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Jake Holloway


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I just found out Jake Holloway a young local boy who worked for me last year has passed, he was a really good kid who graduated high school just last year, 

He had just started into blacksmithing I had helped him get his setup going and donated some stuff to his smithy to help jump start his progress, 

he had also worked for me in my repair shop for quite some time, before he started having some mental health issues an left the shop this last spring, 

I tried to check in on him and kept offering his job back and or any other help I could provide, hoping I could help him get back on his feet, but he kept slipping further an further down a dark road an Eventually I couldn’t reach him anymore, 

I learned a couple hours ago that he has taken his life, 

he had a ruff childhood and grew up without a mother or father, they passed away when he and his brother were little, so they were raised by his grandparents, 

this has hit me pretty hard and I’m still in shock and feeling sad an thinking about what if I had done more, or what I could have done differently, 

  even more so I feel really bad for his grandparents and younger brother, if y’all wouldn’t mind please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers while they are trying to work through this, 


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You and they are in my prayers.  Don't be too hard on yourself, you gave it your best.  Coulda, woulda, shoulda cannot change the past.  I doubt that you could have done anything more that would have had a significant difference.  We can give people, help, encouragement, and support but, ultimately, they make decisions for themselves, whether good or bad or how the decision will affect others.



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He, Family and you and other friends are in my prayers. George said it. You can't blame yourself at all. You did do what you were able to. More than most would or could. A persons convictions are out of our control. We can only do what we can and hope for the best. So sad.


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I wanted to respond last night but couldn't find words. You can only do so much for someone and sometimes it's not enough. That isn't on you, nor is it on Jake sometimes there just isn't . . . .

My prayers go out to you, Jake, family and friends, especially to those who tried to help him. Jake is at rest, his ills and pain at ease.

Be well Brother, we're with you.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Mr. T. W.,

Try not to eat your heart out over the next weeks or months.

Such thoughts are of no further help for him nor for you.

You did the best that you could, and it still was not enough.

Trust that Jake is at peace,  and our lives will go on.

Sympathy and prayers for him and all the people that knew and loved him.

And especially for you




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Thank you all very much, for y’all’s thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement and wisdom, 

sorry I haven’t Been responding to everyone Individually, I’ve tried several times but couldn’t press the reply button till now, 

I’ve just been keeping myself busy today in the shop 

Ive known friends an family and acquaintances all my life that have passed away, but this time it’s really bugging me, for someone so young to just give up, 

 working side by side with that kid all day for months on end an hearing his thoughts and dreams about what he wanted to do with his life and where all he wanted to go

all those conversations have been going through my head an ive kinda felt Sick to my stomach like I’ve been kicked by a cow right in the gut, 




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Nobody's expecting you to reply, especially not to each post. We're just letting you know we're with you in spirit. You invested a lot in Jake, worked hard to help him and he quit the fight. It hurts, you have a lot of personal investment to see it just go. You're grieving and will go through the phases, don't feel guilty when you start feeling angry at him. It's normal, it'll pass. 

Life is a fight, some just hit their limits sooner than we think they should. Try looking at it this way, your influence may have extended his life for a number of years.

Yes, do things to help take your mind off it. Find another youngster who can use your help. 

Spread the good and be well Brother.

Frosty The Lucky.


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