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  1. For my recent birthday my wife hunted down an anvil for me and surprised me with it. She traveled 5 hours round trip to northern Montana and found the only anvil available in the area. She is truly a keeper!!!! :-) It is a 100 pound Peter Wright and it says 100% Wrought on the side with the marks 1 0 0 on it. There are no other marks that I can see. The edges are a little chipped but not bad, there is almost no sway to it and the rebound is around 80% +. Overall I am VERY happy and have been feeding it hot metal whenever I get the chance.
  2. No they are not galvanized. Bottle openers was all I could come up with and some will surely turn into that but some other good ideas here, thank you. I am usually really good at seeing the potential in a piece of metal and usually know what I want to do as soon as I see it but for some reason this is really throwing me for a loop. I'll post some of what I am able to come up with. :-)
  3. We recently changed out all of the guard teeth on our hay swather and I saved them thinking that there has to be something I can make from them. Unfortunately I am falling short on ideas. I would love to get any ideas you may have. Thanks!
  4. Really...so am I! We'll have to get together and forge something. I am working on setting up my shop as we just moved here.
  5. Welcome Jesse! What part of Montana are you in? I'm in thesouth east. Be great to get together with other Montana smiths.
  6. Thanks Vaughn. I am in the process of making a spring. It was also missing the bottom bolt which I replaced after taking this picture. Also. What would you do differently with the mounting bracket? Currently it holds the setup very securely. Just curious as to what else I need to do. Thanks a bunch!
  7. Gotta love flea markets. A 50 lb post vice, 10 oz ball peen hammer, 12 oz flatter hammer, 2 lb cross peen hammer, 3 hoof nippers (to make into tongs), a 3.5" machinists vice and a twisting wrench for under $50! All stuff well used but LOTS of life left. Now all I need is a good anvil. Here's some shots of the post vice.
  8. If the handle on your toilet breaks 3 hours before company comes and your local farm and ranch store doesn't have one. Soooo, you forge one out of a horseshoe and a piece of threaded rod. My first attempt at a horse head and it looks ok. Not great but ok. Great to have metal and a forge and wife MAKES you forge something.
  9. On the rasp knife there is a combination of both. I did some forging to get the rough shape then grinding and stock removal to get the rest of the way. I'm not good enough with the hammer yet to get it all in the forge. That will come hopefully! :-) the kitchen knife cuts beautifully. Sharp enough to shave it cuts veggies like a dream. Now if I can keep the wife from cutting herself with it!!! :-). Thanks for the comment.
  10. I just finished my first two knives. One is a kitchen knife for my wife I made from an old saw blade she picked up at a garage sale and the other is from a friends used farrier rasp. The rasp knife still needs a handle but is pretty close other than that. I did stock removal only on the kitchen knife and the rasp knife is a combo of forging and stock removal. The kitchen handle is from an old piece of walnut I had in a pile and I think I'll use it on the rasp knife too. Also, the patina on the kitchen knife is intentional as DW wanted it to look kind of rustic like the saw was. Let me know what you think!
  11. Happiness is...when it's 96 degrees out, your forge is going in your shop, you're covered in sweat and charcoal dust, and your wife brings you a giant, ice cold class of iced tea! You rock hon!! Share your happiness is thoughts. Happy summer!!!!
  12. Thanks Thomas...I LOVE the Restore. We get lots of stuff for projects there. I checked for black iron pipe and they had some one inch but no 2 inch. I did get a cool cabinet and the bathroom fan, both for $15. I am going to the biggest farm and ranch store in our area tomorrow and they should have some bigger pieces of black iron...I hope. I will start posting some project pics within the next few days. My wife is out of town so I am 'batching it. Thanks for your comments.
  13. Thanks for the comments guys. The hardware store didn't have a longer piece of pipe. I hope to get one at another store on Monday. I appreciate the input. Thomas...that is not KAOwool. It is a clay lining that is probably unnecessary but I will see how it works. It helped to fill in a few holes and spaces in the sides and around the fire pot. The clay is a mix of bentonite, perlite, and play sand. I debated making another cut through but for the short time I am only doing blades and small pieces but that may change. I can always cut it in if I need/want it. I do have a few fire bricks I can use to expand and grow the fire pot size. I appreciate the input greatly!
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