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Where do you go to get Blacksmith supplies- (brick & mortar shops) Photo heavy

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I spend a lot of time out in Ohios Amish Country.  I visit Sugarcreek Forge often & spend time chatting & watching Jesse Hemphill work.  I was asking his advice on old vs new anvils & where to buy as the auctions in and around Holmes county are notoriously tough for getting away with a bargain.   He mentioned Yoders Blacksmith supplies and I just saw references to that place on here while reading old posts.  So I swung by as we're out in the motorhome again this weekend.  Nice to see they sell new and used equipment. They also had a nice selection of hammers & tongs. Though they do focus on ferriers they had more than I expected and was told the used stuff changes all the time. So where in your areas do you recommend a person go?

Useless spaces and advert photo removed






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I buy my coke and other supplies at a store in Amarillo called well-shod. They’ve got a website that goes with that name. Very nice people and the owner is a top notch guy. Their in store prices are actually better than the online prices and if you talk to John, the owner, he usually will knock off a little extra. They’ve also got an open shop night the first and third Tuesday of every month. You get to use their tools if you want to or don’t have any, it’s free although there is a box for shop night donations and on top of all that they feed you. 

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Ohio is definitely in the "Happy Hunting Grounds" for blacksmiths as they had a large industrial base and a large farm base back in the peak of smithing in the USA.  Shoot the State Prison used to have prisoners forging tools, for Ohio Tool Company!

"The American Prison: from the beginning"  Has a nice photo of a prison smithy multiple forges, multiple anvils, a Champion power hammer...

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It would appear that the Junk-tique shops out here also are decent places to get blacksmith things.


This seller had 6 anvils today.

(One less now that I bought the 160lbs Hay-Budden he had).

But there's often blacksmith things for sale that are mis-labeled.

Looking thru these type places I feel like I'm playing a real life version of "Where's Waldo "!






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Kent & Jackies ... I know the owners, can't remember the shops name.

(they can source items for you)


.... Antiques Trading Post, Berlin Ohio

This is the best I can do Map Quest wise.


The prices & selection used to be amazing here.

Kent & Jackie turned the managing over to an Amish family & im sad to say it's about half as good now.

Evidently the rent for the booths (its like an indoor flea market) is still pretty low for the area as the prices aren't horrible.

This used to be our go-to spot but no longer.

It is still a very interesting shop with lotsa good eye candy & 10% off for cash purchases .






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For those who like to "kick the wheels" before they buy stuff, Quad-State Blacksmith's Round-Up In Troy Ohio Sept 21-23 this year will have literally tons of blacksmithing stuff for sale both used through tailgaters and new as several blacksmith supply places set up and sell on site.

Anyone who registers for the event can sell and so a lot of "clean the shop" stuff shows up.  I'll have some $3 and $5 tools and a reprint of the 1897 Sears Roebuck catalog and a couple of Erick Sloane's books (given dry weather).


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How were the prices on anvils at Wuad State ?

I’d heard they were a bit high.

I found another Junk-tique mall that had a couple anvils as well as the same vendor I bought mine from.

He had a 100# Fisher with 1/2 the face plate gone for sale north of $400 ????

None of the markings were visible except on the Fisher.

Am I missing something?!

For my Blacksmith hunting area (eastern Ohio) is this normal?

After seeing some of these I feel I got lucky.


























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I got there Friday afternoon and didn't see many deals on anvils at Quad State.  One guy must have had 40+ anvils there but his prices were stupid high - probably why everyone ignored him and come Sunday it looked like he still had all of them.  Yoders were there but again I thought they were high.

I did find an Arm & Hammer 171 pound anvil which was the best price and condition - at least on Friday afternoon.  Come Sunday the anvils seemed to be picked clean.

Arm & Hammer - 3.jpg

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Yup, Thats high for what they are. Seems if someone has an anvil they think it's gold no matter what condition it's in. As others have stated it seems like we are in a bubble right now. There are still fair deals to be had, just very rarely on the net, and also rarely at antique stores. TPAAAT still seems the better method. OR, buy new, or go with a non-(modern)traditional anvil.


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I hope the places I’m mentioning is not coming across as an Antique shop.

Literally Junk-tique seems so much more appropriate.

heres a shot of the guys booth I bought my anvil off of.

When I go into an antique shop in Powel, Ohio it’s a bit different.

But someone else has done the leg work so I expect to pay a bit more than if I discovered one myself.

These just seemed like either junk or way over priced.




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Ah, ok. Well pretty much the same in a way. Lol, there are many antique shops around my parts and some qualify as junktiques. Even some second hand or reselling stores are catching wind of prices and upping them without knowing what a quality anvil is. It has the anvil shape so it Must be worth a lot. 

I agree with your thought that those are over priced junk or just over priced. 


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Where's Waldo was mentioned as the game but I hear a lot of "What's Waldo" here. It's like the old joke re. the hippy term "knows where it's at.", s/he "knows where it's at but not what its for." 

Hmmmm, maybe I should start the "Waldo Employment Agency." Just send Waldo to me and I'll put him/er to work. Hmmm, would he female version,  be "Walda?"

Regardless PM me for shipping information and I'll get right on it. :)

Frosty The Lucky.

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