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  1. Really nice Stalker. It looks like you used silicon under it, that did the most to quell the ring on my anvil. How does yours sound on the steel stand?
  2. Really nice Jennifer and good first try Lary. I want to make a hammer this weekend if time permits.
  3. Most definitely shaped like my 100 lbs Vulcan. You can see the top plate in mine which measures about 3/16th if.
  4. Hi Bryan I would not buy new tools. Garage sale hammers are almost free and you can modify a ball peen hammer into all kinds of top tools. Same with chisels and files. Second on Kens customs tong kits. Best money spent by a beginning smith in my opinion. Have fun
  5. I finally finished a door knocker I have been working on and a bunch of other things
  6. Very cool. Some of the hardest survey calculations include spiraled curves or railroad curve or highway curve as they are sometimes called. Our state DOT doesnt use them any more as it adds a lot of difficulty to construction and a bit of ambiguity to rights-of-way lines (ownership) I will have to look but I thought a railroad curve had an increasing radius and a floating radius point
  7. Thanks all. It sounds pretty good but I will harden it and see if it sounds better. Doc- i used a top fuller and smashed it down leaving a 1/4” square of full thickness in the middle and then smashed that in my vise.
  8. I made a little bell out a 3/8” piece of 1-1/4” round 4140. I am really happy that I was able to create the crown to my vision. It was harder than I thought it would be
  9. Not much face left but I like the horn. Sounds pretty heavy for those dimensions.
  10. Nice stuff. I need to do more of that. Taking time off work that is
  11. Wow. Nice anvil I agree it looks brand new
  12. File is a good idea but I would probably take a flap disc to it being careful not to take too much off the face. Looks good and have fun.
  13. Tools and tooling is my favorite. Sometimes its more fun to make the tool you need for a project than the project itself. I rather like sculpture and art pieces but I have a hard time with the vision.
  14. Copper. Chasing, repousse and braided wire bracelets. That sort of thing. I still use my plumbers torch to anneal however. There can be a lot of hammer work. Next best thing to forging.
  15. Heres is another angle. 12’x 12’ under cover. It is almost perfect for 1 smith. 2 works but its tight and 3 is a crowd for sure. there was a monster 12’ diameter prickly pear with a pack rat nest in the middle in this spot when I first moved out here. Took 2 truck loads and a weekend to clear it out.
  16. I would think peen first and than a leather mallet to scroll ??
  17. Thats cool. Hopefully they named it 'The Barclay' I will have to look up dishing anvil but a picture would certainly help others like me to understand what it is
  18. The raised horn reminds me of the french style. That horn and anvil are totally awesome
  19. For me it has been a relatively cool and very wet summer. Only about 50 days over 100 so far this year but I have had about 18.5” of rain since June 22. (average 12” per year) by far the wettest monsoon season I have experienced. I have worked outside in the desert SW my whole life so I am well acclimated My hydration routine is lots of water followed by hops infused water containing beverage(s)
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