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  1. DearJHCC, to take away some worries and a short explanation. As you can see on the pictures, it is about busbars from a discarded control cabinet. These are usually made from low-alloyed or pure copper. Here there are only traces of some alloying elements such as nickel, cobalt aluminum and sometimes Beryllium (0.4%). With real Berilyum copper there is> / = 3% Beryllium which is used in spark-free tools, is very expensive and actually very dangerous for your health when machining or forging. See the Wiki link. At the start of my foundry activities I myself made my own bronze of 9 parts of busbar and 1 part of tin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beryllium_copper 2.1285 Becopper.pdf
  2. Use this on all my anvils works fine. But allready shown in the post Marc mentioned. Good luck.
  3. Hi George, I m glad that in addition to the pieces of forged ironwork (flemish poppies) you have found something else in the work that interests you too. I also collect (and as a German) a collection of old paper money and coins from that time. That is also the courancy and the chance to trade these artevacts. You are right, the bell itself is a discarded oxygen cylinder and not a projectile. This is another metaphor to recall the green + cross poison gas atects that were conducted during the battles at Paschendaele (Ypres) in this days. Glad to hear that you have served your country as an LC, respect, I myself have never had to serve with a broken neck (diving in shallow water when I was 17). This was the reason that I now have to earn my money with an office job instead of staying in a workshop every day. Cheers, Hans
  4. Thanks for your feedback, that means a lot to me. The comments show how well and deeply the images are viewed. Aric - in fact, special locations, for example, the ant was shown in the tiled basement of an out of duty slaughterhouse. Here still the traces of the activities (withdrawn blood on walls and ceiling) present. It was like a scene from the movie Saw. George -you have very good eyesight it is a German 77mm obus that is part of my bell sculpture Ypres 17/18 together with a gun barrel of a Mauser rifle. As you can see on the photo, it was fragmented and completely empty. Unbelievable how the Flemish clay has preserved the details, so you can still read the time scale and 'Reichspatent Doppelzunder' on the igniter itself after more than 100 years. The origin and intention of the sculpture is described in my blog of the website of Forge Furnace Tumulus.
  5. Below some atmospheric impressions of the demos, exhibitions, events and vernissages in which "F&F Tumulus" participated in 2019. Highlights include, for example, the Demo-forging in Tongeren under the feet of Ambiorix, a three-day event in a castle transformed into an art oasis, and an underground event in the heart of Liège in the catacombs next to the river Maas. The result for the necessary use of "blood, sweat and tears" was a lot of attention, many positive reactions and above all a lot of interaction with the audience present . A number of interesting leads, invitations for 2020, and a broadening of our network resulted from this. Portfolios of the various collections (Steampunk Lamps and Animal Collection) have been prepared. Wish you a lot of entertainment when viewing the photos. Cheers, Hans
  6. That looks very good to me, a nice blue print to deserve. Searching the schema for hose brake protection and flame arrestor (despite of the discussion if there are necessary for Propene or not, -in the EU they are still common practice and I use them on my gassers and furnaces) Good luck and Cheers, Hans
  7. After my humble opinion, the best tongs to hold a work piece while forging -are still the blacksmiths hands. Please have mercy with my simple mind. If I start forging happens this always with a save overlengthen of the work piece in question to handle the stuff as easy as possible. But first in the end and after cutting in to size my tongs will be used.
  8. Tube is welded to the scarify plate (incl. Inconel grill bars in air supply <1/2 inch gaps), plate and tube stomp is threated with 4 bolts to the brake drum. Increase the length of the air intake from the 2 inch tube (feed by hair dryer) up to 20 inches because of the crawling up heat. Regulate ember nest and air flow by blow switch position of the hair dryer and an open ash dump + soft extinguishing the borders of a to big fire by water soaked rag fronds you already know from my fire keeper set. A stable clinker poker take care of the rest. Regarding the legs of the forge stand, I simple use some bended leftovers of vertical balcony fence bars I use ones for another project.
  9. Thank you Jennifer, Aric, IDF&C for the compliments . Indeed, usually work under the open sky with the possibility of being able to hide under a (private) booth or party tent in bad weather. In this case, the organization of the 'L apARTment exhibition had set up a 10 x 20 ft tent for me for two forging arrangements (anvil and forge, one for me and one for the public). The photo shows the setup for the start of the exhibition / demo. As far as the famous ring wrench is concerned , it is next to the knives to show the public what some blades are made of (CrVa-steel). Had already shared some photos of the ‘travel’ forges on IFI in the past, nothing special about a Ford Mondeo brake drum and a couple of 2-inch tube fittings on a light but stable pedestal. The whole is easy to disassemble and transport without tools. Have a nice day, Hans
  10. Fantastic vice, I'm still looking for this kind of 'Big Berta' (like Marc's) for my workplace. I only have the problem that I sometimes also use the vice for welding and grinding work, with the result that the necessary traces of use are left behind. I have been able to restore this so far to weld the jaws with 309 cladding and then to update it. Will also have to look for a 'sacrificial bench vice' in which I will perform this work in the future.
  11. Just wanted to share some impressions of the sporadic demos and both of Forge & Furnace Tumulus that were done in 2019. In particular the demos in the Wallonia with many interactions with the public are very nice, and I made many small and large 'boys' happy with their own forged fire poker or mild steel ladies knife. Was oblivious to participate as an ‘eye catcher’ and did not ask a cent for the fired 80 lbs coal and the workpieces manufactured together. The larger work and the sculptures, however, were also exhibited and I was able to amortize the effort from these proceeds by selling several of them.
  12. Thank you Chris for your nice response. Very happy that you like my creations. Apologies for the late responses, but given that English is not my native language, it requires some work every time to formulate an appropriate response. I sincerely hope that this is NOT seen as rude by some forum members because my contributions sometimes take time and effort to add something meaningful to some posts including pictures and others. Had understood that you too have been absent from this wonderful website for a while, but am glad that you too are back. Read your comments and feedback with much pleasure.
  13. Really great, this are my attempts. Please let me know your progress.