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  1. Love those little knives!!! Super nice work now I am going to make one(s) :-)
  2. It has been a month since I could light the forge. Came home early and made a couple hearts for my valentine.
  3. Like the knife love the oak. Good job
  4. Very nice knife. Good job!
  5. Cool ash tray Das good stuff Frazer. What is the opener made of? I like the thinness.
  6. OMG! Yup, you need a shop not sorry to say its going to be 75 today but at least you are forging. I will have no time for awhile :-(
  7. Rojo Pedro

    Tong repair

    Mr Beef I am no expert but I would think that steel tongs would be stronger if welded versus brazed but look forward to discussion.
  8. Made a pencil sharpener and screw in hook from the same spring. Hardened the sharpener and drew to dark straw but its not very hard. Did a bunch of other stuff and had a fun 4 hours at the forge
  9. Nice anvil Steven. Amazing condition! I wonder if the stamping was done by a previous owner who added the weight. Plus the “cast steel” is questionable to me. ??
  10. Mr Tuckyrifle, I think you have my dream vise !! Planning a trip to quadstates to find her sister
  11. Most satisfying, almost hypnotic to watch. thanks for sharing Joe!
  12. Love the chisel JLP, might be my next project nice tongs LBS really clean forging Mr. Jungle - not sure how you are going to to paint kastolite. Less water is best IMO good luck Das. Car problems suck and take valuable forging time. I am jonesing after a Couple weeks of no forging :-(