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  1. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Not so lucky with my first attempt to cast a hollow item like a 5in deep skillet and handle from Bronze. Cast of the handle came out nice not the body. Will try again with a more shallow pan pattern. To have at least some casting success I made two bronze replicas of cast iron vintage scale weights. Original 1 and 3 German ‘Zoll Pfund’ (pound) which is 1,6 ounces more than an American pound. However because of the higher material dense of the Bronze the paper weights are also 13% heavier than the originals. Create some new Brass stock from scrap brass I collected, and finished the first sterling silver cast of some small knuckle hangers. Not so easy to cast because the liquid silver cools down very rapidly ones leaving the furnace. Next silver cast I will use a separate handheld burner to keep the crucible on temperature outside the furnace and while pouring. Little blacksmith – very nice both btw, I envy you for them
  2. Hans Richter

    It followed me home

    Hi Gents, no correction just an addition. ‘Krug’ means jar or tankard. Depending on which German region we have also several names for them, like ‘Bembel’ in Hessia or ‘Mass’ (Oktoberfest) in Bavaria. Same for ‘Kartoffel(n)/Erdäpfel (Al- nice 'french' explanation btw ). Regarding ‘Steinzeug’ witch mean no more no less than Stoneware. In this case the ‘Zeug’ (stuff) stands for pejorative and low grade ceramic because the shard is made from a simple clay and not from high end Kaolin (porcelain) also the reason that the costume tax for stoneware is so much lower than for porcelain. Cheers, Hans
  3. Looks like a nice old wire twister to me
  4. Hans Richter

    New Logo, feedback and help wanted

    Gents, thank you very much for the feedback. That’s just the reason to ask for your opinion and the call for help to improve and simplify the design. Fortunately I got some replay and offer for help to work on it, make it suitable for all purposes (business card, spray template and touch mark). Will keep you updated.
  5. Hans Richter

    It followed me home

    JHCC – feel sorry for you too -because the metal stuff didn’t turn out in wrought iron, I’m still looking to for some stock to. Al – very curious to see the vice after you take hand on them. According to what I already have seen from your work it will turn out to perfect brand new looking vice, to pity to use or touch
  6. Design myself a simple new and modern logo. Let me know what you think. Below also the old one. I’m not a graphic designer so sorry for the simple approach. Next step is a translation of the logo into a maker mark stamp and an spray template to identify all the self-made equipment. Get inspired by the iron atom with an anvil as the core . I don’t know if their some graphic designers slash blacksmith is out there to help me work out a DWG-file to feed a laser cutter/etcher or a 3D stitching/sawing machine in exchange for documentation regarding my self designed/build equipment (foundry’s, power hammer, kiln etc.) If please contact me by PM. The rest of the community, feel free to borough if you want. Cheers, Hans
  7. Hans Richter

    What is this?

    Think Mr. Pearson is right you got this ‘stalagmites’ when you cut / grind / flatten rail road tracks. A mixture of glowing iron/steel & corundum sparks/dust. Like I got ‘baby stalagmites’ on the inside of my 9in angle grinder disk protection cap after cutting a big piece of bar.
  8. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Made three different Raku tongs to unload the kiln after glassing, to put the ceramic stuff in the oxygen reduction chambers (smokers). Next, a crucible lifter and an pouring handler. Today I will cast some heal axes and Roman spear points. Das, wish you luck and a good business at the FF Ted, seems like you found your own and very nice and reckonable style with the ECT (‘Ewert Cube Twist’) Have a nice weekend all, Cheers Hans
  9. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Got some (4) massive elevator counter weights (2 1/3 in x 2 1/3 in x 31 1/2 in -45lbs) to use as counter weights for the kiln top-loader/bell configuration. It works fine now. Used also the new big melting furnace and 28lbs preheated crucible to cast another two bronze anvils as give away to the sponsors, and made some knuckle neckless hangers to increase Lisa’s pocket money. Almost every casting turns out nice now after degassing (charcoal powder) fluxing & dross remove (medical borax) and adding tin to replace the burn out content (Thanks Thomas). Also (together with Lisa) busy with some ceramic stuff (Raku) to fill the kiln after the neighbourly mediation turns out to NOTHING. Even after affirmation from both sides (before the meeting to the mediator) to come to a constructive appointment, the mediation turns out to event for the neighbour to ventilate his frustration and ends up with his opinion that I have to leave with the shop to an industrial area. However promised to take still more effort to insulate the shop, keep it silent at Sunday, and will see what’s happened after the next visit (7x) of the local sheriff.
  10. Hans Richter

    It followed me home

    Hi DCF, take a look in attached catalogue. I know, some of the parts of your bounty looks very familiar to me. Even many of the parts are drop forged I was surprised how many hand craft and skills the South German manufacturer still needs to make the parts. Visited his factory several times. BTW for the drop forging of one part he use different forging dies, zo not every pattern of ‘strikes’ looks the same. Regarding the other brothers -maybe some inspiration. My favourite, the grains bouquet on page 44 Kapfer_Katalog_Einzelteile.pdf
  11. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Absolutely agree with Mike, Al and Horse. Steamboat you made a fantastic vice stand. Starts with answering to all blacksmith needs, a clear design and an finishing in best practice craftsmanship. Ben this hammers are almost too perfect to hit something with. Also like the classy attachment of the handle to the hammerhead -this kind of mounting are very unusual to European hammers and I see them on IFI for the first time (cone shape and smaller hammerhead eye then the diameter of the handle) Gents, keep on the good work. Cheers Hans
  12. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Running kiln and melting furnace last night at the same time. Some testing biscuit in the kiln and bronze in the furnace. Going so ‘easy peasy’ now with the bronze casting after 1 year practising. Made the ‘Astralogoi’ again and smaller as jewellery neckless hangers. Lisa and here ‘girl gang’ wanted to go in style to the next ‘Gothic’ event/exposition. Next project will be a set of tongs on the forge again. Cheers, Hans Zero, very nice and modern candle holder, like him
  13. Hans Richter

    Let’s see some fire pokers

    Lots of inspiration, I borough, borough an borough with my eyes. Every single picture nice work. Making a fire poker is usually my first work piece assignment the students make in beginners class.
  14. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    No Firebrick they will insolate too much and suck to much energy. Will use the already mentioned Cordieriet pizza stones (temperature resistant up to 2600°F). They also made a good and exchangeable bottom to your gas forge (I’m using the ceramic bead blankets for now). So by example the aggressive flux will not affect the genuine bottom of your forge but destroy the PS in a while. Stone is to cut with angle grinder and diamante disk (wear a mask because of cancer causing Quartz dust) in the shape you want. Regarding the treats – maybe they make me some day a candidate Comurgedeon like I follow the treats and comments of Frosty, Steve, Glenn, Thomas many times. But maybe I’m not old, wise and grumpy enough yet . Thanks, Das in this case the flower pot dishes work (for now). Look at web shops from Aldi and Lidl. I worked for the quality department of one of their kitchenware suppliers and know there products are much heavier tested (because of image- and warranty reasons = 3 years) then products of many other well-known brands.
  15. Hans Richter

    What did you do in the shop today?

    ˭ error Just fired with the kiln (and try-out of the biscuit firing time/temperature cascade), 2 dry clay moulds to get my first stoneware. Even the ceramic pieces are very simple (and thick) no cracks no bubbles, no glazing no deformation. The bottom plate (13in flowerpot dish) on the other hand didn’t survive the first firing. As direct flame face sealing of the burner camber and bottom for the stoneware it was to much. Ordered already 3 Cordieriet pizza stones at Lidl web shop with a diameter of 15 inch (10 bucks each -Webber dealers asking 3x this price). But no further damage on the kiln after several hours on 1850°F. Jennifer, Mike –thanks for the very nice and flattering comments I’m not smart at all, if, I lived in a huge villa and drive a Porsche. Only using my healthy ‘peasant’ mind and some materials laying around. Made the gallows from the legs (pipe) of Lisa’s old childhood bed. And yes Mike the ‘buttons’ to attach the wool to the midsection are little biscuit ceramic flower pot dishes for 50 cent each instead the buttons of the art supply shop at 1 dollar. Psssst ………………. use some of them too to attach the wool (in case the dishes melt or collapse) Jennifer –the lost wax mould need, beside of melting out the wax, a firing of 1400 °F too, to eliminate all the bounded water and stabilise the plaster of paris mixture of the bronze moulds. If someone needs more details, please let me know. From next week on, I got hopefully a decent agreement with my ‘difficult’ neighbour and will focusing on blacksmithing again (with or without using the power hammer)