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  1. I have for last resort. I really want to make one. Thinking of using a piece if 1/2” coil spring to make a blunt cone, drill tap and grind some flats As always, Thanks for your thoughts
  2. Got a bit of work in on saturday Got lot done today including some last grinding Happy with the handle and put a first coat of linseed oil. Pretty much just need to heat treat, come up with some kind of nut for the end and a sheath. Times ticking away getting close. A little scared to heat treat. The coupons you see are from the tang. One quenched in water and one in oil. The water quenched one is harder for sure. Im going to put them in the toaster oven now. See what happens. Am not going to put a blood groove. Thanks for looking
  3. that is a nice looking anvil i would Spend $1800 or less for a new #275 Rigid or $1100 for a new #166 my #166 kanca has proven more than big enough and I can move it around. Plus the warranty good luck
  4. Good ideas but I think i will do a little grinding and make another guard Finished shaping and threading the end and am real happy with how tight it clamps everything together. also started shaping the handle. Happy so far.
  5. Me and my brother made a brand for his cutting boards. Works well
  6. Thanks rhitee did some grinding and filing this weekend but didnt post. Also cut a piece of white oak for the handle. So far so good Spent a couple hours after work the last couple nights drilling, burning and filing. its going well except the tang is wider in the middle than at the blade and I over filed it which made these gaps that I dont like. I may do some more grinding and forge another one this weekend but I might live with it due to time thanks for looking
  7. Thanks gents it was fun to make and I like how the vision kind of came to me as I was doing it. I had planned 4 thin round tapers but it totally morphed as I was going along. Steve, I hadn't really thought of mounting it until you asked. Thanks for the insight
  8. Hot cut hardy, where have you been my whole life!!?? Jack hammer bit. not pretty but works a treat. I have been using a top cut. Nice improvement
  9. I joined the Arizona Artist Blacksmith Association so I thought I would blacksmith me up some art. Started with 5/8 round and kind of went with it. Several things I would improve but I like it. Thanks for looking
  10. Haha nice friend Billy after showing off my last drive hook, Jenifer reminded me to upset the struck end. I did so and am much happier with the result - thanks Jen Also finished forging my hot cut. Bad photo Did some other stuff in 4 hours. Lots of fun. !
  11. Thanks Chris, got the forging done and I’m pretty happy with it so far. had a little mishap at the forge. the spine is a hair under 1/4” so I want to be careful with my grinder. more to come. Thanks for looking
  12. Got a bit of forge time this afternoon. Real close to the profile I'm looking for. the spine is just under a 1/4” and the edge is at 1/8” i tried to flatten my WI bolt head but it started to crack. Should be enough for the end hope to get the forging done this weekend and do some grinding. So far so good. Thanks for looking
  13. Thanks for the suggestions Latticino, 1. Will do 2. Very good idea and will do 3. It is right at a 1/4” now, I may try to upset it a bit in my vise. 4. My BIL has hams for hands but it is a bit long 5. Drill for sure, my few experiments with WI have had mixed results 6. Next time 7. Will do 8. I was thinking carefully with a cut off wheel but I might try hot chisel 9. Back up plan is Laphroig :-)
  14. Not a lot of time to forge but made a bit of progress. Lot of material in these rasps I left the bulge in the tang for my favorite tongs to grab. Should be able get some work in this weekend.
  15. ThanksJHCC good advice that I hadn't considered