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I Forge Iron

You might be a redneck blacksmith

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If the handle on your toilet breaks 3 hours before company comes and your local farm and ranch store doesn't have one. Soooo, you forge one out of a horseshoe and a piece of threaded rod. My first attempt at a horse head and it looks ok. Not great but ok. Great to have metal and a forge and wife MAKES you forge something.


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If yer quench tank doubles as yer wash up tank.....you might be a redneck blacksmith.


If you miss your work, and you say, "well, dang it, there goes the other tooth".....you might be a redneck blacksmith.


If your first brake drum forge came from something you had in the backyard, before you started smithing......

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............ If the solution to your problems really is ....... a bigger hammer.


............ A hot date involves......... a forge fire.  (alternately a hammer or tongs or anvil, etc.)


............ A threesome means ....... hammer, anvil, and forge.

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....if SWAT teams of BATF agents have descended on your rural smithy because the overflights see the heat source from your propane forge as a still. (True story: guy in MO was making maple syrup in a shed and got raided.)  


....if you have disguised your moonshine still as the steam boiler for your line shaft drive in your shop. And they missed it. :rolleyes:


....if you have traded your moonshine for anvils and vises.

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