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  1. You might try estate sale companies. When they do clean out, they need to remove everything. they will make great deal to have someone else remove metal so they don't have to. Most companies don't scrap the metal takes to much time not enough profit.
  2. Nice, got a Dutch oven for holiday been looking at lid lifts need to forge myself one like the add leaf
  3. Looks great really like the handle. add it to my long list of cool stuff to make.
  4. Nice axe did a great job. Handle looks good. Handles can be just as much work as forging the axe.
  5. I don't pass on good deal, price is the only thing that turns me away. I buy tools that I need or to upgrade. I also buy to flip mostly old tools I use the money I make to fund my blacksmith addiction. I have payed for 98% of my blacksmith equipment threw buying, trading and selling stuff.
  6. If your close to Redford area you might try http://www.metroboltmi.com/ they carry bolts and washers with no coating. Pick up a large bolt for a nail header from them. Only place I could fine a non coated bolt the size I needed.
  7. I put together a propane / oxygen torch this winter. i had a hard time finding information on line. Lucky for me the welding shop I go to is super helpful. I'm using a victor regulators my shop put a more sensitive spring on the propane regulated to help control the low pressure. Not all torches are made for propane i have a Harrison torch that all I needed to do was change the tips to propane tips. Here is a chart for tips. http://victortechnologies.com/IM_Uploads/doclib_8059_DocLib_4692_Victor%20Propane_LPG_Natural%20Gas%20Cutting%20Tip%20Chart%20(0056-0413%20Rev%20C)_Jul2011.pdf you also need special hose like said before. This is what I did every torch and regulators is different the Best thing you can do is fine a good welding shop to help you. Using a propane torch is different than Acet torch. You adjust the flame different search propane torch smith equipment on YouTube they have a great video on how to set up a propane torch. I have been able to get some clean cuts using my torch. Great for heating and bending. good luck
  8. Nice looking hammer enjoy. Here is my 2.5 lbs hammer.
  9. Here is mine found everything at scrapyard the disc is 10" and clamps into my post vise. Took about 1.5 hrs to drill the holes. Had to drill in steps each hole 3 times. It's a great tool use it all the time. simple to make.
  10. I have the 1 x 42" it works good for sharping tools removing birs and sanding wood. It don't hog off large amounts of metal fast. Not sure that's what it was design for. I pick up 3 of them at a auction for $35.00 each gave 2 away to some friends. They have been happy with there's.
  11. Nice the handle look great to on my list of things to make
  12. Been trying to post this about your propane torches but the post never shows up?  Deiced to send you a PM

    Just a few ideas thought might help.

    Here is a good video on using a propane torch by smith equipment.


    When I set up my propane cutting torch I did a lot of research, not a lot of information out about propane cutting torches. I'm lucky because I have a real good local welding shop. Here is a few things I learned.

    My shop put a more sensitive spring in my gas regulator because propane runs at a lower presure.

    You should have a hose rater for propane and other gasses a little more money then a stander hose.

    Not all torches can be used with propane, something to do with the way the torch mixes the gas. The welding shop explained it to me but when over my head. 

    You need a special propane tip. For my victor torch they are GPN Series (Propane/Nautral Gas) tips.

    Gas pressure charts are different for propane compared to Acetylene.

    Hope things are working better.  

  13. I made one of these works great for small stuff. http://youtu.be/zMIA3_cKC-o Here are a photo the one I made.
  14. I'm hoping to fire up my propane / oxygen torch this weekend. you need a T grade hose. I had my local welding shop check my regulators they add a different spring to give me better control with propane. The torch I had only needed a new tip for propane. Some torchs can not be used for propane. Search smith lighting propane torch on YouTube for a real good video on lighting the torch. Good luck.
  15. This is to nice for a basement window. Need it in a place people can see it.
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