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    Owner and Curator of the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum, containing all of the remaining artifacts from the Fisher and Crossley eras of anvil production. Also I have the most complete collection of Fisher products including the only existing complete collection of all sizes of anvils and chain vises. PM me to arrange a visit. All in the blacksmithing community are welcome.

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  1. F&N shut down 12/61 due to family reasons, but mostly because State of NU condemned two square blocks of Trenton to expand the parking and state buildings. Everything in that area was destroyed. Crossley had the foundry and was able to continue production of their products.
  2. They produced thousands of machines of all types for the clay industry. At its peak, Crossley had many employees. Lots about this in the book.
  3. Crossley Machine Co, 1879 - 1999 There primary production were machines for all aspects of clay and ceramic production. Trenton NJ had many large factories producing everything from sinks to electrical fixtures. Crossley made all of the machinery they needed, or custom built machines if they did not have what the customer wanted. Lots in the book....
  4. I am including all of the photos of both the F&N factory and Crossley factory. All that I can find.
  5. As soon as the book is available, I will make it known here, on FB, Instagram, and wherever I can advertise it. Besides the products they made, the story of the people behind everything is fascinating.
  6. I only take off ugly paint. Original paint gets preserved always. This anvil is going into the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum. We only teach the history of Fisher anvils here at the museum to interested guests. And this is another interesting addition to my book on the story of all things Fisher & Norris, and Crossley. Hopefully the book will be available in the spring 2020.
  7. Interesting new piece in the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum. Probably early 1950s Fisher, 100 lb, made for US govt to military specs. Olive green paint, no logo, no date, no FISHER. This anvil is NOS. The face is unmarked, edges perfect. This is what factory new looks like.
  8. As soon as the book is published, I will let the world know here, on FB, and ABANA..
  9. Crossley made extra anvils in 1979 in anticipation of having some inventory after they were forced to stop casting at the end of 1979. They sold some of them in the early 1980s. The remaining inventory of anvils, stands, and a vise were given to me in 1999, and are all in the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum in NJ. The complete story of all of this will be in my upcoming book, hopefully available in spring 2020.
  10. Best tailgating is Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and Friday. Demo start Friday evening and all day Saturday. Give it as much time as you can afford. Never a dull moment.
  11. It is a Fisher. It is one of about 6 that I know about. Fisher & Norris Factory Museum.
  12. 1941 Fisher, 60 lb. New to the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum. This anvil is in very nice shape.
  13. The display of 20/30/40 lb FISHER anvils continues to grow in the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum. There are now 58 anvils in these stacks.
  14. Is the pine stump going to be inside? Just mount your anvil and use it. The stump will dry out over time. Letting it sit will make no difference.