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  1. Got some work done the tracking wheel/tension arm on my wall mounted 2x48. Thread to come on this monstrosity sometime soon.
  2. Looks amazing! What is the poundage on your struts?
  3. Whatever floats your boat, or sinks it in our case, or turns your shoe, OR keeps your anvil in the stand. I started with my horn on the left, then went right, but yesterday I was in a corkscrew forging contest and the horn was on the left, and I liked it. It somewhat depends on your shop layout and flow as well too. It's something that will go round and round. But it's just what you like and what you do.
  4. He just has good taste in anvil direction
  5. What did you quench the 4340 in? I would use 4340, but it seems like it would take to much oil the quench it. Looks really good though! I like using square rounding hammers.
  6. I got mjne off if Amazon, I'm going almost a year with my brush, everything I forge gets brushed. 90% of the bristles are still in. I just have to brush in one directions only.
  7. So are we able to come and visit again? I keep hearing of a blacksmith shop in Doniphan that is like a meeting every weekend. I'm I at all hearing correct?
  8. First off, like Jeremy said, a treadle hammer is NOT a power hammer. It will take some work off your arms but it's by no means a power hammer. I'm not sure how long you guys have been forging, but you will learn to swing a hammer better, faster, harder etc. After a not to long amount of time, you will be able to move faster and more efficiently on most steel sizes by hand hammer and anvil than on a treadle hammer. If we knew what design you thought you wanted to work off we would also be able to help you much better. As some treadle hammers can converted over to air in less then 10 minutes, then back a treadle hammer in the amount of time. buying plans would be great in my opinion, many guys that sell you plans would be willing to help you if you are having trouble with something, and may go back to fix something later on and need those same plans. Buying the plans to have the material cut lengths would save you the money many time over if you miss cut a large expensive piece of steel. Let us know how you get on!
  9. The different radii and the fact that this anvil is mild steel, in my opinion makes this the best. But really, if you can mount anything solid it will work well as anvil anvil. Let us know how you get on with it all!
  10. Looks great! Did you use a ball fuller?
  11. Thank you! Now i just have to to through everything again and make it all look better. Haha Thanks Arkie! I sure will. Maybe we could meet up sometime this summer/fall and run through and make some tools.
  12. Forged my first hammer today! It's weighs a little over 2.5 pounds! It went great and turned out well if I do say so myself
  13. I've been making these quite a bit. I have a commission set out at a local package store.
  14. Hmm, Looks like a treadle hammer could fit on that back wall to me!
  15. Is this cable damascus? I love the pattern so much!