and I'm trying to find out everything I can about this before I drive that far, The only thing the auction house says it the dimensions for it are 22" long x 8.5" wide x 11.5" tall. And they don't know the weight. It's hard for me to estimate the weight of it. So, any suggestions would be appreciated. It looks like a german made church anvil. Other than that, I have no idea. Anvil.docx
  11. Mark G

    Anvil for Auction

    Holy Cow!!!! #1. I think it was only 120 lbs. it looked like a 12 on the base. #2. The xxxxxxx thing went for $850!!!!!!!! And that's not including the 13% buyer premium and 7% sales tax. the real kicker was a 300lbs anvil went for $800 yesterday at a different auction.
  12. The anvil in the picture is coming up for auction about an hours away from me. I live in Texas. Anvil's here seem to be few and far between. The auction guy say he thinks it's about 150lbs. I know the price of anvils on-line is going through the roof. So, any suggestions on how much you all think this should go for, would be appreciated. Thank you, Mark G
  13. Mark G

    Peter wright anvil. worth it?

    I saw this anvil also. I live in San Antonio, so it's a little far for me to drive to. and know that it's not as easy in this part of the country to find a good anvil. I agree that the price is high even for Texas. If you can get it closer to $4/lbs it would be a good deal.
  14. Mark G

    Found in Texas

    To bad I didn't know about that place when I was in the market for a forge and blower. It looks like about the same distance from San Antonio that I ended up traveling to get the one I did get.
  15. Mark G

    What gas forge should i buy.

    And see, I came to the same conclusion all by myself... Mark G (Eagerly awaiting delivery of his new Diamondback Blacksmith Forge...)