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  1. My best/favorite hammer acquisition came from the dumpster. I spotted an 8 pound sledge with a broken pipe handle that had been welded by a baboon. Easy pickins! I bought a short chunk of black pipe and a threaded cap for a short handle and welded it in place of the rusty stump. I still use it to this day at work, and it gets loaned out on a regular basis.
  2. Measure twice, cut once. Measure once, cut twice, hammer three times.
  3. Those stairs are quite impressive Old Crew! Greens Keeper that's a great vise stand too, and your grinder mount also GolFisHunt! It's time I got back to work...
  4. Jspool, that is pretty cool! Reminds me of a gun carriage.
  5. The exact rod of choice must be chosen carefully, as I found out. I recall the head of the welding department in college told us about surfacing rods having the tendency to leave spider web cracks, as mine did. Talk to the rod manufacturer, that is the best advice I can give you. Nice work, so far.
  6. Excellent chisel!! ~~~ The flat tire turned out to be D.O.A. I picked up a giant, pyramid shaped rock with sharp edges. With no spare tire, I replaced two matching rear tires and wheels on the truck from my old set. I kept the old set for just such a time as this. I ought to put a spare on the truck though. The old wheels were 16.5", I switched to 16's with the new tires. Ordered a new tire just now. This never would have happened with steel tires like the wagons used to have.
  7. I patched up tears in good work jeans last couple of days. My hobby sized shop is under construction anyway, and the weather has me in check. Tomorrow's first job is to get my trucks flat tire fixed if possible. It has a big hole somewhere, air was gushing out as I got home.
  8. But of course. Always with me the shot in the dark at comedy relief and the reference to Peter Sellers, but alas we have been, how do you say, out moded. Hiding flaws in items for sale is not the best business practice. Au revoir.
  9. I wondere why zee Seller can not paint his own property, and zen sell eet?!? I have a brush and many colours on my pallet. What coloure would you lykeh, chartreuse or burgundy?
  10. It depends. I shaped my rail anvil with a 4 1/2" grinder. I also flattened my 110 lb. lab rat with a 7" model and a large stone. For shaping by eye, the smaller version is more controllable and less fatiguing over longer duration jobs. If you can work in the flat position, gravity helps you to do more work with a larger tool.
  11. I recall burying my uncles large work truck in mud on site between my brother and I when we were much younger. "No problem, we''ll lift it out with the forklift.", says he. "Not if we bury the forklift too!", says I. A full half day later, covered in mud, we reached square one, ready for work.
  12. I received my EMI filter today, wired it into the shop LED fixture, flipped on the switch and ... the light came on. TADA!! (But the radio is still full of static.) Gonna try better quality LED's, they should arrive soon...or maybe I'll try and fix one of the myriad fluorescent fixtures lying around in disrepair. I'm packing up the new fixture and taking it back.
  13. Happy 399th Thanksgiving ya'll!!