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  1. 309-475-9012 I have had one of Roger's pots for 15 yrs or so and a swage block even longer. Can't beat em.
  2. Well it is definitely him and he is another good friend gone. Thanks to TenHammers for calling me. Mike was a good friend and a true scholar. Anything he made was true to the period and any research was as solid as can be. His compassion was contagious and he always had the neatest things, books, tools to show and share. He also made great cookies which he usually (always it seems) brought to the get-togethers where I saw him. Another good friend in this life's journey... Schluter-Balik Funeral Home : Decorah, Iowa (IA)
  3. Looking at my hands and arms I would say about 52,000 times.
  4. Of course it is necessary to sacrifice a piece to the fire gods once in awhile but here is what I do with small pieces, rivets etc. I take my poker and really beat up the whole fire breaking it into small pieces. Then I take the back of my poker (1/2" rod) and use it to pack the fire tightly. This makes a bed of tightly packed coke that small pieces can't fall through. You can rake a few larger pieces of coke in next to and over your piece to get your heat. Turn off the blower a little early, your piece will still be getting a little hotter as you are getting the tongs on it. Push back the few bigger pieces of coke to expose your piece on the "bed" and it's an easy grab.
  5. I point the business end and then wrap around a piece of pipe. I would guess 3" would work well for 1/2" rod. Wrap it so each turn is touching the last (picture a tension spring at rest). Remove from mandrel. Then take an even heat on the whole thing and gently pull from each end to stretch. Then with a local heat bend the top end 90 like Hollis said above to be in line with the screw. The last one of these I made was for a giant foam lemon whose original hanger had pulled out. It was for display at a food stand for friends at the state fair. I helped a friend make a couple large anchors of this type for a wooden jib crane in his yard. Instead of wrapping hot around a mandrel we did the coils cold on the hossfeld and then heated to stretch. They turned out great. He is left handed, I am left handed, and so were the anchors! :D
  6. Sure would like to be there Dale! Can only about afford to drive to work these days However, if there is a T-Shirt I WANT ONE!!! 3xl
  7. Another tool easily converted to a straight pein hammer is a handled cold cut. Cut the very end off of the chisel end in the chop saw and grind to finish (or just grind all the way). You have to harden both ends because the struck end of the hot cut was not originally hardened at all. Makes a nice medium weight hammer.
  8. 20 Ton Air-over Hydraulic Press Here is a page on a press utilizing an air over hydraulic pump. I have an old newsletter somewhere (I have hundreds, I used to be a newsletter editor) that has a good article on press forging. Will try and look for it soon. Keep your tools (punches, ball tools, etc) short so they are less apt to kick out.
  9. Trough goes to your right. On the one I use at the fair I drilled a 3/8" hole in it for a drain. I whittled a wood plug for it. Since I only use it eleven days a year it's nice to be able to drain it easily before I leave. BTW, nice forge! I am sure you will be happy with it.
  10. It is a water trough but that is not the front. Blower to the left, water trough to the right. Have one very similar that I use (and store) at the Iowa State Fair.
  11. This is the latest plate by my wife Denise. We both learned these copper techniques in a class with Don Neuenschwander held at the shop of Roger Lorance in Illinois (but she seems to get a lot more of it done than I do )
  12. skunkriv

    Birthday Plate

    This is the latest plate my wife Denise made and since it was for my birthday I get to KEEP this one!
  13. I'm thinking it is a bit more than 80#. I come up with 320# from the dimensions you give. Turn it up on edge as you say and start using it. If you come across a piece of 3.5 or 4 inch 5160 (cat leaf spring ) that is 5/8-3/4" thick weld that on and you will be that much better off.
  14. Neat project! Thanks for the pics. Iron Trail to the Arctic: Iron Trail to the Arctic