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  1. I made these hooks from a garage door spring, although far stronger than mild as is, I would to try heat treat them. my thoughts are veggie oil quench and temper in toaster oven. Any tips on hardening such thin stock? Thanks for looking
  2. I would build a stand out of dimensional lumber and strapping. You could engineer all kinds of shelves, racks and bits into it. Mount a vise with it??? I would not use concrete
  3. I agree. That has a forged look. Very nice anvil !
  4. If its rusty and you have good ventilation, I would just use it... I heard xxxx will counter any ill effects if you are up wind and its an IPA. Not an expert but works for me
  5. Wow. Even with that big chip it looks like a sweet beast! What you got in the background?
  6. It certainly feels hardened and is fairly lively under hammer, the rebound (while sitting on my coffee table) was about 75 - 80%. I had only one glancing miss and it left the smallest of dings. It doesnt feel anywhere near my kanca in hardness and bounce but that could be mass and my inexperience. The first two pictures were before and the rest after two hours or so. I think it held up well considering I treated it like I would my 165 pounder. I love the shape and would love to try a big one someday.
  7. I bought this 7 kg Austrian style anvil from Old World Anvils to do some copper work (mostly for the cool factor) and I though I would actually forge on it today. I lit the forge and strapped it down I then used a 60d nail to make 2 hooks and some 1/4” spring steel to make a little S hook I mostly used a 2 pound ball peen hammer and was swinging really hard at times. love this little anvil, it is definitely not a toy. Super fun couple hours. thanks for looking
  8. Big time. Really nice swage too.
  9. Awesome anvil. how much does it weigh? Looks German except for the horn.
  10. Yup. Looks just like my Vulcan and in good shape. A very serviceable anvil but keep in mind that it is has a cast iron body with a thin tool steel face so dont put a 10 pound hammer to her. With a little care it will look like that in another 100 years.
  11. I have the 165 pound Kanca and I never notice the narrow waist issue. It has the same rebound pretty much eveywhere between the holes and is super stable. I really dont understand the comment. There are a lot of narrow waisted old anvils and I have heard from the old timers around here that you dont need more that a sledge hammer head for an anvil. ??
  12. We are planning to tent camp at least friday night. Cant wait. I might bring my fisher chain vise and see what can be bartered....
  13. Is the Hay Budden sitting on a Fisher anvil?
  14. Cool gator Das but I missed the function part. Is it a chimenea?
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