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  1. Yeah, I've combed through these forums like crazy. If I buy something, probably be a Chile Tabasco (I just don't see myself needing the size of the Habanero in the near enough future to justify the price difference).
  2. My wife keeps leaning towards me buying a forge... she's not much of a fan of me scrapping up parts and doing everything myself (especially since I keep having to buy more tools for things)... I'll show her the light eventually!
  3. Sadly ours went out of business a few years ago. I'll keep my eye open for them though.
  4. I found some sheet metal at the local big box that will "work." 16g. It's 6" x 18". Which I think is fine, I don't know that I really need any deeper than a 6" forge at this time. Sadly unless I start spending time at work making phone calls... I'm stuck on going a lot of places in person because they all close about the same time I get off work. I'd much rather ask about this kind of stuff in person, figure I'll get more traction that way. Got a plumber coming to look at a drain at the house tonight... he also does HVAC... going to ask him about Kaowool/ceramic fiber stuff since he does the HVAC work too. See if he has a bin I can dig through
  5. No one tell my wife it is dangerous... she'll forbid it and insist I spend more money getting something else to use...
  6. Oh I really like those JHCC!
  7. Thanks Paul! I've been keeping my eyes on the marketplace to see if I find a decent sized propane tank for less than what the sheet metal will run me at the box store. Figure I might as well take my time on this and do it nicely.
  8. Yeah. I'm thinking I'll probably still end up with the 16g sheet metal from the box store since I haven't had much luck with scrap/junk yard shopping. But I like the shape. Was contemplating something similar, but a bit shorter maybe. Still playing with designs and what I can manage to source still.
  9. Also bringing this back on topic a bit. I like the look of this design. What did you fabricate the shell from?
  10. I understand your need to use it horizontally since it has a horn ground into it and such already. I think what most people have been advising is getting rid of the space underneath it. It needs supported all the way across. You need to fill in that big open gap there to support underneath of your anvil.
  11. Yeah, I always have a piece before it gets too cool. Usually just slather it with some blackberry or strawberry jam though!
  12. Most of the breads I make have to rest first. Except pretzels... I always eat one of those while fresh.
  13. Scratch making bread is super easy... so that makes me feel like this step will be very easy once I get there.
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