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  1. TW I have seen those 'future' anvils and thats a good idea. Build a mold where the face is sticking into a pan of water or something. Drill some pins .....hmmm
  2. That is one sweet anvil. How much does it weigh?
  3. I forged in the open air for my first year or so and used a washtub to cover my rivet forge and a soft rubber one stretched over my anvil. big ammo cans for tools. Like others, I got serious and built a 12 x 12 cover but I used corrugated steel for the roof which was by far the biggest expense. This was 4 years ago but the steel was around $120 and i used 4x4 posts and 2x8 rafters (7) 8 sacks of concrete and 4 anchors. The whole thing was around $300. That was then probably 4-5 hundred today - dont get me started-
  4. Lots of patterns out there. I like the south german style double horn anvils. the type where there is no step and the horn and face blend together like some refflinghaus styles
  5. Thanks all Pat - scrap pieces from my local supplier. They always have a bin filled with little squares of various thickness from about 3 to 6 inches squares and rectangles. $5.99 per pound currently. Must be cut offs from gutter or some other forming but I really have no idea. I use .032 for the outer petals and .028 for the inners thinking it might add to realism. Les - only a couple times with disappointing results. The wife liked the natural annealed look but I plan to practice flame coloring soon
  6. Nice score. Sadly my scrap yard did the same and no more picking :-(
  7. Very nice. The vase almost looks like a plumbing fixture or fire hose snoozle that has been cut and squished like Das said
  8. I can see the culprit peeking out the door. Very transparent motive. The perps often hang at the scene of the crime
  9. Thanks Gents. I am thinking of making some for sale. Pretty easy and fun to do. Probably have an hour and a half in this one. Its my third one.
  10. I finished a copper rose. A gift for the wifes bestie. I like the shape but think I got little too heavy with the peen. Overall very happy thanks for looking
  11. Right on George. I know you're army but Semper Fi all the same.
  12. Nice chunk. Nice stump. Edges look rather sharp. I like it
  13. My answer is yes. I messed up all kinds of ways when I was beginning. Still do. I've burnt it, cracked it, crumbled melted splintered you name it. I have a pile of rejects some I spent considerable time on, only to burn up in a moment. Learn from it _was all fun for me
  14. Maybe think of similar things to do that dont take as much physical strength for now. Research a new hobby that is within your limitations. Jewelry or copper forming, repousse or engraving with little hammers until you get back in shape. I even find filing to be fun some times. Take one day at a time and find the good- its everywhere :-)
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