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  1. Rashelle

    Tiny axe fun

    That's funny three or four of my classes right now are actually forge welding miniature trade axes. Cool I like yours also.
  2. Rashelle

    hardening fire strikers

    Another thing that will effect sparking after hardening on strikers is regrind the face after hardening.
  3. Rashelle

    Blacksmithing as a Career

    I would suggest taking some blacksmithing classes. Then looking into local blacksmithing groups, and other learning opportunities. People can and do still become professional blacksmith's. Even youth's, look at Alec Steele and others. Business management classes as well as art classes and welding would help also.
  4. Rashelle

    Stock for making axes?

    a 1.5"R x 4" Length of 4130 is almost 2 and a quarter lbs. A 4" length of the same material is 1.9 lbs. There are metal weight calculators on the internet. Just fill in the parameters. I use the one from the online metals store. Very useful when needing a finished weight and don't know what size stock to start with. Remember to factor in scale, grinding, plug if punched. I also have a weight calculator on my phone. When I've needed to match a historical piece I figure out the stock size then weigh the piece I'm matching then put the numbers into the calculator to find the stock dimensions. Remembering to account for wastage.
  5. Something I occasionally use other then scroll tongs for holding inside the socket on spear heads resembles tongs that you would think were made to hold angle iron in the angle. Just two V's that fit inside each other. Near right angle V's. I had made some arrow head specific scroll tongs in the past also. With the scrolly bit being close to the size of shaft I was wanting the arrowhead to fit. Same thing could be done with pipe (to lessen the weight) welded onto the jaw of tongs. Forge the pipe end down to just under interior socket dimension. Don't know how well they'd work been to busy to try that idea out. LOL some of the business being making spear heads.
  6. Rashelle

    bolt lizards

    I've said it in the past Ausfire, you and Daswulf's welded creatures I really like.
  7. Rashelle

    Personal injuries while smithing..

    Cool, watch dates for NWBA stuff and if I can get off you'll have a tour guide. Got Fort Vancouver down around here too.
  8. Rashelle

    Personal injuries while smithing..

    LOL I can see the imagery in my head disaster and injury would be the names of the valkyries (or the harpies lol) following me around. Think I need a couple puppies and that'd be good names. I ran a Aristotle furnace and a Evenstadt hearth a few times since then. Will eventually do so again either at work or at home. It'd be good to do some more once the weather picks up a little. Or I find a good covered area, heehee.
  9. Rashelle

    Personal injuries while smithing..

    I forgot a bunch of injuries such as the burns on the hands and arms from smithing, the rolled ankles, etc. Frosty thank you and you're welcome. That was a long time ago. Between the military Law Enforcement and civilian alarm response I put 11 years into the criminal justice system. In the end I have had a somewhat rough life, but many have had it much worse then me. Other then gaining weight from hormonal imbalance I'm in pretty good shape. I pointed out to my little brother and sister that even counting injuries I'm in much better shape then either of them and little sis is 10 years younger. Something I've noticed and pointed out not long ago to some people in person is we tend to forget that every person around us has their whole lifetime of experiences. I try to remind myself of that whenever possible. I'll be happy to meet you in person someday.
  10. Rashelle

    Pacific North West Help

    The NWBA has monthly demonstrations followed by open forges in Longview. I personally teach youth blacksmithing in Portland. There are couple others now who will teach youth as part of their business. Best thing is join the NWBA and talk to the people there. Take a class preferably though for some hands on instructions.
  11. Rashelle

    Personal injuries while smithing..

    Eek let me see if I can remember the some of the times ............Ok I got I'll start at the top and work my way down, this way I might get most of the oopsies .... At least three times bottles were busted over my head. A thrown boulder upside the head. Various nose breaks. The last time I broke it myself almost perfectly back to straight......... was having one of those days. First the 2x12 along the ceiling narrowly missed my head when it came down as I was getting stock off the wall ........ Not my first time things headed for my head so I sensed it and moved before it hit me. Then I was at the floor shear cutting a bit bigger then should of piece of steel, had a 6-7 foot bar to pull on so it was a stretch over my head and I saw movement out the window so naturally I turned my head and looked, that's when it broke loose and the steel wacked me between the eyes. Got two black eyes and when the swelling went away my nose was almost straight again........ not sure first time it was broken. Stick in the eye, pencil broke lead off in the eye, sport balls and fists in the eyes, bee sting in the eye (darn little bugger landed on my eye when it was open and I eventually had to blink), lime burns both eyes and inner eyelids goggles had air vents grrrrrrr. Ohhhh been hit with nunchuks and been in so many armed confrontations I couldn't count them or keep track of them didn't get hit much though, lol. Light fell while sleeping burning right arm hard scars for years as I slept through it till the burning me smell woke me up. Separated one shoulder, severely tore the tendons in both shoulders (what happens when you don't feel pain right and lift heavy things), Broke first two fingers on each hand within 5 minutes was using a sledge hammer to put in a puppy pen broke the first two then switched hands and broke the next two ..... rebroke almost daily took near a year before I could make a fist, currently have finger still swollen from my time on knife or death put my hand through one of the targets methinks. Machete to left hip dr told me I was suppose to of passed out a long time ago why was I standing after they debrided and stitched me up grr darn dr not suppose to tell people they are suppose to pass out. Sat down for a few while waiting for the ride home after that. My patrol car was sideswiped so one knee knocked over the radio bracket both thumbs were jammed into the steering wheel. Both knees hyper extended and severely sprained. Right knee should of had stitches from barbed wire still have scar ..... was being shot at ......... oh yeah left back another barbed wire cut when being shot at..... ack I apparently have forgotten how many times I been shot at now cause there are more. Left foot 90 lbs jack hammer, have scar and had stitches and was lucky didn't take my foot off. Ok there are many cuts scrapes bruises and more scars but this is quite long enough as is. Oh didn't want to forget the time the actuall 2x12x8 or 10 feet actually hit my head . had a hard hat on luckily.
  12. Thank y'all. I really like working with bronze. I forgot how much of a pleasure it is. When I started a second one I realized I can figure out a cat head and plan on doing a leopard version. I'll do a panther head in steel first, then bronze with the spotted texturing. Need to work out the cat head process first though at leisure. Yeah wolf head war hammers are on my list Frosty. Have a mild steel axe with (don't remember if it's xl leaf spring or known 5160, sparked and acted like 5160 so will be treated as such, lol) bit to forge weld with a wolf head pommel to finish first. After a couple more bronze pieces. I normally use known steel for weapons but needed a large piece so think it came off a semi.
  13. Thought I'd share some of what's been keeping me busy. This is a bronze axe forged by hand from 6" of 1"sq. 655 bronze with a wolf head pommel for an art show. So besides work keeping me busy at work I'm going back into work on days off doing stuff like this:
  14. Rashelle

    In a quandry

    Every once in awhile I demo a portable coal forge outside. Heehee I get rather amused at thinking of supervising multiple instructors teaching way too many kids fire maintenance as well as the forging part during the Summer when we run multiple classes at once. That'd be scary. I'm envisioning a room full of kittens with, like a hundred mice tossed in then a few puppies and thousands of disturbed fire ants all at once. Spent almost the full work day reading the international fire code, made a good dent in it too. Plus updates. Bleh that can be rather dry. Researching other pertinent codes also. Seems like I end up doing this in spurts. Talk to the upper management then wait weeks then have to re- go thru it all again. Meanwhile everything so far has backed up what I said in the first place. On the plus side am waiting on another inspection...... Took notes on where to take notes.