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  1. Hot diggity!! Don't drop it on your toe now.
  2. Well, that's a bust. My argon tank is empty, and have you seen the price of refills these days? We sell nitrogen for tires at work, and I get all I want for free, cause I am an employee, so, nitrogen it is, just as soon as I grease it up, wrap it in cellophane, pack it in pvc end caps, and load it into the next passing satellite launch vehicle. I could have Steve McQueen's Blob eat it though, that thing was nothing but zombified axle grease anyways.
  3. Launch it into orbit. In space, no one can hear it rust.
  4. A new No. 9 being tagged by a bearing ball, this is disturbing. I've dented my own anvil shaped rail with a 1" bearing ball. But then I attempted to quench harden it, afterward it became more resistant to denting. It's tough to be an anvil baby!
  5. It looks nice enough, bigger than any rail. A ball bearing or ball pein hammer test will help in testing the face. Assuming it has decent rebound, only you can say if $3.50 per pound is acceptable.
  6. Axle grease, the marine version for example. It will not go away, it may dry out in a few years, but it comes right off with simple solvents.
  7. Since it works for you, you've succeeded. From the early photo, I'ld have welded all around the rebar to the bottom frame, as long as it didn't warp like a pretzel. But with four even tacks, and concrete, you're fine. Nice stand, I hope you don't need to move it!
  8. I read your post before I scrolled to the picture. That's not bad, all used anvils have scars. Those are freckles.
  9. A full-pen weld between flat plates, and or blocks. So, the Gunther method, huh?
  10. That mounting strap is irrelevant, outside of aesthetics. The only practical concern that comes to mind is, how does it rebound and sound? I do wonder what the voids on the sides are trying to tell me though. There may be some history of restoration work on the face. Still, it should beat a chunk of rail to work on.
  11. It's a drive key from a steam powered, 8 lane, bi-level, draw bridge. ... or not. It looks like an anvil.
  12. This one? All your tooling needs to be BIG. Hammers, tongs, anvil under the anvil, forge, quench water supply - all BIG.
  13. That cleaned up well, quite the find. You have the whole shop to go with it!