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  1. It looks like your ram needs a guide. It kinda looks like you're a blow away from digit damage.
  2. Not sure of the maker, but it sure is a nice anvil.
  3. That's looking cool!
  4. Nice picking
  5. Smartypants
  6. Thank you all for the input. I've decided to pass on this one. Building one from scratch is above my skillset for the time being. I'll keep thinking it into being and one day one will pop up. It's happened with my anvil quest. I started a couple of years ago and am now over 10 in the collection.
  7. What does something like that run in the U.K.?
  8. That is sexxy!
  9. What would I be looking at cost wise to retrofit it with a new cylinder and parts? Is it heavy enough frame wise to work if I altered it? I don't have much experience with hydraulic presses, but really want one to do some thicker billets.
  10. What would it take to make this press a functional press for forging. My understands is that more speed is needed. The price is right and it comes with a small metal brake.
  11. I just thought I'd share this work of art that just came in the mail from Brent Bailey. Its almost too nice to use. Kudos Brent!
  12. Went to the scrap yard and found a nice stainless table for my new 2x72 with removable shelves and some nice clean springs. $30 all in. I added an 1 1/2" wood top that I had leftover from another project and then capped it with a steel plate that I had leftover as well. Now I just need to sand the edges of the wood and trim down the back and I'm in business.
  13. Nice pickin
  14. Did you get her pulled out yet? She's a biggie.
  15. I used Mizzou and it was relatively inexpensive, easy to apply and cure, and has held up great. Once it gets hot, which takes about 10 minutes my forge runs at 5 psi and will get steel glowing in a short amount of time.