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  1. Really nice JHCC I did some stuff too. turned out the pendant fits the horseshoe perfectly. Thinking about welding it in there permanent.
  2. Super score Cocker !! I got thermometer and my first piece of known steel
  3. Picked up a few breaker bits at the scrap yard and decided I needed a bick to go between punch and horn when making bottle openers..... this one is a Brunner - Lay and although tough, it moved considerably easier than a Vulcan bit I tried earlier (ended up cracked and burned in coal forge) it works fine but I found that it doesnt work as well as my Holland cone for that purpose possibly the mass of the cone but likely user errors Fun to make. Thanks for looking
  4. Not alot of time lately but got a good couple hours in on Sunday. used my hardened ball punch On a wrench opener and then hardened it! I dont know the material but it was fun to work, forged very thin and got nice and hard. tempered purple And The start of a wood chisel hot day but had fun and stayed hydrated
  5. All for under $25 at an antique store in Tombstone AZ. the nippers say”channelock” and look barely used Under a little rust $4.50. Half a tall brush $3. Fun day
  6. I was looking for a bench vise on the CL and saw a post vise for $200. It took a couple month to come down to a $100 so I bought for grins. did a little youtube research (thanks Torbjorn and Joey). Thought I would try a Lively washtub forge, forged a piece of rebar and was so hooked that 3 years later I have a complete smithy. Its all I think about :-)
  7. Love the jig Ben! Made a couple S hooks. A hardy something or another from a bit of pavement breaker (very hard) straightened a RR clip (very very hard). Lastly forged ground and heat treated a ball punch from coil spring. Fun times !
  8. Nice spring cats. Looks like about 15 - 20 feet worth
  9. I buy old wrenches for $1 max, $2 for the curved ones. I have given many away but now want to try selling some these took about one hour. I am getting a lot faster. Lots of fun. I am thinking $10-$15 each ? thanks for looking
  10. Thanks all. It was fun to do and good to see that skills I learned as a framer 35 years ago are still with me we are very happy!
  11. Having a hard time editing the photos but it is done and she is very happy. Me too!
  12. My lovely lady likes to forge stained glass art but we dont have a lot of garage space. ForChristmas I gave her a set of plans and a promise cleared a space ...took about 4 months but she is real happy and she sold some art already!! Having a hard time editing the photos but it is done and she is very happy. Me too!
  13. Got a few hours in today. Love the longer days made a rivet setting hardy from a pavement breaker chunk and some curtain rod hangers for Bonnies she-shed. Lots of fun !!
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