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How to get started black smithing ?

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Add your location to your profile.  That way we can recommend groups in or near your area.

The more you read the less you will need to spend in order to get started. You will need something to hit with (hammer), something to hit on (an anvil of sorts), and something to hit (metal).  You will also need a source of heat in order to make the metal soft so you can move it around with a hammer.

A hammer that weighs about 2 pounds is good. You can find them used at flea markets, boot sales, etc.

A collection of improvised anvils

TPAAAT - Applied Anvil Acquisition Technique


JABOD - Just A Box Of Dirt is a cheap, solid fuel, forge that works.

Welcome to the addiction.



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Welcome aboard Jacob, glad to have you. What IDF&C didn't mention is we love to divulge other people's secrets. We don't really have any, not about blacksmithing anyway Iforge is ABOUT the free exchange of information.

To add to what Glenn said, don't get caught on the idea an anvil has to look like anything in particular. Any hard object you use to back the work while you hammer on it IS an anvil. PERIOD. Cast iron anvils are called ASOs (Anvil Shaped Objects) as they only look like a London pattern anvil, they're not hard enough to make much of a real anvil.

A sledge hammer head mounted on end in a block of wood or a made up stand from screwed and glued lumber makes an excellent anvil. A piece of steel shaft or a truck axle on end make excellent anvils. Even a smooth boulder makes a nice anvil. The world is littered with potential anvils everywhere you look.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Unfortunately the current situation really impacts you getting to meet the other smiths near you who generally will share where to get stuff in the local area.  Do find a couple of ABANA affiliates near you and try to attend some meetings when things start happening again.

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With the current situation, like Thomas said, it will be hard to find groups meeting. I would suggest going to the top up there and looking under the section "reference material" then go to the link that has a list of Youtube channels of different smiths.(still can not figure out how to do links) Youtube can be quite misleading and show things that are down right dangerous, these links have been vetted by the whole community here and are good quality smiths who show there technique and explain really well the how and why of doing things. 

Also take a day, pack a lunch and  cold pop and start reading the forum. The people here are a great bunch and will inspire you to do better and reach beyond your comfort zone. 

Welcome aboard.

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The most important thing about a JABOD it to make sure that you have at least 2" of dirt on all sides of the firebowl. Any less than that will not provide enough insulation for the wooden boards that make up the box.

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