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  1. Ode to those days having to jump out at a stop light to unstick the linkage on a 3 on da tree.
  2. A height that is comfortable for you
  3. Perhaps so Picker if I did not have so many from years and years of having to replace broken hay tines.
  4. Price will reflect supply and demand , I already have a block so willing to offer you $50 bucks depending on you paying FOB . Does that give you a general idea of how reselling and its variables work.
  5. yeps,, I have a 4x4 aluminum piece for a table, an old router table I was thinking on transforming into a larger area table when needed
  6. Slapped together a stand for the Milwaukee porta band
  7. Those old sewing frames make nice tables with a piece of stone or wood for a top
  8. Ummmmm,, as an example, my a/c - d/c Lincoln tombstone is wired for a 50 amp circuit ( breaker in panel) on 230 volt, it will adjust up to 225 amps for welding.
  9. At some point you will need to jump in and get your feet wet. Tackle that dreaded learning curve . You might just amaze yourself. Remember you will not be doing critical welding.
  10. I don't have a good area for a whole house fan, Bro in-law use to have one,also allow the woodstove in basement to heat upstairs. I have learned all about cross drafts and. I keep downstairs windows closed during the day and open at night to capture the cool air. A fan in window on one side upstairs blowing out (sunnyside) other side of house window with the best pathway a fan blowing in (shadyside). I reverse ceiling fan over the stairwell to draw up the slighter coolness from downstairs. You do what you have to do with what you have to work with I reckon.
  11. foot step on a carriage perhaps
  12. Also don't get caught up in worrying about any lower duty cycles. You more than likely will just be tacking in place, stop look adjust run a bead or two stop look adjust so forth and the like.
  13. I live in a two story old farm house. It is 8pm and 92 degrees upstairs with windows open and all ceiling fans swirling. I've been hibernating in the bedroom with an A/C window unit at full blast. Now its cooler outside than indoors during these late evening hours. But over all these years I have learned to adjust to these conditions with the trade off being able to enjoy the wildlife and surroundings.
  14. Stay away from the low end off brand wire feed mig welders. In days of old I used a battery charger and coat hanger in a pinch for light repairs
  15. drift weights' to slow your vessel down while fishing the river
  16. I like your excavator's toys. Instead of changing out buckets on the track hoe he just keeps a different size bucket on different track hoes.
  17. Das, you were just thinking ahead when she gets older and you can use it to pull motors.
  18. Picked up a couple of die and holders last night at the auction house. They had been laying in dirt and crud for who knows how long. A little go juice and a wire wheel and they seem to be in good condition. One is a Champion Blower and Forge.
  19. A good power washing to knock down the dirt and dust, then put a fan to blow through the window/ cut out an opening to the outside same concept as when spray painting , to blow the over spray out. A one time washing will not hurt the wood beams.
  20. Can you post the size of the biggest square cutout in the center for me , thx
  21. If they are fairly new, they are junk, have had cows rub up against them and they snap in two. Have pulled out old old ones from the mountains that where made of good steel and are stuff as nails.
  22. I use to have to turn in the old cv joints for the core charge. Don't miss having to change those out.