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    Been welding for 5 yrs. and smithing since Sept. 2007
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  1. Hey yall know anything about whom to contact to get info on the knoxville group? Been long time since I ve been on here or anything so I am outta the loop so to speak
  2. I probally use my Hofi hammer most, then the rounding hammer I made, then The Straight peen that Richard T. made. Then also use other hammers when needed .
  3. this is pretty neat idea Richard think may make one , maybe able to sell sum at school lol
  4. Hey Master Chris! Been a while! How ya been doing?

  5. Hi hammerkid I am also 17.

  6. Hey yall its been long time since been on here. And fixing go play round in my shop work on some belt buckles and i though this be good chance to get back on here and get some ideas and maybe show some my ideas. ,Chris
  7. Happy Birthday Chris!

  8. I am 16 and I smith. Although i havent had much time lately between school , working, and my buddies.
  9. John did you get ride of your tools to?
  10. happy birtday kiddo.jimmy

  11. I `am going have to agree with Jimmy. A good shooting would cure it lol
  12. Prayers sent to Deb and Frosty. Hope get well soon
  13. Now that is one AWESOME project!!!! Anyone video it?
  14. Looks Really Good Ironstein!!! I cant wait till the class I`am taking of Brian`s .
  15. Once you start using it you will find uses for the sway back. Asd jeff said it is real good to straighten items. I have a 108lb Mousehole and it has a pretty big swayback but it comes in Handy. I wouldnt change a thing. Mine one of the corners is came un welded so once get a chance I plan on building it back up , but dont plan on filling the swayback up , its just to useful. Chris
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