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  1. Frosty's under the Weather

    Wish Frosty all the best -but I know ' Alaskan weed does not perish' -get well soon !!!
  2. Finally, Extended Shop is ready

    Squeeze where .............? between the kitty cats
  3. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    This confirmed what I always thought, we old craftsmen are a bunch of filthy old men. That also reminds me to ask the 'boss' to replace the bed sheets again in connection with the traces of soot, quench oil and other dirt present there.
  4. Finally, Extended Shop is ready

    Daswulf - It’s a real pity you’re so far away. If you ever come to Europe your more than welcome to Hans its forge and guest room. An invitation ill will give to all my smith brother on IFI b.t.w. But till now I have fortunately another kitty holds me warm and cosy.
  5. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Hi Das, very nice craftsmanship again!!! About the scratcher ……………….. I suggest, a to take a shower of bath sometimes
  6. Finally, Extended Shop is ready

    Gents, thanks for your comments. MC –on the 4th picture you see a CO alarm next to the warning flag. Indeed several holes, a ventilator and huge open doors (above the holes) take care for ventilation. This only till I can buy and mount the two planed (noise) insulated windows above left and right to the toolbox on the 3d picture. Think about the holes than, they make a nice entrances for the cat of the house to shelter at night.
  7. Safety questions for new forgers

    Welcome Jill, please see the Example Kiln both the ingot moulds on top of the melting furnace before casting (bronze). However, during pouring there was still a drop of water in between the welding joints. Glad to wear the complete ‘Mounty’ of PPE’s while the hydrogen explosion. My brother in law made by casualty a video from a safe distance where the screenshots from below. This can happen with all liquid metals, so if you start melting and casting take care of proper and complete PPE and know what you are doing.
  8. It followed me home

    Jealous about the small ones. Curios what you spend $/lbs. However for me there is no ‘housewife-Capex’ anymore after broken dishwasher and television. Good luck and many happy forging hours on them.
  9. From Northern Vermont

    Welcome Free, nice to have you here. The stuff looks very good, and the approach of a ‘ family business’ sound familiar to me. Even I’m not on the right continent I took/take a lot of advantage on the fact to be part of the IFI community. So see and share with all your smith brothers
  10. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    @Shady McGrady + @Daswulf Hi gents, thanks and very nice you like the stuff. What’s about this guy below, made from AISI316, body glass pearl blasted, wings ornamental sanded. After the work on all the equipment it’s time to make some creations again. Shady I like your stuff to, but missing the patience to carry out this filigree work. For the dragonfly’s you only need some tube scrap from 2in till 3/4 in and some sheet metal leftovers. Ones you cut the parts together, it cost you less than half an hour to assemble. If someone interested to know the dimensions feel free to ask. However I have a subscription for dragonfly’s
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Assemble the new welding- and cutting machine, and cut & weld at first …………………………. a welding/cutting trolley to be mobile in the shop and get rite of all the bungling torches and cables. Will ask the lady of the house again to give it a nice and shiny paint job. Welded with 1/32in massive wire on 115Amps and have a nice and quiet short arc. This equipment will help a lot to make faster and efficient the kind of garden decoration I make for sale to have a little pay back.
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    OK, you win, you'rs is much bigger then anyone of mine . However couriuos about the first work pice comming from your hammer. With the air hammer I had to learn forging again. Congrats with both, Das! still on the sunny side of 40. I celebrate 50 last mounth.
  13. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Not bad, still app. 4X the weight of a sledge hammer.
  14. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Looks good JHCC !!! whats the final weight of the hammer head? Cheers, Hans
  15. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    As a sequel to the refurbished tongs, swags and hammer, I made a number of racks for the anvil stand to provide at least 2 students with the necessary tools for the workshops. If it turns out that they are in the way during the forging, I can still remove or move them.