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Shop rebuild

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Started complete shop rebuild today. Current shop occupies 2/3 of our old chicken coop. 

My wife paints and sells things so I'm going to rework the other 1/3 of coop into a place for her to sell her stuff but that means swapping everything around as far as layout of building goes. 

Im moving my entrance to opposite end of building with eventual plans of an outdoor work area. 

Cleaned out all her " valuables " and layed out 60" door. 

Going to install monorail also in shop. 

It will be nice as this layout will face our pond which we dug last fall

here is a picture of the door that I will build  ( or at least what I'm starting off with  

hammer/ anvil theme  









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Thanks. I will try. Will be excited to get back to building things. 

I am piling up the projects I will need to trade for needs and materials  that will arise during the build. Already have 3-4 of the grape shelves and a few dragon knives promised in return for things. 


It is absolutely NOT fire resistant. 

Goes up in flames but burns out somewhat quickly and stays localized but really helps with the back  

Will install a combination of concrete and end grain in new shop. 

I have to pour new floor in shop so I may frame off portions of the floor in front of the forge and anvil and countersink endgrain into the design of floor layout. 


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Shop wall torn out.

door roughed out. Kinda turned out a little different from original design. 

Need to make hinges and apply burned finish and windows. 



Door will be cut into 2x 30" doors. 

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Framed door. 

Hung monorail support. 

Hung door today. Kinda on the gothic side but. O well. 

I like it. 

Spaced out " hammer handles" to convert into door handles. 

I guess it matches my other shop. 





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Thanks- I'm struggling to layout the equipment. My wife just informed me I can have the whole shop which is GREAT, but I now I have to rework my plan and most likely eliminate the monorail.

I guess a good problem to have. I looked for articles on shop layout but couldn't find much in the way of positioning power hammer/anvil /vice etc.

Also, now that I have the room I'm keeping my old power hammer along with getting the new one......

Any  ideas/opinions on shop component layout?


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Depends a LOT on what you will be doing.  Knifemaking and small stuff: keep the anvil, vise and forge in a tight work triangle where you can just rotate from station to station or rotate and 1 step.  Large ornamental---open up the work triangle to allow swinging 20' sticks around.  If you use it for nearly every job the powerhammer should be convenient to the forge.  If only used rarely then it can be spaced further back.

Want good layout information?  Look at books on designing a kitchen: stove, sink, refrigerator and work surfaces all can be a metaphor  for blacksmithing stuff...

Also books like "Practical Blacksmithing" have a number of layouts that were in use when it was published.  (Personally I'd find a shop I really really liked and try to replicate their layout---asking them what they would change of course!)

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I had a guy from our MABA club over to get a few pointers from so I think I'm on right track. 

Only real unknown is exactly how much space new hammer will take up. I know the measurements but will make foundation for it large enough to move around a bit. Sometimes measurements and actual space needed around machinery ( hammer) can be different  

By tonight concrete should be ripped out, tomorrow concrete forms installed. Pouring Saturday morning. 

Hopefully getting hammer next Saturday if buddy can line up gantry crane to move hammer out of guys shop I bought it from. 

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Greetings 58ER,

         Last night I was talking to my friend Dave about his new press build and he told me he is selling his power hammer to a MABA member .  As mentioned above by others your new hammer should be positioned a few free steps from your forge taking into consideration your anvil position to the forge. I have my shops set up so I can look out the big door when forging at the anvil and the power hammers .. Best advise is to start at the forge and do a trial run in your head to determine your hammer and anvil position.  Good luck .. you will do well. Oh tell Dave ya know me from IFI.. I'm sure he will have lots of story's about me. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 


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Yes. I've got the anvil/power hammer/vice in a reasonably spaced triangle from my forge. 

I mess with sculpturing for now but in the future who knows. 

My larger anvil will have me facing the doors. The smaller one and striking anvil can be placed once everything else is nailed down  

With oversizing the footing for the hammer I feel like I can safely tweak its position and anchor it with stud anchors once I'm happy. 

Its a reasonable plan  

I've done far more with far less planning  


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