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  1. Reeltree

    To wedge or not to wedge

    Glue is what makes reworking a head difficult to clean out. I have some that the head was pre heated, wood wedged then metal wedged diagonally then top end covered with epoxy. They are still tight today after years of use.
  2. Reeltree

    To wedge or not to wedge

    I use a metal wedge or round diagonal over a wooden wedge. Gets very humid in Virginia. Also heat the head up first.
  3. Reeltree

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I'm steering toward a cleaner "tinkering" time. When I see all the projects and items here on IFI and when I have the inclination to give one of those items a whirl , it would be nice to use the propane instead of the coal for smaller items. I'm not in production just a heat and beat kind of guy. Not into demos or events, have to try and stay non-commented . I never know how the ol' body will feel from day to day. Stelie ,,,your blades have me intrigued. The handles first twisted then ground flat ?
  4. Reeltree

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Worked a bit on the gasser today,. Time to get some gut material.
  5. Reeltree

    Touchmark/Makers Mark stamps?

    I tried my hand at carving one out in reverse last week but found my eyes aren't what they use to be and hands not as steady
  6. Reeltree

    Holland Anvil Swage Block 1

    I like the squares,, 1, 3/4, 1/2 ?
  7. Reeltree

    Identification of Champion Blower

    400 ? maybe nothing is on the other side ? could be a 200 ?
  8. Im now seeing blacksmith items on crapslist described as museum quality and way way over priced
  9. Reeltree

    I'm in hot water

    So yesterday I went in for the second 6 week check up after Achilles tendon and tarsal tunnel surgery. Started out " I'll have you back on your feet in two weeks" after surgery it was pushed back to 4 weeks non-weight barring. At the first 6 week check up everything was looking good and sent to PT, and told "Achilles tendon could take up to 6 months to heal properly". Made sense to me. Yesterdays check up went ok, "coming along splendidly the tendon has almost completely grown back". I said "grown back?" you originally said had to go in peel back the tendon to get access to the 4 pieces of bone growing inside of and fold the tendon back in place. OHHHH no no he said, "the bone had grown within as part of the tendon and had to remove up to half the tendon as the x-ray showed". On top of this new revelation he said I should be back to old self again in a year. Im thinking to myself, really,not 6 months like originally discussed? Any ho,, the PT therapist is a cute sweet girl and gives awesome Achilles tendon and ankle massages as a warm up to the PT. Last fall I went to PT for 3 months in an effort to work out and correct the issues. Didn't work thus the surgery, I submitted the mileage for PT and doctors visits from last fall and received the check . I am considering it surplus funds . Although I have already cut open a 20# propane cylinder and made a couple burners, I am thinking of pulling the trigger on a built gas forge either chili or a diamondback. Ive been called tighter than bark on a hickory tree but I may be able to talk myself into it.
  10. Reeltree

    ethical question

    Think of it this way,, they are china junk to begin with even if new, so yes you can rationally say you are recycling junk.
  11. Reeltree

    Is this a decent anvil?

    Offer 350.00 without the stand
  12. Reeltree

    Favorite files

    Went thru the files today, cleaned up some and sprayed. I keep a USA Nicholson bastard and smooth at the vise stand. All my files are USA , most being older Nicholson and some Simmonds a couple Heller, two made in Australia. The 3/8 round smooth Heller is my go to finish file
  13. Reeltree

    Is this a decent anvil?

    If by chance you found the seller via "crapslist " website, 99.9 % of the anvils and related items are way over priced. They usally buy at auctions at 1/3 of what they are selling at. Even still @ 7.00 a pound,,buy new, find a chunk of wood to sit it on. That anvil is 3 dollars to 4 dollars tops per pound as MC stated, so is that stand worth 3 to 4 hundred dollars to you, apposed to building your own or a tree stump ?
  14. Reeltree

    What did you do in the shop today?

    3/16 is impressive for a hand shear.
  15. Reeltree

    Finished my 25 ton C frame build

    Wow ,, looks like a guillotine tool on steroids x 10