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  1. What grade stainless? I made a steak turner out of ss (dont know what type) but it seemed like mild steel to forge. Is it 450 as in yz450 or wr450, ? the only sensible choices....
  2. Straightened a piece of coil spring to unwind after work
  3. Like everyone says, bigger is better. That said my shop is 12’x12’ and its perfect for me working solo but Im 6’1” and rather lean. 2 is a crowd but doable. 3 is too much for my little space i want big shop and I cannot lie....
  4. Looks real nice. I like the contrasts. Thanks for the cool pictures
  5. Not tapered but I will try it. The pins are copper rod
  6. Thanks fellas Latticino - appreciate the input. Not sure what you mean by distal taper in the tang. From top to bottom or taper lengthwise? Mr. slag - “highly figured leopard wood”. Brother makes frames and it was scrap. He keeps asking for more knives to handle
  7. Colluded with my wood worker brother on this one. Coil spring quenched in oil and 2 hours in the toaster oven. Tang is too small but my bro did a good job making the handle comfortable. Fun to make we want to do more !
  8. Awesome experiment! I finished my bending forks. Works as intended and fun to make. Welds seem good so I guess I'm a fabricator now :-) Need a hand held one
  9. Good idea Neil. Will try that next and i like Daves socket idea.
  10. Cut some stock to turn into bending jigs. Rectangle stock fits diagonal in my hardy hole. Not very good at cutting or welding so I will post pics of finished product in a couple days
  11. I get rattlers and scorpions. Ive been stung twice and my dog got bit last year. $1300 to the vet but she is okay except the one fang scar on her nose
  12. Thanks for sharing. Did they have a tail gate sale or swap meet? looks like fun and love the herron
  13. Yes thanks Alexandr. My Wife makes me show her your posts too! I wanted to swing a hammer after work so I squared off a piece of 1/4” round copper. couldn't believe it took 20 minutes !! Fun to do