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    Owner and Curator of the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum, containing all of the remaining artifacts from the Fisher and Crossley eras of anvil production. Also I have the most complete collection of Fisher products including the only existing complete collection of all sizes of anvils and chain vises. PM me to arrange a visit. All in the blacksmithing community are welcome.

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  1. Fisher 192 anvil

    A couple of date changes on Fisher anvils, as per the last post. Sorry, no serifs on the numbers.
  2. Fisher 192 anvil

    The date missing the last digit 192_ means that is was cast in a different year than it sold. They would have ground off the cast in digit, and replaced it with a stamped number. This was for their one year warranty on their anvils. Look for a stamped number about 1/2" tall, with serifs on the numbers. Contact me for a visit to the museum. It will be better in the warmer weather. It is kind of miserable here now with the snow and cold and mud.
  3. Fisher

    New Fisher Sawmaker's anvil added to the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum. 101 lb. 4 1/2" x 9" face. A standard listed size in their literature. Made in 1890. Fisher made Sawmaker's anvils from about 38 lb to 700 lb. Most were in the 80 to 300 lb range.
  4. Fisher 192 anvil

    Just use it. Do not attempt any repairs. That anvil has a long life left in it. Do NOT grind any edges. Just use it. Could you post a picture of the date area under the heel? I will be able to tell you more about your anvil.
  5. How did you find your first anvil?

    PW, about 125 lb, bought in 1972 from the Grandfather of a high school buddy. Used it for many years, and finally traded it off for a similar sized Fisher anvil. Paid $25 back then.
  6. Fisher

    I am primarily developing it for Fisher style anvils, but it could be adapted to forged anvils.
  7. Put me down for a copy of that book of yours.  Can’t wait to read it. 

  8. Fisher

    I have developed a grading scale for Fisher anvils, and it will be in my upcoming book on Fisher anvils and the company. Stay tuned.
  9. Fisher

    1940 FISHER 100 lb. anvil with original marked F&N stand recently finished for the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum. This combo had a very tough gray paint that took a month to remove. The stand was repainted, the anvil still has some of the factory paint. This is a 98 pt anvil on my grading scale.
  10. anvil collection

    There are always anvils listed on EBAY and CL and other sites daily. Anyone in a remote area can always buy and either have it shipped or go and get it. I never understand why people complain they cannot find an anvil. Look at it as an investment or a long time rental payment....use it for a few years or decades, then sell it for what or more than you paid for it.
  11. Is this a Railroad Anvil?

    Any large anvil could have been used in the railroad industry. There is nothing on yours that obviously points to anything in particular.
  12. Peter Wright

    Can you post some photos?
  13. Fisher

    I have begun a limited run of bronze FISHER anvils. I am not sure how many will be made, but this is the start. One almost finished, and four still in need of sanding, filing, stamping, and numbering. I own Fisher & Norris. These are the first FISHER anvils being produced since 1979. 11 1/4 lb. Message me for more information.
  14. New to me Lakeside anvil

    AIA says 1908. Made by Hay Budden, Brooklyn, NY.