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  1. Here is closer look at the break. Does anyone know how the handle is attached to the upper screw? I am thinking it is threaded but haven't tried yet. still researching repair options
  2. Rojo Pedro

    Fisher #6

    Wow! Makes my no. 2 look like a toy
  3. Thanks gents. the more I look at this the more I feel that this is significant damage. Looks like its function was to support the weight of the movable jaw and/or prevent twisting. I am determined to try to fix it and my initial thoughts are to tap and thread some studs into the cast iron and weld on a new tongue made from mild. I dont have the broken piece unfortunately I want to try this method because I dont want to preheat and dont trust my brazing skills. I am not sure what rod to use and am open to suggestions and advice - thanks
  4. I have absolutely no regrets buying a new anvil. Used anvils are rare around here and command big bucks and are frequently in poor shape. I paid $6.30 per pound and could not be happier. Good used ones go for around 4 bucks per pound or more, sometimes alot more. I got the shape and material I wanted and in new condition for only a few hundred more
  5. Fisher No. 2. See my post in vises for more pics
  6. Rojo Pedro

    Fisher No. 2

    Jumped on a craigslist add and didnt notice the broken tang or whatever it is called.- beware the painted lady! Number 2 dated 1926 Otherwise appears in great shape except a small ding on the upper screw. Opens and closes a little stiff but seems super tight and clamps like a beast. I don't know how much the broken piece affects my small projects but for $125 I hope I didn't get burned too badly. thanks for looking
  7. Did a bunch of stuff this weekend including starting this leaf spring knife. Quenched in oil and tempered to dark straw. when I started smithing 3 years ago, I said I did not want to be a bladesmith but now it is some of the funnest smithing I do
  8. Made a Little sheath. Leather work is fun except stitching
  9. Got home a little early and got to play with a RR spring. few hours and a couple brews later. Viola! My next carving knife and some needed anvil time. That is some hard stuff!
  10. Then look up a JABOD forge. They can be built for almost nothing and some of the big boys on this site use them everyday my first setup was a washtub forge and piece of RR track It took but one smash of red hot metal to hook me deep. Good luck and have fun
  11. It was some scrap and thought it would be perfect. Best laid plans and all..... might replace the handle it but will probably just give it away like I do with most of my stuff.
  12. Not nearly as nice as Gustav’s or Ed’s but it went well and is by far the thinest blade I have made The handle is a little short for my hand and feels kind if weird but it is wicked sharp was an old file tang I had cut off some time ago. Water quenched the cutting edge only and let the colors run. Thanks for looking
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