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Where do you go to get Blacksmith supplies- (brick & mortar shops) Photo heavy

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Just joking. Looking at the pics of some of the places that carry smithing tools had someone draw the parallel to the "Where's Waldo?" puzzles. And being as my brain free associates everything I drew a parallel to how many folks on Iforge ask ,"What's this?" so I named that puzzle game, "What's Waldo?" Waldo now being a metaphor for a blacksmithing tool, rather than the remote manipulators often used in the nuclear industry, surgery, etc.

Then I offered to ID any Waldos for folk if they'd just send them to me. 

I'm needing to lighten my mood right now Deb's an emotional wreck and I'm looking at another friend lost in an air accident. A little while ago the USCG called off the search for survivors of a helicopter crash close to Lituya Bay in S.E Alaska about 120 miles NW from Juneau. 

They've had air craft, a USCG Cutter and small boats searching since Friday evening and SAR dogs on the beach. USCG located one survivor on the beach, a 14 yr. old boy, hypothermic with internal injuries.  His head was held out of the water till he regained consciousness and he managed to unbuckle from the seat and make his way to dry land. 

Dave King, a student and good friend of Deb's and acquaintance of mine has more than 40 years experience as an Alaskan bush pilot, fixed and rotary ring and is a helicopter instructor. The 4 people had picked the brand new Airbus H125 helo up in Texas and were flying it to Wasilla AK. 

They located the air frame when low tide exposed it but evidently they weren't able to get inside to search for bodies. Among the wreckage scattered for a couple miles up the coast are seats from the copter so there's some hope there are more survivors. However seeing as it's now a land search the USCG is out of it. CAP, State Troopers, USFS and a couple other agencies are continuing. Both men have extensive outdoor and survival skills.

We're not thinking of them as dead till their bodies are located. It's hard not to though so I make silly jokes. I wear humor as my armor against fear.


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