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  1. Ranchmanben

    It followed me home

    Ive got a few post vises currently but none that large. That said, I’ve actually been fiddling with the idea of forging a post vise from scratch. The forging of the major parts doesn’t seem overly complex other than the standard complications that come with forging any large piece of metal. Although having it look good versus mearly practical might be another story. If I do ever get around to it, I’d start by forging a smaller 3” vise to see how it goes and purchase the screw and box. But that project is a ways down on the “one day I do that” list.
  2. YES YES YES! Awesome find, awesome story!
  3. Ranchmanben

    It followed me home

    No pictures right at now but a visit with a friend yielded an 8” long heavy wrought iron chain link and a 1 1/8” diameter round bar of titanium 4’ long. He also has 4 large post vises, 6”-7 1/2”, laying on some pipe a ways out behind his house. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t wouldn’t turn loose of one.
  4. Ranchmanben

    First anvil purchase

    I’m with Das. Who would have thought of running an anvil scam? The requested deposit coupled with the seller not knowing anything about the anvil sends up a red flag for me. I’ve dealt with people that know nothing about anvils but they’ll still tell you what they can about the one they’ve got. Ask them for the serial number off the front foot, what sort of depression is in the base and other questions that they would only be able to tell you if they’ve actually got it. The anvil looks like it could be worth owning and making a drive for if the deal is legit and you don’t put down a deposit.
  5. Ranchmanben

    Wooden Handles

    Another idea I’ve had is laminated bamboo. Very tough and flexible.
  6. Ranchmanben

    It followed me home

    Bryan, please tell me you got that post vise for scrap price. That would be the icing on the cake. I really want a big 7-8” post vise but there’s a special place in my heart for the smaller 3.5-4” vises. That is a very cool find!
  7. If I find an anvil I like, I tell the person I’m en route ready to buy but I’d like to give it the once over in person before I hand over payment. That doesn’t mean I’m willing to pay asking price or that I’m even going to buy it. I’ve walked away from lots of anvils after politely explaining that what they are selling is very nice but it wouldn’t work for me. I’ll also always point out the tiniest imperfection or possible reason I might have a problem with it if the negotiations aren’t going my way. Sometime you talk them down a long ways. Sometimes you don’t and leave empty handed. Sometimes you’re opening the door of your truck when they realized that cash in hand sounds pretty good. When pointing out problems, always always always do this politely. You don’t want to insult the seller by bad mouthing what you’re trying to buy. Also, always go with cash. Hide it in your your truck if you’ve got any reservations upon arrival but folding money gets you deals a check won’t.
  8. Ranchmanben

    What did you do in the shop today?

    JHCC, I learned a little trick from a guy that makes one piece spurs that would be perfect for that vise. Ditch that massive washer and install a thrust bearing. With that bearing installed you can easily tighten the daylights out of it and very easily loosen it as well. No more having to kick it loose. I had forgotten about wanting to do that to my own vises until I saw that massive washer of yours. Also, they’re usually at least a half inch thick so it would take up a similar amount of space. Jennifer, I have the hardest time using hammer eye tongs. They’ve got their place and I still use them but they’ve taken a back seat to these.
  9. Ranchmanben

    Getiing rid of the Dragons Breath

    Relatively quiet is good enough for me. As long as it doesn’t sound like a shop vac I’d be happy.
  10. Ranchmanben

    Getiing rid of the Dragons Breath

    There’s been a tiny bit of discussion here about the owners of the ranch not wanting me to cut holes in their barn to vent my coke forge. That ventafume might be a solution. Not that particular model but one of the other 10” models. How loud are they?
  11. Ranchmanben

    What did you do in the shop today?

    This is going to be awesome. I’ve been wanting to get some good sized wrought iron for this exact project.
  12. Ranchmanben

    Vice information

    It’s probably iron but occasionally you come across one with a bronze box.
  13. Ranchmanben

    Vice information

    That screw box makes me thing of a Peter Wright. Is the screw box brass/bronze? That’s a might sweet vise that anyone would would be happy to have in their shop.
  14. Ranchmanben

    Yep, another post vise identification

    I picked up a little 3.5” post vise the other day and I can’t identify the make. From top to bottom is part of the maker stamp, the year 1913, the letter E and at the bottom is a weight stamp of 35. Also, the mounting plate is different than many I’ve seen, a little more decorative than just nearly functional. I’ll get a better picture of it when I get back to the shop. I know that knowing a manufacturer doesn’t make it work any better but like most of us, I like to know what I’m working with. Thanks
  15. Ranchmanben

    Wooden Handles

    I think we’ve all been where you are in trying to find a way to improve the hammer handle, some of us quite recently. Hickory has been used forever for a reason. Strength, flexibility, grain and price. I prefer a handle with similar characteristics to Frosty’s but thinner and whippier. For a recent platers rounding hammer for a race track farrier, the handle was thin indeed. If your familiar with farrier hammer brands, my handles are sort of a cross between those made by Bruce Wilcox and Steven Beane Here’s a few recent ones.