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  1. GrumpyBiker

    Mini post vise

    I didn’t buy it as I just don’t have any use for it (I have a large post vise) but I did find it interesting and on the verge of sounding weird I thought it was “cute”. Someone put some time into making it maybe for a son or grandson. I was searching for hardy tools not a 5th vise. I just never saw one of these of this size and I won’t pretend to know much about Blacksmithing tools , so I am interested in whether these are common or just a one off thing. I could always call the shops owner & have them set it aside for me if someone is under the impression it has value other than as an item of curiosity.
  2. GrumpyBiker

    Mini post vise

    Just saw this at the Junk-tuque store where I bought my anvil (two weeks ago) . Thought I’d share. Anyone else seen one of these ? Its 6” from the top of the jaw to the pivot box.
  3. That would be fine if I had a dirt floor or my shop was only used for Blacksmithing. Space is a premium in my wood shop so if I can have max use out of my work stations that's best . I'll not be doing work with large diameter stock. If it's not doable I'm interested in hearing your opinions as well. You guys have more experience with this work than I do but please understand I have plan or desire to Blacksmith as a primary hobby. Its just a supplement to my woodworking.
  4. GrumpyBiker

    Show me your anvil stands

    Sealed it with linseed oil & it darkened up way more than I'd wanted or expected. But I'm sure once it has some slag on it it won't matter.
  5. I was wondering if I could make a stake style upsetting block out of this 3"x3" piece of RR track by cutting off the flat bottom & shaping it into a stake. Then driving it into the Anvil base. Opinions ?
  6. As I'm finishing up the mounting of my anvil & it's base I was wondering if anyone has added an upsetting block to their anvil base. If so what is the thinnest you would consider usable? Anyone have photos of their set up? Arrow indicates where I'm interested in installing one.
  7. GrumpyBiker

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Welded on my own bracket to the previous owners mounting bracket (or what was left of it. I'm no welder so it felt like there was as much grinding as there was welding !
  8. GrumpyBiker

    Show me your anvil stands

    Mine is getting close to being finished
  9. GrumpyBiker

    Show me your anvil stands

    I'm getting started but have a spinal injection scheduled today. Picked up some steel yesterday for the banding. I hope to get started drilling, bolting & gluing up the base on Saturday. Until then I'll just keep looking at all the eye candy on here.
  10. GrumpyBiker

    Show me your anvil

    That fellow you have there has an impressive horn.
  11. GrumpyBiker

    Leg Vise Mount Advice Needed

    But is it flat on both sides? Or is it conical shaped where it touches the jaws / legs ? Or do they start flat on both sides & eventually contour to the vise over time with use? Theres not a lot of schematics out there .
  12. Okay I gotta ask, why boiled linseed oil on metal ? I mean why not some other kind of oil ? I hear it being referred to all the time for use to protect metal but why it over any other option ?
  13. GrumpyBiker

    Show me your anvil

    Well I've finished with all the cleaning & damage removal I'm going to do. I will continue to work slowly to remove the marks from the face but it's time to build a base and put this old fellow back to work. Boiled linseed oil being applied.
  14. GrumpyBiker

    Show me your anvil

    38557 I mis-posted 33557 and was told 1918 but when I went back thru my pics o realized I'd mistakenly posted the wrong serial number. Mine is 38557 My wife & I stopped exchanging gifts 10 years ago but she mentioned buying the AIA book this year for Christmas. its taken all my strength not to just order this book & hide it !
  15. Kent & Jackies ... I know the owners, can't remember the shops name. (they can source items for you) .... Antiques Trading Post, Berlin Ohio This is the best I can do Map Quest wise. The prices & selection used to be amazing here. Kent & Jackie turned the managing over to an Amish family & im sad to say it's about half as good now. Evidently the rent for the booths (its like an indoor flea market) is still pretty low for the area as the prices aren't horrible. This used to be our go-to spot but no longer. It is still a very interesting shop with lotsa good eye candy & 10% off for cash purchases .