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  1. I like them all, but the last two really caught my eye. The one on the keyboard and the one below it. Video?
  2. I should have taken it up the 1st time I wanted to, instead of the 2nd time when I did. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't or shouldn't do something. I was told I couldn't build a house, I've been living in it for 24 years!
  3. Yes, it does look like it would be very comfortable.
  4. I came up with 36 ton but whatever, I have not had to figure on something like that for a while. The lines to my press are no longer than say attaching an implement like a planter or a disc. So does not effect my reservoir. That's why I plumbed the lines thru the wall, it was the shortest distance. You might have to add to yor tank first time but then the oil will be in the lines next time. I don't know how long yor lines will be. All I know is it works for me.
  5. I have a small press I run off one of the hydraulic outlets on my tractor. I just ran the lines thru the wall with couplers on the end and back the tractor up and plug it in. That way the noise and exhaust from the tractor are in the side of the shed I store equipment and I'm not in. I don't use the press very often and didn't want to spend a bunch of money for a pump, already have tractors.
  6. Leave em the way they are, unless YOU want to change them.
  7. That "blue slab" would make one heck of a striking anvil
  8. Those look great. Really show the skills you have. What was the size stock you started with?
  9. How about the web site you really don't have or want to do? People can look up your product that others are trying to make the big bucks on an see how fairly priced they are new and from you, then they know the price on fleabay is inflated?! I like to look up what I'm buying an do a comparison of prices for new or used. Hope that makes sense
  10. Belson Steel in Kankakee. Have any HR that you would probably need
  11. Thanks JLP, the top pic shows it pretty well.
  12. Check out DF in the shop on you tube. I think he shows how to make them.