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I Forge Iron

Blacksmith Sayings

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get it hot
hit it hard
repeat as necessary

another pebble for my pile of stones (reference to how smiths accumulate little bits of info)

I need a third arm (slang for I need a helper, there are some vulgar versions of this involving prehensile appendages I've heard)

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From the day when the Blacksmith was a respected and central businessman in a community, he was often called on as a witness to a trade or business deal.

Hence "to strike a deal" or "forge a bargain " the auctioneer's hammer is a symbol of this tradition.

To forge a bond, and the response to picking up steel at a black heat....

It never took me to long to look at a horse shoe...

and last to urge on a timid striker," HIT IT, It's not your mama...."

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I thought that was, "Hell is full of blacksmiths working for a cold one."

Here's one as old as smithing any metal, "OW, that's hot!" And don't forget, "Where IS that blankety blank!" "You want it WHEN?"

Frosty The Lucky.

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Don't forget the ever popular,

"you can have it cheap, you can have it good and you can have it fast, but you only get to pick two."

or the always popular

"price dependent on your attitude"


"shop rate $60 an hour, $80 if you watch, $100 if you want to help and $120 if you worked on it first."


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