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  1. The cracked piece is what I would knock out.
  2. Small scale retort?

    And here I am looking for a tanker truck, 'spose up-scale or down scale, whichever suits. Bluesman7, don't just put the wood in a can, seal it then smother it please.
  3. Yes without fixing it up, that whole piece is ready to fly off. Still worth looking at tho, knock that price out and round the entire edge off and get forging on it.
  4. ENORMOUS tongs

    2", and their only good sized tongs.
  5. I had a major stroke

    Sorry about your bad luck mate, hang onto your gear, grab a chair, use a hold down and forge one handed. Might have to get help to rearrange your forge/anvil set-up but it is do-able.
  6. Storing large amounts of charcoal

    I make mine in 10gal drums with a clip lid, gas holes in the bottom of the sides, and store it in the drum it's made in, less handling that way. The more you handle it the more fines you get.
  7. Cast Iron Post Vise?

    What makes you say it's cast?
  8. Adze for a friend

    If he wants it for Limbing I would bevel both sides like an axe.
  9. Yeah, give or take 1 or 2 -)
  10. New hammer.

    Would the cool spring set-up be more/easier adjustable?
  11. JackDawg, there is the odd track in Australia that does go round to the left. Smoggy. Maybe, say if one was easily spooked by traffic.
  12. Grind the cast line out of the face, clear the rough stuff out of the hardy and use it.
  13. It'd make a better anvil.
  14. Looks like there's chrome on it.
  15. Yet more retort questions

    The un-chard stuff will char up in your next cook. Cut it up smaller for better results.