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  1. If you had a little person helper you could always turn the base into a forge.
  2. The waist looks to be too narrow for a Trenton.
  3. My $215 Ebay forge I lined with mizzou gets to welding temps easily.
  4. Any update pics?
  5. Tag for info.
  6. What did you use besides the shovels to support those timbers? Did you get a shop mongoose yet?
  7. Plain Wolf jaw tongs are quite nice.
  8. How do you like your Blu Max?
  9. saw

    I have the Dewalt and really like it.
  10. Can we ask what you gave for that?
  11. I went 1/2" thick a bit thicker on the bottom seam, and it's held up great.
  12. That's looking like some nice work Bob.
  13. Thank you Tim.
  14. Last question. Can the switch be used to turn the pid on and off. I'm an electrical dummy.