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  1. I've spoken with Brent a couple of times in the last week. He is a great guy.
  2. That looks like it could be used as a rolling multi surface anvil.
  3. Is that Tatoo from Fantasy Island?
  4. Thanks for the tip
  5. Just a thought, but those gaps in your base might trap hot cinders if you are not careful. If you build another I would avoid those gaps. Fire is a real issue when working with hot metal.
  6. Very beautiful
  7. Did you cut that with an angle grinder?
  8. Pretty cool
  9. Mucho grande
  10. If you put a brace in the middle 1/2" plate is plenty thick enough. 3//4" is a bit overkill and will be a challenge to move.
  11. That is real purty.
  12. Some Hilti metal epoxy and a welder and you'll be back in business.
  13. That's cool! I'd clean up the face and leave the rest alone.
  14. Keep going