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Shop rebuild

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58er i watched you redo your shop pics for awhile now im redoin mine lol shortly and one upgrade is a real power hammer im goin to get a 33lb anog i think thats the name not sure on spelling its Chinese thats all we got here. The one that i made is not workin out its time for an upgrade along with the forge time to go to coal i got a majestic propane forge i cant get it to forge welding temp were hittin 1960 on the temp gage.I was lookin at a set of chile burners so since you got them what kind of temps will they get to.

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Bubba- the chili burners are fantastic. my thermocouples stop reading at around 2100 degrees and the forge temps seem to blow past that, so I'm sure they will forge weld in a well built forge. I have not forge welded in this forge as I use my coke forge for that.

I'm sure you will be happy with the chili-burners as I know a few others who have them and have heard nothing bad about them.

Good luck with the shop rebuild.

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11 minutes ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

Love the no smoking sign next to the forges.

I agree, it's classic blacksmith irony. :) 

I really like your set up; what smith wouldn't love a situation that allowed a masonry forge.

Now that IDF&C mentions it see you do have a brick heat shield below the electrical box. I can't tell from here if it's adequate, I don't know what kind of dragon's breath happens when you have the pass through open. 

I leave that to your good judgement, I'll resist suggesting way I'd deal. It's a test, you know how I like talking.:)

Frosty The Lucky. 

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thanks guys

as far as the pass through option on the forge, I did have my buddy leave both ends open but i have the back side packed shut with brick as it sits against another layer of fire brick and then a wall. I plan on using the oval gas forge for any pass through needs.....(I know, what a luxury....) my thought with this forge was to build it big enough for the odd shapes i am encountering but to be able to shrink the internal volume by packing it with soft bricks.....we will see.

I have an air curtain built for any dragons breath on the front but with the doors shut it seems fine as far as the control panel, Plus, I know a good electrician if it decides the heat is too much;), and i can always place a larger fire brick above it.

next on the agenda.....treadle hammer......

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We are talking about the propane forge, should've been ore clear about that. Eh? 

Do you have a door in the wall behind the gasser to pass long pieces through or are you going to move the forge where it's convenient?

Oh HECK, I can't help myself! If you remove the firebrick(?) under the elec box and replace it with a larger piece of cement backer board that extends several inches on either side of the forge and farther out from the wall you'll be golden. Maybe extend the brackets if you want to use it as a shelf. Cement backer board is intended as a fire block and works really well around propane forges above, below, beside and behind.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Sorry. Can’t post videos from other than phone. Will try pics later. 

Here what I was trying to show in video. Hardpiped propane in from tank location. Regulators at both locations. Prepped for future bigger tank outside. 

So far so good. 





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No doubt Jim. A small upgrade. Just spoke with Dave yesterday about it. He laughed. 

The shop will eventually be a “u” shape. So this fits in the big picture. Both the hammer and extra space should open up more work possibilities. 

Excited to get underway. Just too wet to dig right now or footings would be done by next week. 

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Darn...Too bad you're so far off.  I'd stop in and pick your brain.  And maybe beg to "borrow" the older tools that you're replacing with bigger tools....

I'm cheap when it comes to spending on tools.  My small budget has a big part to do with that.  Luckily,  can build up a fair deal of what I need.

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Its been so long working on the shop i posted this in the wrong section lol oh well thxs 58er for motivating me to finally redo my shop i built a new barn for storage and to give me some room.I got to finish the ceiling before winter and install a heat pump.I finally tuned the forge on this week first time in awhile.








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