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  1. Finished my first commission. $4 for the little ones 3/8” and $7.50 for the big ones 1/2”. For a friend at work for Christmas presents. Fun to do and now I'm a professional blacksmith !!
  2. Nice one. I made my first from bed frame . It is my camp knife and I use it a lot.
  3. Super cool. I want to make one now
  4. Heres mine. 95# at .35 cents per pound. Use it for cutting and striking
  5. Thanks Das. It was copied from one I saw online. I want to make more
  6. New Old Stock. Something made a long time ago and never sold or used. beautiful anvils regardless.
  7. The condition of the Vulcan is incredible. NOS?
  8. My buddy is marrying a native lady and I made them a wedding gift what do you think?
  9. Thus the journey ends. I will present tonight. I am happy with the results and it was a great learning experience. I really learned alot about grinding with my 1” belt sander Thanks for looking and see you at the highland games !
  10. Was easier than I thought it would be and turned out pretty good. I need to seal it but may try some decorations first. not much left and feeling good about it - thanks for looking