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  1. Lots of great work indeed. Super cool flowers Lary, reminds me of Chihuly glass and would look good in any garden. Class looks like fun, I would like to take a welding class someday.
  2. Haha. Love it. …Next blacksmith challenge? Tooth extractor. Molar or bicuspid, your choice.
  3. Thanks everyone, I will definitely do more was really fun to make. Finally got some forging in. A handle for my chicken coop door and a little flux spoon or whatever. Thanks for looking.
  4. Yes we should all take a lesson - hope it heals quick. I need to join the site ‘I don’t forge iron’ as once again, no forging involved. really like how it turned out though lots of room to improve. Back side. I left some copper to create a mounting hole and some little feet to keep it proud from the wall. I think it looks cool in reverse in this photo. Thanks for looking.
  5. I would make a couple out of old ball peen hammers first. 1. Good known steel 2. Pre punched hole, you will need a drift to straighten it out. 3. They are great practice (hard steel) and they can turn out real nice.
  6. Interesting twist on your twist Jennifer "Knowledge is good" - Emil Faber
  7. Nice anvil and good job on the stand Tommy. I want one like that as well. Love the snail Billy. Super well done!
  8. I know nothing of them but wow that is a nice looking anvil. Look in great condition for it age.
  9. My welding is the worst so I need to clean it up a bit but pretty happy with it. Thanks for looking.
  10. I spent a couple hours and 4 anneals. Was total freehand but I like how he turned out. Cant seem to get any depth to these but fits for what I have in mind for it thanks for looking
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