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  1. the forgemonkeys.com site went down thanks to a goofy problem with a site host and a mail server change. it's back up as of this afternoon and it took a while to reclaim the URL
  2. Some photos i was able to take courtesy of Peter Ross. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/solvarr/sets/72157620082426510/
  3. At the Brian Brazeal hammer making class last weekend we used a punch that had an oblique slitting chisel profile in the front. One light tap and you can see if you are lined up by the imprint in the work. I found this style of punch much easier to align and work with than flat bottomed punches. Brian Brazeal Blacksmith (Brian Brazeal) | MySpace IMG_0528 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  4. Irvan-Smith, Inc. : BEVERLY SHEAR - B-1 REPLACEMENT BLADE [bEV-B-1 BLADE] - $89.00 Beverly Shear Manufacturing Corp., The Phone: 773-238-0003 Fax: 773-238-0028 https://www.tinmantech.com/html/beverly_shear_parts_shear.php Beverly Shear B-1 Replacement Blades : Guillotine Shears, Bench Shears & Beverly Shears : Shears - Profiform, Bench, Guillotine, Beverly & Hand Shears : Tools & Metals : Otto Frei Guillotine Shears, Bench Shears & Beverly Shears - Jewelry Tools, Jewe
  5. I picked up a harbor freight throatless shear years ago and with some tuning has served me well. The blade finally failed and I heard a rumor that the B1 blades work on the harbor freight throatless shear. Has anyone tried this?
  6. My tent is an India style day shade. It's basicly a ten by ten marquee top with no centerpole. I have poles from each corner going to the point of the ridge stitched into the awning. I have been using it for 5 years and can't find a second one.
  7. On the salt fork website showing the swege block it looks a little thin on the hollow that is bottom right of side one. I would be careful when hitting there. Otherwise it looks like a good value and I almost bought one. I ended up finding one at Pennsic that suited my needs perfectly.
  8. I had a kid ask me about shoeing horses. I asked him would he trust his dentist to remove his appendix. He said 'No !' with a horrified look. I said a farrier is a specialization in blacksmithing and he seemed to get that.
  9. Here is a 16th century Italian kitchen. Hope it helps. BibliOdyssey: The Renaissance Kitchen
  10. I am looking to get some classes to do door or barn hinges I am located down in Miami Florida and willing to travel Thanks

  11. Hello everyone

  12. I fully admit I made mine based on photos others had shared. I use it whenever I travel and it has really reduced the size of my portable setup. Tripod Vise - a set on Flickr the most important part of welding this up is the leg hinges drill both the hinge holes through the steel for each leg weld one of them at the proper angle and then bolt the leg and the other piece with a hole to the leg and make sure it's as tight as you want and that the leg can rotate the way you want. then weld a third spanner piece in to span between the second hinge piece and the main shaft as you can see here S6300296 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! this and mounting of the chain so that it can't slide up and down takes most of slop out of the tripod stand -Solvarr
  13. Next year well have 2 or 3 forges and keeping it to 2 an anvil. We are also working on step by step writeups for the classes as well as demo pieces. I made the mistake of demoing till 1am the previous night. We will avoid Thursday morning classes next year so that we can keep things rolling better. The public demo space was a last minute surprise to us. When you say a clasp do you mean like for a padlock? Thanks Solvarr
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