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  1. Das, you were just thinking ahead when she gets older and you can use it to pull motors.
  2. Picked up a couple of die and holders last night at the auction house. They had been laying in dirt and crud for who knows how long. A little go juice and a wire wheel and they seem to be in good condition. One is a Champion Blower and Forge.
  3. A good power washing to knock down the dirt and dust, then put a fan to blow through the window/ cut out an opening to the outside same concept as when spray painting , to blow the over spray out. A one time washing will not hurt the wood beams.
  4. Can you post the size of the biggest square cutout in the center for me , thx
  5. If they are fairly new, they are junk, have had cows rub up against them and they snap in two. Have pulled out old old ones from the mountains that where made of good steel and are stuff as nails.
  6. I use to have to turn in the old cv joints for the core charge. Don't miss having to change those out.
  7. Alexandr,,Im always at aw with your creations, I am curious if the chard beams have a noticeable smoky aroma in the room area
  8. Reeltree


    yes bunion stretcher
  9. Didn't work,I think the feathers woven into the buckskin shirt scared it away
  10. Had a bald eagle pay me a visit in front the shop today
  11. What burns my butt (other than a 3 foot flame) is seeing someone get into their vehicle start driving and then start using the phone. Why not do whatever needed done on the phone BEFORE you take off and get on the road. Unbelievable
  12. 58er , the handle end bone accent really ties it all in. Was pondering doing a bottle opener with bone shaft and end for my wonderful physical therapist.
  13. Finally found a little ol' lady who was selling her deceased husband's truck, 2007 Ford ranger XLT 22k miles 4 x 4 auto . Was beginning to think they were only a myth.