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  1. Even if its cast iron it looks usable. Not so much for forging but shaping and forming, the horn would make a good mandrel and there is a lot of mass there. How much does it weigh?
  2. Got home a bit early and gave it another try. Spent about an hour and a half. annealed it once now I really want to make some chasing tools and get some pitch I like the way the nose came out and was able to make some lips of sort
  3. We named our forge when it was no more than a lively washtub, hair dryer and piece of rr track. We had recently attended a renaissance festival and my 8 yo named our forge "Olde Tyme Blacksmythe Shoppe" If I ever do a touchmark I want to do a stylized sundial using the letters O & T
  4. Thanks for the brain power Bart, What do you know about the rectangular ones? They are also hard to move under hammer and make good punches I have found.
  5. Nice pictures. Nice tongs. Thanks for sharing
  6. I would agree with scrap. Looks like it might have some usefulness For me 25 cents a pound max and I still dont think I want it
  7. I have been trying to convince the Mrs. that I could forge in front of the tv. Still working on that one but I really want a coffee can forge for the garage. Time is what I lack most
  8. Thanks Nodebt. You should do. It was fun and easy to do. I am going to try some more when time permits
  9. Thought I would add a picture of the backside
  10. I didn’t anneal it at all. I only had about 30 minutes on it and put my plumbers torch to it at the end to try to flame color it with disappointing results as shown. Thanks
  11. Thanks fellas. yes repousse. I watched a video and wanted to try it. After I made the heart, I got the brainstorm to make a sculpture with it. Took about 4 hours total but I am a rookie
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