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  1. Hans Richter

    Forestry harvester chansaw bars

    As possible extra information regarding the element measuring with XRF or spark-spectrometer I can tell you from my own experience, that most of the affordable XRF’s can tell you only the appearance and percentage of metals in the samples (the most important thing for the owner of the scrapyard) . In relation with the spark-spectrometer, how also tell you the percentage of the other elements like phosphor, sulphur, nitrogen and hydrogen. All the nasty stuff made your workpiece crack, brittle and/or able to (forge)weld (C). Cheers, Hans
  2. Hans Richter

    I’m ready for serious casting?

    Knuckle bones, Astralogus game are ready, also a Roman coat fibula. Maybe creasy to spend almost 1 ½ days (except making pattern) to reproduce an old game (and many others items) without the intention to sell or commercialise them. However keeps me near to my family and ‘off the street’. Weight around 1,1lbs for the set of four. Lisa and their gothic/cosplay friends ask for smaller ones to hang on a neckless. Next project will be a druid sickle or a bronze bell. Any other suggestions are welcome. Cheers, Hans At Frosty –got no other material for the gates at this moment and wont to avoid to scrape out the gates on the already fragile mould. Regarding the pebble markers I’m not familiar with this phenomenon and I don’t play golf ether.
  3. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Finished the bigger gas forge and monitored the first heat and got them with the single 1 ¼ air forced burner till 1700 F. Lisa name him ‘Platypus’ with the funny exhaust (face) and his form because he is cute but even dangerous. With the bigger camber I’m able to forge some bigger pieces witch was not possible in ‘Ms.Piggy’ the forge next to ‘Platypus’. Cheers, Hans
  4. Hans Richter

    I’m ready for serious casting?

    Casted the Astragalus today according to Lisa’s pattern only 6 instead of 8 to complete two games. Frosty - let me know when you are around, I like to invite you for a game or/and a pleasant stay in the ‘xxxx hole town of Belgium’. Followed (not for the first time) ‘Herr’ Thomas Powers wise advice and degas the ladle for the first time with charcoal powder, add also some flux and an extra potion of tin to replace the burned out alloy. Thank you Mister TP the result is astonishing. Now its waiting for the 35lbs crucible to have some serious work with the new melting furnace. Colton CRead – please let us know what’s the progress with/on the ash trees I really like them.
  5. Hans Richter

    I’m ready for serious casting?

    Yes, Frosty let the bones roll. Figured out the old roman rules (unfortunately only in German). But you know We ‘Unlucky at cards, lucky in love’ ...................isn’t it. Astragalus.pdf
  6. Hans Richter

    I’m ready for serious casting?

    Lisa made me a nice set of sheep knuckles from clay, just enough to cast a nice prehistoric game of knuckle dices from bronze. After casting I will engrave the bronze bones with runes numbers and add them to my growing collection.
  7. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Because of the 'noise question' and several meetings with government and police I didn’t forge much the last 14 (holly)days. Finished the mobile furnaces (trolleys) and assemble and tack welded a new slightly bigger gas forge from a 30lbs propane cylinder. My little ‘Ms. Piggy’ 20lbs propane forge was only able to 'swallow' work pieces with a max. width of 4 ¼ in, and I figured out ‘this is not width enough in some cases’ (S-hooks, etc.). After the good experience with the octagon shaped tile panels (hard fire tiles as a flame face) in the new 35lbs bronze furnace I made a hexagon tile panel for the forge too. Also this tiles are connected with Kanthal-wire (3 strings twisted together each connection). Back and front are made of 26# soft brick tiles. The insulation between tiles and body shall be a 1 in thick Superwool layer. Every part is also easy replaceable if worn out. Also intended to add some improvements in the new forge like the hexagon shape of the forge chamber to allow the now +/- 45° positioned flame cone to ‘swirl’ (?) around the workpiece instead aim straight on the metal and produce lots of mill scale. So far the theory. As always thankful for feedback, now the setup is (still) only tack welded. Cheers, Hans
  8. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Attempted to make the melting furnaces mobile, partly because of lack of space and the possibility to roll out the ovens for quick and for safe use. Have the ovens placed on furniture rollers and an insulating layer of aerated concrete and stainless steel net and a cover of a fire-resistant blanket. I also mounted handles to pull the carts or push them in the positions where I need them. With this structure I think I have found a fast and user-friendly way to realize my casting projects.
  9. Hans Richter

    It followed me home

    Went on holiday and family visit in my home town in Germany. A good friend of my arranged a piece of 7ft spare RR-rail of 255lbs. I cut the rail into 3pcs of 2ft and one pcs of 1ft. Because the 9 ½ in Bosch angle grinder my friend take care off, had no disk protection I was forced to buy a harbour fright 9 ½ in angle grinder and use his disk protection. Will post the hf-grinder on Dutch & Belgium CL for sale to avoid to offend my Makita 9 ½ AG to must lie next to him. Regarding the RR, I will made another two improvised vertical anvils and stands according to the suggestions of Charles treat(s). They have to fulfil following requirements too –portable and easy to mount during classes abroad and supplied with a bigger face/surface (not only the cross section of the rail) to flatten bigger areas of the work piece. Will scroll through Charles post (thankfully and with salutations to him) again and make some picture prints of ideas most suitable for my needs. Cheers, Der Hans
  10. Hans Richter

    Post vise stand

    Hi guy’s, AMHO -the tool is called a post vice. So please, please enlighten me. I thought (and dad teach me) the little/huge helpers have to be mount against a post to have a good & steady back bone for all the brutal force we abuse them. Of course the boys have a their own posts to take care of the forces and guide them safely to the ground (along the posts they mounted on). Attached some pictures of my three babies and there attachments. ‘JC’, I used them wrong for the last 35 years, what have I done ………….. Dear gents, don’t take it personal, this is my kind of German/Dutch/Belgium sense of humour and maybe the curmudgeons teach me that I’m wrong, -or a maybe a hint to rethink the design with the free unsupported vice post Your sincerely, Hans
  11. Hans Richter

    A few new bronzes.

    Whats about -Sharing some nice pieces of craftsmanship, proud, give us fellow bronze casters some inspiration, name of this head topic ............???? Don't think Ibor try to sell us the stuff all the way from Poland Cheers, Hans
  12. Hans Richter

    Shop rebuild

    Very, very nice shop 58er -glad to see you bussy like that. Wish you a lot of orders, haelth, and prosperity. Cheers, Hans
  13. Hans Richter

    Propane Bottle Forge Build

    Safety alert!!!! Guys, if I look at the set up -please carry out the next tests to adjust the setup OUTSIDE. Dragon breath and flames are too hot and will affect the roofing. I know this from own experience and a molten roof. It’s always important to monitored the heat streams to avoid ‘surprises’. STOP USING THAT TINY FONT
  14. Hans Richter

    Low bpm on Air hammer (kynion style)

    Hi Andre, my Kinon style hammer with a 50mm piston and an average stroke of 160mm use 8 bar/ltr of air for every in/out stroke. That forces me to have an air bank of 5000 bar/ltr (500 ltr tanks on 10bar) and 3 cylinder 5HP compressors. With a working pressure at 6.5bar and at least 90 stroke per minute I can forge 3 minutes before the compressors have to interfere (at 6.5bar) again. Fortunately, after 3 minutes’ work at the hammer I have to heat up the work piece again. Also, very important to use a proportional air outlet to ‘play’ with the escaping air an be on control of strength and beat rhythm.
  15. Hans Richter

    TKOR burner issues

    Quite silent around Hayden, I hoop our ‘constructive’ feedback (he asked for) don’t scare him away.