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  1. Thanks BillyO, the doc was a actually an orthopaedic specialist and I will ask him to expand more on his opinion of a tear being inconsequential compared to the joint problem. I am in my 5th week of PT and it it going slow but I think I am making progress, I do have a bit more motion but if I move a certain way the pain is still there. No one has said I won't be able to hammer anymore and in fact two weeks ago I did some light hammering at an open forge with my grandson and didn't suffer any ill effects. If I keep my arm low and close in there is no pain or weakness. I will see the doc again for a follow up an ask more questions.
  2. Update, The doc says I have bad arthritis in the joint and there is hardly any cushioning left in it. I asked if there was a tear and he said with the condition of the joint it wouldn't matter if there was a tear. He put me on Advil and physical therapy which starts this Thursday. He said if those don't work I am looking at a shoulder replacement if I want it fixed.
  3. Thanks to all, looks like I'll have to wait and see what the doc says.
  4. Have any of you had rotator cuff surgery? I had rotator cuff issues about 20 years ago and just did some therapy for it which helped, and I was able to carry on normally for all these years. Now however something has happened. I have all the symptoms of a tear and my right shoulder and arm have been hurting for about 5 weeks. 3 weeks ago I made an appointment which is next Friday but I am fearing the worst. At this point I cannot even think about swinging a hammer.
  5. There were pieces of meteorite being sold at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show last month, in fact I had a friend visiting from Denver that bought some of it. The "Tucson Ring Meteorite" is a great story although many of the facts are controversial.
  6. I took 3/4" black iron pipe and cut it into 8" lengths, then welded them to 1/8" X 2" wide flat stock, Drilled the flat stock and screwed them to the wall, 1 high and 1 low. I welded a chain to one end of each with an open loop on the opposite ends. So I have "compartments" about a foot wide each with chains to keep the stock from falling out, (think of the conduit racks or wood trim racks they have at the big box stores). This is where I keep all my long stock 12 feet and less (I have a 12 foot ceiling). For stock up to 24 feet I took angle iron and made 4' lengths suspended by 1' lengths all the way down the underside of a 30 foot long side porch I built onto the side of the house. The ledger is securely bolted into the house and the porch is post and beam For lumber I made a rack 8.5' X 8' and bolted it to the ceiling above where the garage door opens. It is only 7" deep but holds sheets on one side and dimensional lumber on the other.
  7. I just got this book and I am about 2/3 through it, I can highly recommend it. The author is an accomplished sheet metal worker and walks you through everything and shows how much can be done with just hand tools, although he covers machinery also. Best book I ever read on sheet metal shaping and forming.
  8. Absolutely go to the open forge events. Get yourself a hammer and bring a few pieces of scrap. As far as classes Pieh Tool has classes in Camp Verde, not sure if the have them at Scottsdale but Verde is not too far from you.
  9. If you called the police where I live to report anything less than assault, armed robbery or murder they don't even show up. Phone or internet report only.
  10. A guy on another forum does what I call a poor man's alarm. When leaving the shop he sets up a bunch of 2" pipes standing on end arranged so that anyone coming in will likely set them off in a domino effect.
  11. My anvils are all outdoors but hidden from view. I am in the process building my stand for my newest acquisition, my 149 lb A&H. My plan is to use a section of 1/4" steel utility pole (it wasn't me Cactus Bob!) since they are tapered and have a perfect shape to be able to walk around while being very stable. I will weld a base on the bottom (the wider end), cut the top to the proper height then fill it with sand. Then I will attach the anvil to a plate that fits just inside the top diameter and place it on the sand. Then I will weld tabs around the top edge of the base so I can still turn or level the anvil but it cannot be lifted out without grinding off the tabs. At least this way it will weigh enough to deter theft. The picture is a piece of utility pole I got at the scrap yard last week.
  12. bigb

    Tong obsession

    Very nice work Ranchmanben, I'll be following this thread. I share your obsession with making tools in general. I love to make tools and utilitarian items. My future goals include hinges and latches to use on home made cabinets, and making my own tongs. Nothing is more satisfying than needing a tool for a certain job and just making it.
  13. I've been debating on whether or not I really need much work bench space in my tiny outdoor hobby area. I presently have two work tables, a 32" X 36" and a 32" X 48".I use the area for smithing and for grinding work and oxy acetylene work. Seems like at least one of the tables is always piled up with "stuff". They are great solid tables made from 1/4" X 2" angle with heavy steel tops. If I got rid of one it would help with room for the leg vise and a grinder stand. I am thinking on getting rid of the 48" one but would hate to give it up then need it later. My property is small and I am out of storage room. How much table/bench space do you guys have/need in your hobby smithy? I do have a large indoor shop with several benches and a 4 X 5 welding table but no room to put another one in there with the trucks I keep in there.
  14. I looked everywhere and could not find the ingredients, how do you know it's just Borax? It looks like Larry started formulating it 10 years ago.