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  1. Reeltree

    Coal wagon ??

    Does it have a pivit to be able to dump out it's contents ? Looks in fairly rough condition. Only real value would be if you could document it's use during the Belchers Gultch? gold rush or a similar notable location or usage.
  2. Reeltree

    It followed me home

    Auction night part deux, New Ridgid straight pipe welding vise Two full propane tanks Heavy cast pot for smelting Two extended air guns, couple new clamps, a slide puller, couple springs and a new USA air filter
  3. Reeltree

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Maybe stamp a disclaimer ,, " Not For Official Use" because they look to real,, great work
  4. Reeltree

    It followed me home

    I hobbled to the auction house last night. Sacrificed a Franklin . New Irwin Hanson npt tap set, new Rigid pipe cutter, 1/2 x 2 flat stock for a gullitin, 1 x 4 rounds one to be a different size rivet set. Brass rods and vise grip brand clamps. No ID on the drill press vise
  5. Reeltree

    Thoughts on hand crank blowers

    You might find the coal a lot cheaper in bulk apposed to bagged if they offer it that way.
  6. Reeltree

    Starting a new hood

    Everything has been at a halt for the past couple months. Old trama injury to the ankle's took another turn. After a painful long wait for surgery,. finally got some work done. A tarsil tunnel release along with the removal of 4 bone chunks from within the Achilles tendon. This makes it the 11th operation over the past 23 years. Number 12 on the other ankle may be in the near future. Hobbled out to the shop today and noticed how the dust has begun to build up and cobwebs hanging around.
  7. Reeltree

    Forge burners

    Not sure how many burners,however will probably need a propane delivery truck as a fuel supply source
  8. Reeltree

    Back on line

    Hope to see some of your vid's resurface
  9. Reeltree

    A collection of improvised anvils

    forging toe rings ?
  10. Reeltree

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Have been cleaning up a couple scrap metal piles, dismantled a steel truss for angle iron. Found a lost oxygen pony bottle,. Cut off the bottom for a dishing tool , rigged up a part of a r x r spike for the bell clapper . Extracted the high density foam out of the old hot tub cover.
  11. Reeltree

    It followed me home

    Marble cliff ?
  12. ok,, it does fry,,now according to the game who's head will you try it out on
  13. Found a usable donor to cut up. Will chop the back down closer to the 10" stack outlet. Cut a side radius out over the fire pit. Will probably have to run a strap on the back down to the lower outside table frame on the forge for support. Will only have 9" on each side to sit on. We will see
  14. Reeltree

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Very clean and sharp looking knife tubalcain2
  15. Reeltree

    Keeping busy