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  1. It the same weekend in September evey year. Last year there was talk on a few new people taking the Raines running the conference. An event that big is a big responsibility we think he meant reigns No, I think he meant "reins".
  2. Welcome Tennessee has a conference coming up shortly I think
  3. Any Damascus with good contrast or mokume Gane which is basically nonferous Damascus
  4. A while back on Facebook someone was using hot glue and a bowling ball. Haven't tried it not sure how well it cleans off. Different amounts of heat would change how it moves
  5. I see conference has workshops any idea how to sign up for them
  6. A piece of 1/2 round stock bent into a u sticking up in a secure vise. Feed the stock pull to bend keep feeding and bending. Draw the curve you want bend to the drawing. 5/16 should be able to be bent cold. If you are doing many same size build bending jigs.
  7. I am winter apache junction Arizona resident. Do you have a shop set up
  8. Back to his original question other years opening ceremony was evening of first day listed for conference which is wensday I believe then demos Thursday Friday and part Saturday with evening meal and then the auction. This time the website lists demonstrator and workshops which I understand to mean hands on workshops. There probably is some night forging. Again this is my opinion only and may not resemble what will happen either way I plan to be there from Minnesota.
  9. Railroad anchor is a piece of spring steel hammered onto the bottom of the rails. It is to keep the rail from sliding as it hits the railroad tie.
  10. 781

    Rescued leg vise

    At fluid and acetone are better to unstick stuck parts
  11. I have one somewhere they are hard to find compared to Philippine coins as many came to us from wars
  12. Welcome a closer Minnesota group is the central Minnesota group they have monthly meetings mainly around st cloud area. I am from franklin but going to Arizona for winter sb oddly
  13. Didn't Japanese use rice straw ash. English dont use flux. Flux by nature is corrosive as eating is its job
  14. The clutch looks like iron on cast iron. I had a factory hammer with that set up. Bradley hammers have rubber cushions. Did you run the hammer before you tore it apart.
  15. Freind of mine builds his contact wheel using a tire from an inside use fork lift but he has access to them scrap. They need a hub welded in and trued on a lathe.
  16. Welcome are you with the Arizona artists blacksmith group
  17. Reason I say you can get too big say it is a #6 or bigger and you want to incident lines that is a lot of steel you need to move Counter clclockwise to go up then you need to turn it the otherwise to go down then up then down then up etc. On the down stroke it will stop it's self but you just start the up and start the down. I know I have a large screw press
  18. Biggest is not the best in fly press. Might be too big to operate especially with wrist problems.
  19. Alan cress (SP) who is the Alabama forge council editor husband was taking over building clays hammer. Contact him thru her by Google account.
  20. Slit cross from square stock then etched in acid. The size and quality of the wrought matters. Wrought and steel Damascus
  21. Years ago remember seeing an article where they converted one. Must not of worked that well or there would be a lot of them done that way. If you are building do a Kinion style are hammer with an air cylinder.
  22. Been to shop many times too bad my phone will not load the picture to.see what you are talking about
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