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  1. tig torch with line will not break you , you will also need to get gas and regulator or flow meter and then consumables. Invest in the best you can afford for now and go with it. I won't try to figure out anything for you,you will have to do that yourself after doing your research. It is your decision to make.
  2. There are a lot of dual purpose invertor machines out there
  3. Gas savers are still a bit pricey, I have to rely on remembering to shut off the torch and tanks
  4. "Arc" refers back to carbon arc welding, I used a big old carbon arc welder wayyyyyyyyyy back when.
  5. I had a tombstone A/C only for many years, about 15 years back got a deal on a new A/C-D/C tombstone, one that was acquired from a Lincoln Dealer and not a box store. I like the D/C current as with the Bobcat generator/welder. The thing is,, both currents will weld. Material prep can make a big difference .
  6. Ode to those days having to jump out at a stop light to unstick the linkage on a 3 on da tree.
  7. Perhaps so Picker if I did not have so many from years and years of having to replace broken hay tines.
  8. Price will reflect supply and demand , I already have a block so willing to offer you $50 bucks depending on you paying FOB . Does that give you a general idea of how reselling and its variables work.
  9. yeps,, I have a 4x4 aluminum piece for a table, an old router table I was thinking on transforming into a larger area table when needed
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