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  1. Inner tubes make good rubber bands
  2. It's a shame that however dogs came to be, the one that created them didn't allow for them to live longer. I like to think He needs dogs too! I'll say hi to her in the fall when I can see the dog star again along with my old buddies. Take care
  3. That's a nice looking piece there! I was wondering about coal usage. having to work it so hot. Thanks
  4. I did and I did and I have! Never have seen one come out that good. Thanks!
  5. Here I thought the lights were a tempo for hammering....Good video
  6. Very nice. A lot going on there!
  7. I would check out a video titled "Colonial Gunsmith" on youtube
  8. I think you just filled all of your class time! They will be standing in line to get a class. Merry Christmas.
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