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  1. The un-chard stuff will char up in your next cook. Cut it up smaller for better results.
  2. Correct, the larger the flue size to fire opening ratio the better the draft.
  3. Take a buffer wheel on a grinder to the edges of the chips.
  4. Very interesting that the front feet are different to the back. Finally someone who doesn't want to re-work their anvil tho IMO one anvil that does need repair/grinding. That cracked peice would be better off being removed or ground and welded, not a high use area tho.
  5. Did you cut the hole for the fire pot? What was there before?
  6. Destressing would be sanding mate, if your looking for a stressed look take to it with the edge of your hammer and then score with a burner, sand it then stain, the hollows will stay black.
  7. Rockhampton Queensland.
  8. If it was gal pipe mate I wouldn't use, not even worth the risk.
  9. work it on the anvil with the round face of your hammer.
  10. It mounts on the flange at the air outlet on a 3 legged stand.
  11. We're all here to help mate, let us know how you go.
  12. You may not take up blacksmithing Alexander, but one of your grandkids might, be a nice thing to give them.
  13. Add a bit of water to pack it down if you like.
  14. Plaster of Paris will cost a fortune, dirt, any dirt, will do a good job, trick is to use a drum (55gal) instead of the bucket mate.
  15. And some rivets and a nice little wheel to make a ring take that'd hold 15 tings at least.