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  1. Some progress. Wish the days were longer.
  2. Business has dictated adding some new space for large sculptures. starting on a 30x40 with 14’ tall walls. Also 2 x 1 ton job cranes. can’t wait for the bee space.
  3. Inflated metal/bronze accents. 8 feet tall x 4’ x4’.
  4. I’m thinking something like Bill. Or maybe Joseph. I like simple hardworking names.
  5. Thanks guys... the massive burner forge works far better than a ground for for inflating metal. I’ve tried it. Each burner has its own valve allowing me to isolate and zone in on shapes. this forge has strictly been used to inflate shapes larger than my small forged will handle. I’ve inflated shapes up to 46” x 46” without a hitch.
  6. Haven’t posted in a while, pretty much smithing full time now. Added new belt sander and mega forge for giant inflations. hopefully another addition in the works. Also added giant spider outside door, just for fun. Will post pics of sander
  7. Ok. So got a job that will involve heating a 48x48 “ piece of 16 gauge sheet metal up. Need to build a temporary type forge for this. my first thought is to build a large square top and mount a bunch of burners on it and just stack brick for sides and bottom. Only going to be used 1-2 (hopefully more) times. don’t want to over complicate it. Only need to get the sheet metal hot enough to inflate it. any thoughts on a burner count? im thinking 1 every square foot- 25 or so??
  8. Thanks guys. Base Alone for sculpture at road is 400# hopefully that keeps thieves at bay. yes. Tail is forged pipe. The head and thorax are inflated metal so it really doesn’t weigh that much.
  9. Started on some outside decorations for the shop. Just got around to posting. Also added some at end of road so people had a way to find shop easier
  10. Added dragonfly to shop flowers. Picture of buddy for scale.
  11. I picked up a single port lever style Manzel oiler at quadstate, has anyone converted a lever style to a pulley style? thanks
  12. another question, pulled inspection plates off of side and am finding a very fine brass-like dust mixed in with oil....nothing big or even close to big, story with this hammer is that it was sent out and completely rebuilt about 20 years ago and then just moth balled until now. i cycled oil in it for about an hour with just a drill motor running the oiler before firing it up for the first time.... the thing runs perfect so im puzzled.....
  13. dont worry about anything other than the slacktub freezing, I'm not far from Trenton and leave my shop unheated. just heat up the metal and beat it.... youll be fine
  14. Thanks. Final details. Rearranging vise and air hammer. Built door hardware wife finished door and added landing dragon to peak.
  15. Does anyone know the actual recommended rotation for a Nazel 2b? Clockwise when addressing the hammer from the front? I don’t think it would matter. But ??? It appears to run fine in either I have chosen clockwise when addressing the hammer thanks
  16. I swear I could hear her giggling. What a hammer!! happiness is an oily hammer.
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