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  1. I have a feeling you will be building more stands!
  2. Maybe you are enjoying your anvil too much?
  3. I like your idea! I could see that working on any floor, just have the flange below the floor.
  4. Have to agree with that. AND maybe the people you live with. It's always good to hear out other's ideas whether they are used or not, you never know, they might work for you.
  5. I agree with Arkie. You deserve it and will enjoy it!
  6. Bet it would be pretty interesting!
  7. The weight should be to the left of the serial number. It's behind the piece of angle iron on the base. Looks like an 0 sticking out.
  8. Bet that makes you very happy. Good for you!
  9. I couldn't watch (listen) to the whole thing!