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  1. Cincinnatus

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Nice job on the wrench/bottle openers.
  2. Cincinnatus

    Let’s see some fire pokers

    John - great Ram's head!
  3. Cincinnatus

    Show me your blacksmith pets

    Sorry to hear Das - always tough.
  4. Cincinnatus

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Das - really neat hummingbird - amazing. Finished three more projects for an upcoming competitive trail ride. They are using them as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.
  5. Cincinnatus

    Aspiring blacksmith wishing for personal lessons

    Simms paper "Roman Chain-Mail: Experiments to Reproduce the Techniques of Manufacture" details the metallurgical experiments of cold punching the rings that matched up with the rings they found. The actual tooling wasn't found but based on experiments. "A set of experiments was conducted to show that punch tools of high consistency could be produced by the technology available in the Roman period and did not require the use of precision machinery. Thus some Roman chain-mail rings could have been produced by a combination of punching and finishing on a mandril. The time taken to produce solid rings was recorded." "It is likely that rings such as these were produced by punching, followed by hammering on a mandril. Experiments showed that as the punch and die start to wear the rings become somewhat distorted. The distortions are easily removed when the rings is hammered on a mandril. ....It can be seen that the experimental ring which was hammered on a mandril after punching is harder than the ring that has only been punched, indicating that some work-hardening has taken place. The experimental punched ring had a hardness value of 146 VPN, which is very close to the 149 VPN of the metal from Sample A. This indicates that punching did not produce any significant work-hardening. The experimental ring that was hammered on a mandril increased in hardness from 146 VPN to 210 VPN which is in the same region of hardness as the Roman originals."
  6. Cincinnatus

    Aspiring blacksmith wishing for personal lessons

    True - I was talking about some of the mail that combined both. Considering this was for a kids costume - I wasn't going to go that far - one shirt with butted links was enough. In the end my son loved the mail shirt and we got to spend time working together on the project. The images are from the paper - The manufacture of a chain mail from the Iron Age found at Fluitenberg - including how they punched the links you mentioned.
  7. Cincinnatus

    Aspiring blacksmith wishing for personal lessons

    I can attest to this - time consuming! I made a coat of mail for my son who wanted a Templars outfit. I spent probably 40 to 50 hours researching the mail and shield. I made the shield by bending three 1/8" sheets of plywood around a curved frame, covering in canvas, and trimming in leather. At the same time made the mail by wrapping electric fence wire around a dowel and then cutting the "spring" of wire into links - making making several thousand of these. I then spent probably 100 to 130 hours weaving these together to make the shirt - learning as I went and making mistakes along the way. Part of this was to make him this costume and have him help me and part of it was to satisfy my curiosity about the historical background of the period. As everyone has said, this was VERY time consuming and involved a lot of research. It can be done but not quickly. Plus when you think that some of the better chainmail had the links pinned (which I did not do) - it must have taken the original armours a lot more hours.
  8. Cincinnatus

    Christmas items 2018

    John - Really nice wreath hanger and ornaments. I have never seen a hanger like that before.
  9. Cincinnatus

    Christmas items 2018

    Das - really neat idea.
  10. Cincinnatus

    Holland Anvil Swage Block 1

    Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated.
  11. Cincinnatus

    Holland Anvil Swage Block 1

    Thanks - trying to think of the best way to do that.
  12. Second that! I put on hearing protectors as a kid without looking and didn't realize there was a large beetle in them that went straight for the ear. No harm but from that day forward I check everything before putting them on.
  13. Cincinnatus

    What is it ????

    A version of an edge clamp
  14. Cincinnatus

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Great job on the castings Hans. Seems like every new item you cast leads in in a better direction learning what works and what doesn't - things are progressing well. Littleblacksmith - great job and well done on the sales.
  15. Cincinnatus

    Simple folding Knife or Peasant Knife

    Looks great so far, let us know how they turn out.