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I Forge Iron

look what i found !!

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Man, a  Austrian Church Window Anvil! my dream anvil!


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3 hours ago, Dave51B said:

is that a stump anvil or a anvil stump in that last picture ? I'm guessing it is a treeton......       Dave

that's a very good question !! lol

12 minutes ago, Daswulf said:

hold on while I cry and throw up for a while..... ok. who cares what it is. It's a beautiful anvil......does it have good rebound?


which one ??  JT

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As the 'wedding over the anvil' tradition was based on a particularity of Scottish law vs English law; that two people could marry themselves by reciting their vows in front of witnesses in a public place and the town of Gretna Green was the first one over the border on a major coaching turnpike from London and the blacksmith's shop was close by, public and always had witnesses to hand.  It became a well know spot to elope to by couples not able to get the license and have the Banns posted due to parental disapproval.   So very scottish and I know of no other "tradition" involving it.  (Though I have run into quite a lot of hogwash on the subject with absolutely no documentation...)

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44 minutes ago, Tubalcain2 said:

hey,i wouldn't be adverse to getting married in a blacksmith shop.B)

She's going to want to decorate it, having a well cleaned and decorated shop might just become your main duty. :huh:

When Deb and I got married a good friend brought an anvil and played the wedding march on it. . . Sort of. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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