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  1. That looks like a Little Giant 100lb trip hammer. The piece in the back looks to be some sort of press.
  2. A. Mig welder can be had pretty cheap, and is both fun and easy to learn to use.
  3. I've requested some more pics. its another member from AR15, so hopefully he will post some more.
  4. So on one of the other forums I frequent a member posted up this anvil. The story is he got it from a fathers friend whose dad worked for Ford in the old days. He was told they made it after production hours. I have no idea if Ford had a foundry, but doubt it. Any ideas? This is the only pic I have seen posted.
  5. An angle grinder with a flip disc could make that zip go away in about 6 seconds without harming the face.
  6. I've spoken with Brent a couple of times in the last week. He is a great guy.
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