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  1. Present for my sil. I am pretty happy with it
  2. Time does fly, one quirk with this anvil is that the face is dead flat along the face... but is a bit concave across the face... it took awhile to notice but now I use it to my advantage and is very useful
  3. Not sure but I think there are 2 Peddinghaus branded anvils Pieh tool carries the peddinghaus, supposedly dropped forged in the same foundry as kanca anvils -
  4. Well its been a year and I have absolutely no regrets. Check out this short video Not much to complain about. I love the shapes on the horn and its hardness. It rebounds my 1” ball bearing 90% on the second bounce! the cons would be that the hardy hole is slightly under 1” and the horn is fairly blunt but I have overcome both issues no problemo. Bottom line: I love this anvil!
  5. That is the same can I am using in my forge. I forge under cover but with open sides. It holds a lot of hammers, respirator, gloves and even my cordless grinder. Not ideal but works
  6. Thanks for the pictures LBS, and for this thread too wow CGL ! that opener is super cool. What is it made of?
  7. I got a stand up desk about a year ago and love it. Some times I forget to sit and spend most if my time standing. Good move
  8. Needed a nail set for Bonnie’s she-shed project and some other fun
  9. Dont know what you are building but that is a monster footing!
  10. If it were mine, I would take a flap disc to it very lightly and put a small radius on only the damaged parts Over all thats a pretty nice looking anvil as is.
  11. Finished my first ever tongs. Not pretty and a little sticky but work well for what I needed and I am real happy with them
  12. Best score ever Das!!! good job- I want one:-)