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  1. We are planning to tent camp at least friday night. Cant wait. I might bring my fisher chain vise and see what can be bartered....
  2. Is the Hay Budden sitting on a Fisher anvil?
  3. Cool gator Das but I missed the function part. Is it a chimenea?
  4. Very nice Nodebt. It has personality. Thumbs up!
  5. Nice anvil. The heel looks a bit like a Brooks but it appears more forged than cast.
  6. That is a very nice looking anvil. how about some more pictures. looks french? I am especially attracted to the pig styles.
  7. I would love to see the museum someday but it will be hard for me due to the 2500 miles. Maybe a mobile exhibit will roll through the west someday ??
  8. Love those blades Mr. WRLD especially the third from the top. Would like to see them finished.
  9. That is so cool! Nice score. Bet that one is worth a whole bunch more than a 4" one
  10. I would take a grinder and lightly radius the chips and sharp edges. You dont show a picture of your horn but why not shape it the way you want it.
  11. Looks good rooster, you have your work cut out for you
  12. My burner acts a little strange when I first start the forge. A little sputtery and inconsistent but goes away once it heats up a bit. It might not make sense but my forge likes to be closed at start up. I leave my back door closed always unless I need to pass through some longer stock. The front door I normally have half to full open once it is up to heat but I have found that it likes both doors closed when I first start it up. It seems to stop the sputter and help heat it up a little faster. after a few minutes, the burner settles down and I open the front door and all is wel
  13. The one on left is designed to be used in a vise. Made from 1” 1045 round bar, quenched in water and tempered to straw twice. The right one is made for the anvil, vise or stump and is made from an 1-1/4” cv axle I think. It was about 14” long and had splines on both ends. hard to forge, quenched in oil and drawn to purple twice. Put it to the test and I need practice but was starting to get the swing of it. Thanks for looking.
  14. I recently did a bit of maintenance on my trusty gas forge. I built this 3 years ago using an old air tank and advice from this site. I use it at least once a week and I guestimate it is 250 cu.in.. I got the parts from Mr. Coe and I have a little over $150 into it including the commercial burner (mathewson) which has worked great I built this forge about the same time I bought the coal forge it is sitting on and it works so well and is so convenient that I have only burned coal a dozen times since. It has worked great but I needed to patch a couple cracks and a couple voids near th
  15. Have fun Pat. Lets see some pictures :-)
  16. Looks good. That is one serious furnace! I think we ran our heat pump like three times this year
  17. I did some much needed maintenance on my trusty propane forge. Also expanded the shelf for my upcoming new kastolite sliding door and installed a sliding helper or what ever you call it.
  18. Me too Arkie. Started at 22 when I got out of the corps and became a ditch digger for a pool builder. Between building pools and surveying land, I have swung some type of tool most of my adult life. People dont realize how much hammer work is involved in surveying.
  19. Thanks Arkie. I've spent no time farming but have always wanted to be a farmer. Good advice JHCC
  20. I wonder what the intended purpose was.? I have used a life time of digging and pounding tools but thats a new one for me. I would cut off the blade and try to forge the hammer end into an axe. Have fun and post some pictures
  21. Thanks Fraz. It was made with repousse in mind but mostly just wanted to try it. I want to work up to a three pounder
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