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  1. It's all super hard to find... or outrageously expensive right now. Kexel, I've got a buddy that's into some pretty random odd-ball off the wall collections, but I've just been pretty vanilla myself with my little collection of things.
  2. Kexel, you aren't far from me, I'd perhaps like to be a patron of your shop someday (when I next convince the wife it's time to buy more things...) if you'll pm me information.
  3. According to Google maps, you are only about 3 hours north of me. You could always make it a trip down here if you wanted. Place an order for some mild steel from Sligo (Gotta pick it up before they close at 1600 or 1630). Bring your hardy tools down here with you. Swing by my place. I've got a little MIG we can use to get you some weld beads on your stuff. And you can go home with some mild steel (I think you were one of the guys up there looking for a supplier?). We'll social distance and such (I've had both doses of my vaccine already and have been working from home for a couple months anyway).
  4. They somewhat remind me of the suction canisters we used at the hospital I worked at. But ours were bigger and clear so you could see when they were full to dispose of them. Those look a little less disposable and probably not for medical use. But you'd hook your vacuum to the one and then could attach up to three drains (ng tubes, etc) to them to create suction. Ours were also considerably larger, they would hold about a liter of... stuff before being full.
  5. I'm a couple of hours south of you guys. But Sligo Steel here in Decatur sells mild stock for what I felt were reasonable prices. I picked up 20ft each of 1/2" round/sq and 1/4 x 3/4 and 1/4 x 1 flat. I got all 4 pieces (and they cut them to my size request of 4 ft pieces for free) for less than $80.
  6. Justin, This has been very interesting to watch. I'm excited to see you finish it.
  7. It appears they are coming out with a Kerbal Space Program 2 next year maybe? I'm surprised a game that came out that long ago is still $40 USD.
  8. I got round two of Pfizer back on 1/8/21. Minimal side effects for me. Little fatigue, arm was tender but not enough to bother me. Was very happy to be able to get it this quickly. One of the few perks of being a hospital employee!
  9. Depending on the system there are different ways to resolve challenges. Some still use dice just like D&D does for challenge resolution. Others do things like cards or Roshambo. They also have several different worlds they are set in that are different than D&D. Some of the biggest LARP organizations out there play White Wolf's World of Darkness. Oh... and let's not forget the ones like Amptgard and Dystopia Rising that are what are usually referred to as "Boffer Larp" where you really do act things out. You make your own weapons and armor out of foam/pvc piping/etc and actually hit each other.
  10. I have one of the In Rust we Trust ones. Super comfy shirt.
  11. I believe there is a YT video on how to modify that respirator to accept 3M filters. Not sure I'd 100% trust how well it works after making the modifications... but there is ways to do it.
  12. Nice. Look forward to seeing your shop done!
  13. Welcome aboard Mike. There are quite a few of us in IL! I'm down in Decatur, Buzz is a bit closer to you. I know there are some others too up in Bolingbrook area I think?
  14. Goods, what part of IN are you in? Pre-Covid, I use to road trip over to Indiana for gaming adventures with friends. Indy, Bloomington, Evansville.
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