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Shop rebuild

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I believe end grain floors are called "Puncheon" floors. Well, okay I'm smartening up a bit I Googled "puncheon floor" to see if my memory was functioning. Son of a gun if puncheon floor didn't hit a bunch of different kinds of wooden floor, most common split logs laid flat up but there were a bunch of other different ways to lay a floor under the name of puncheon. 

Then there was a pic of a colonial era historical village house with a puncheon floor of end grain wood bedded in sand! They were wood rounds of various diameters my mark 1 eyeball guesstimate from the photo says diameters ran from about 2" up to about 4" and laid to leave as small gaps as possible.

So, your end grain wood block floor can indeed be legitimately called a "puncheon floor"! WooHoo two of my remaining brain cells were connected tonight! :D

Frosty The Lucky.

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Finally some progress. 

Went to fix grading outside shop and ended up replacing entire sill and made knee wall to fix both sides of shop. 

Grade had been up against outside wall for better than 20 years. Yikes. 

Mounted motor for power hammer. Got it up and running. Made new stand for anvil and roughly rearranged shop. 

Getting there. 







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Not sure. Really haven't done anything with the new hammer but its response is much better  

Took 15 minutes to whip out a roughly shaped railroad spike knife To try it out  

The new one worked well for that though. 


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Your anvil stand sort of looks like a mushroom in "Alice in Wonder Hammer land." Of course I see things a LITTLE differently than normal folk. :)

Boy, some friends they just keep puncheon the TBI survivor. I'd come plane but it goes against my grain.

Frosty The Lucky.

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32 minutes ago, 58er said:

Frosty.....I'm not sure if I should says thanks or take some acid and see if i see the same thing..........

I'll just say thanks.....

You're not asking ME if you should drop acid OR want to see things the way I do?

Step back, close your eyes, give yourself 3 raps on the head with a wooden mallet and see how it looks? Nah don't do that and don't try catching a falling tree with your head.

Ah, lets just see if Das or Ausfire will weld up a caterpillar to lounge on it smoking a hookah.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Greetings 58er,

        I'll keep it short and to the point. You have done an exceptional job in a short time with your shop rebuild. You will do well . I'm looking forward to see your future projects. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 


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Ahhhhhh.... I can finally start to see the end. Actually did some forging today after I finished the welding table. My help did not show so I ended up rigging the table top in place. 

Made some grapes for a grape vine shelf for friend. Was interrupted by having to rework motor mount  for power hammer as the belts kept jumping. I still have to get stud anchors from work.  but it was still a nice day. 






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Getting there. Exterior paint almost done. 

Installed light fixture and some brick for a entry I salvaged from mill. Working on light fixtures for other end. Just prototype st this point. 





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