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  1. Hey yall know anything about whom to contact to get info on the knoxville group? Been long time since I ve been on here or anything so I am outta the loop so to speak
  2. I probally use my Hofi hammer most, then the rounding hammer I made, then The Straight peen that Richard T. made. Then also use other hammers when needed .
  3. this is pretty neat idea Richard think may make one , maybe able to sell sum at school lol
  4. Hey yall its been long time since been on here. And fixing go play round in my shop work on some belt buckles and i though this be good chance to get back on here and get some ideas and maybe show some my ideas. ,Chris
  5. I am 16 and I smith. Although i havent had much time lately between school , working, and my buddies.
  6. John did you get ride of your tools to?
  7. I `am going have to agree with Jimmy. A good shooting would cure it lol
  8. Prayers sent to Deb and Frosty. Hope get well soon
  9. Now that is one AWESOME project!!!! Anyone video it?
  10. Looks Really Good Ironstein!!! I cant wait till the class I`am taking of Brian`s .
  11. Once you start using it you will find uses for the sway back. Asd jeff said it is real good to straighten items. I have a 108lb Mousehole and it has a pretty big swayback but it comes in Handy. I wouldnt change a thing. Mine one of the corners is came un welded so once get a chance I plan on building it back up , but dont plan on filling the swayback up , its just to useful. Chris
  12. I think Jeff is hit the nail on the head LOL. It all depends on many factors though , area, the horse , supplies etc.
  13. Them look Real nice JOhn!
  14. I got to thinking the other day when I was watching a video of a smith making something that required tooling ( slitter, drift) I dont remeber who it was , they wa smaking a hammer though. And they used the same hammer for forging as they used for slitting and drifting the eye. I got to thinking if a hammer is hard enough an dthe top of the tool is soft what would this hurt? And I personally have been using a seprate hammer for those sorta operiations instead of my main forging hammer. And I thought this would be a good poll to start. Do you use your forging hammer for punch work or do you use a diff. hammer?
  15. Ok here is my take on the problem of total beginers asking a question that has been posted and talked about multiple times before, I think you should do your research (ie use the Search feature on IFI or even possibly google ) before you post a question if you are not going to read the getting started section. As menitonted in another posting in this thread , my generation is use to getting answers handed to ourselves instead of trying to find the answer for ourselves. But now that is my .02 cents worth. ,Chris
  16. Ok I ve got some plain 1/8" plate I`am going use. Chris
  17. yeah looks like a mousehole to me . If you are hard up for a anvil maybe $225.00 , really depends on ur area some places it worth more than others.
  18. I think there is a article in the hammers blow that Brent Bailey has a how to on making a hammer from Atlantic 33.
  19. hammerkid

    Tongs update

    I agree with Matt those look like hammer eye tongs .
  20. what thickness of plate did you use for the Table top Brian? I REALLY like the idea going go build one ASAP. I`ve been needing a table /tool holder for demos and for around the shop. Chris
  21. I am not sure LOL. I think before I started school so 11 ish yrs ago ?? I dont know for sure
  22. Tom , 1040 has 40 points of carbon. Its a simple carbon steel. How big in diameter are the axles? I think if I remeber correctly they are 1045? I would consider making hammers out of em .
  23. I have a Lincoln 3200hd Mig I bought from Homedepot few yrs ago. It had the converison kit inculeded. I used flux core for about a yr. before buying a 80cu. ft. bottle. I have welded up to 3/8" ( preheated it). Its been a GREAT lil machine. Its a 115. In few months I plan on upgrading to a Hobart 210 Ironman.
  24. Cbl, Before I got my euro I had real hard time trying to find anvil because the ones I found where being sold by Collectors for new prices for BEAT anvils , You have reasonable prices but MOST I have came in contact with By NO means were reasonable and were being used a yard art and its heartbreaking to a someone who would USE it that someone has a anvil is letting it rust down and wont sell it at a fair price. My .02 cents worth. Chris
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