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  1. I neither wrap nor preweld the ends of cable. What I do is very carefully trap (as if I was using a swage) the ends of the cable in a step of the anvil (if the anvil has one), or the corner where it drops off on my nimba, or the slight drop on a kanca. Some way to keep the end from splaying apart. I have made a step tool for my nimba by taking 1" square stock setting it down in the hardy hole, bending it over. I then radiused a bunch of different edges and fullers into the top part. I use it for fullering, as a hold fast, as a step, and for trapping material against it. So if you don't have a
  2. A question that might be pertinate. What was the source of the high carbon insert?
  3. It's not just undergarments that are hard to find in natural materials. Even pants are hard to find. Most women I know in person that the subject has came up, we all end up wearing mens pants. Needless to say they are not well fitted and thus not that comfy.
  4. Especially when they hit it at a just the right angle to shoot the hot tool back into you.... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, lol. Needless to say it's inevitably during a public demo. And no no non blacksmiths strike for me during demo's. Is that enough no's and negatives in a row, I hope.
  5. The Vancouvers are not too far apart there Slag. Though I'm in Oregon now, rather then Vancouver WA.
  6. Former USAF, Security Police Law Enforcement Specialist, Military Working Dog Handler. Bleh that's a mouthful nowadays. I went from Texas to Korea to Texas to Korea, then decided I didn't want to go back to Texas and got out.
  7. I'm with Thomas and irondragon. I won't hold by hand something being hit by a striker. Tongs or handles. I won't let someone else hold while I hit either.
  8. Another way to get the plating is to use a etchant such as ferrous chloride contaminated with copper. Insert the clean steel item let sit, remove, neutralize (I use baking soda water, rinse let dry.
  9. Portland Oregon has several steel supply places, not just the metal supermarkets. East side steel, the steel yard, and others. There are even scrap yards.
  10. In support of Frosty's statement. Once upon a time to disprove it I forged copper the first half of the day, Then after lunch without cleaning out the coal forge I forge welded the rest of the day. All welds stuck. No problem welding. I used the clinker breaker as needed, so especial effort to keep the forge clean, normal working day, in front of the public.
  11. You can look into wire and cable companies near you, also rigging companies, etc. Logging and crane operators, also for used. Note I rarely repurpose stuff so cable is one of the things I buy new.
  12. I'll third the look into the NWBA comments. I'll also say welcome.
  13. Between Eugene (which has the 5160 club) and Seattle there is Fort Vancouver in ...... you guessed it Vancouver. Can't play unless a volunteer there but can see the shop.
  14. Japanese technique for preserving wood shou subi ban. Suppose to make it pest resistant and water resistant, As well as removing slivers when charred. Heats the handle also for adding oil or wax. That is why I char my wood handles.
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