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  1. Hello Mike my name is ralph kessler (member rakessler) I wish to comment on your power hammer. " For Scrounged Parts" that is truely one of the cleanest hammers. I am also in the process of a air hammer project. Could you please share you scematics of your air system. Thanx in advance and again you hammer looks incredible. rakessler

  2. Jim, Good to see you doing some work just be careful. I think you have supplied some very good info here for those guys that are trying to use this type of cable.
  3. Well stainless cable will have to be welded in a can and is of no good for a knife so you will have to make a san mai to make a useable knife of this. Personally I would not even try to mess with that stainless cable. I would find a crane out fit near you or contact Darren Ellis he sells wire rope for this.
  4. Well I got shocked when I seen this one Rich as I drooled all over the computer . Beautiful knife.
  5. Rich I love that mammoth tooth, this is a sweet knife.
  6. WOW Rich that is very nice love that maple, did K & G do the dye on that?
  7. Rich that is absolutely beautiful my friend :D
  8. Matt those are stunning thanks for sharing :D
  9. I would not waste my time with a grader blade it designed to be wear resistant, most likely something like T1 plate. Good steel is cheap if you are going to go through the trouble to make a knife why not use good steel instead of crap steel you have no idea what it is. If you want some good steel just post what you are looking for and I or someone else can tell you where you can get it.
  10. Hi J_Littlewolf, I am 35 min from Medford. Are you a smith? If so what do you do?

  11. This is one knife I have not posted the other yet. I am getting ready to put bolsters on another knife so I will do a tutorial of what I do for you.
  12. Hi Mike, I am a newbie in Medford Oregon so I figured I would reach out and say hello!

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