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    Wagon Tongue Vise

    Well a small update.. I picked it up a day early ! so far I straightened the handle, got most of the nuts to loosen and turn ( pivot bolt turns a touch so far and is soaking ) jaw opens a couple inches so far and is soaking at the pivot bolt and cheeks.. screw & Box look really good and has old grease.. I'll see more tomorrow after soaking over night to see how much more movement I've gained.. oh.. the jaws are a little over 3 3/4" wide but not quite 4" … more to come once I get it apart and wire wheel it all..
  2. JT

    Wagon Tongue Vise

    Thanks TP I'll look at it closer when I clean it.. I won't be able to pick it up until Saturday.. thanks for looking into the dates !! I'll post more after I get it... JT
  3. JT

    Wagon Tongue Vise

    I just bought this Civil War era ?? wagon tongue vise. others I have seen like this are described as being from that era, so that's what I'm guessing.. I knew what it was when I saw it and ended up paying $72.00 for it at a small local on-line auction.. now to take it apart and clean it and straighten the handle.
  4. SLAG.. thank You. that is what I was going to do.. ( Heidbrink Minneapolis ) Gazz... good eye.. it was listed as a torch cart but after looking up the patent number it was given to.. Jay A Heidbrink 10-23-34 ..and described as being made for gas administering tanks .. it was a device by means of which a tank containing gas to be administered to patients could be readily moved into the desired position without liability of the tank falling off the support upon which it is placed …
  5. Nice Anvil !! I was lucky enough to find this one a couple years ago that was also in Ohio.. its a bit smaller at 290lbs. but also in very good condition... I was so very lucky to pick it up off craigslist it was at a antique store for $375.00 where the lady held it for me to do the 3 1/2 hour drive one way.. even though there was a person at the door when they opened with cash in his hand while I was talking to her on the phone !! that doesn't happen often !!
  6. I haven't had a lot come my way lately as I've been working 12 hours a day 7 days a week since the middle of September.. but I managed to just have couple items follow me home.. first is this hydraulic lift table its very heavy and the top is 24 X 32 .. the next is this old torch cart, its very unusual and I can't find another like it anywhere on the internet.. or any info on the name cast in it.. its obviously missing a part on the front adjustable pole.. its made to hold the two tanks and a fire extinguisher.. hopefully I can find more info from a patent number..
  7. Black Frog, I'm working overtime right now so when I get a chance I will borrow a camera from a friend and get a few for you of what's still visible.. JT
  8. Black Frog, it is very faint with only the center 3 curved letters visible and a few of the broken lines of the diamond.. it appears to be the same as the photo on page 359 of AIA from July 6 1927... except its more in the center of the waist .. my camera quit working so I can't take a photo at the moment .. yes someone took the effort to make it look like a cast iron commercial stand.. its been on this stand a very long time it even shows the outline of the oval from the bottom of the anvil .. not sure how well this stand worked for the previous owner or owners use but the anvil look
  9. thank you both on this...I checked this one out in person today.. it is a Trenton, solid tool steel upper wielded at the waist it has very slight marks on the side.. 127 on the left front foot and 199287 on the right front foot and a oval depression on the bottom... AIA puts it between 1931-1935 it has a great rebound and sold for $401.00 which is $3.15 a pound...
  10. I ran across this anvil but couldn't get a look at it in person due to my work hours.. says its 120 lbs. 25" long... my first thoughts were Trenton or Arm & Hammer, or maybe Hay Budden ?? what does it look like to you ??
  11. Well this crazy little critter followed me home today !! I'm not quite sure what its called could be a gas powered all terrain pallet jack or walk behind forklift that doesn't lift real high .. can't find a make as yet and can't find anything just like it on the net.. looks to probably be missing a sheet metal hood over the top or it.. just crazy looking ! I figured I could attach a trailer hitch ball on the forks and use it to maneuver my boat and trailer around the yard easier then using my truck it tighter quarters..
  12. I believe you are all correct about the weight.. he sent photos of the front feet ( I can't seen to find the photos other wise I would post them..) but it was hard to really tell, but to me it looked like it was 300lbs. maybe someone mistook the 3 for a 8... it was 14 1/2" tall 34" long and I think it was about 4 3/4" wide... pretty small for 800 lbs. !!
  13. yes he has a 100lb. Trenton and a 200lb. Trenton I'm not sure which one that is sitting in front of it.. the owner is going over to look at it again and look for a weight and serial number on the foot and get overall measurements and rebound test .. he says he is only going by the farmers word that it was 800 lbs. but its VERY big.. ??
  14. I haven't posted much here in awhile.. the last was my newly acquired boat in it followed me home.. well this Anvil just happened to cross my path this morning.. the owner said its a 800lb. Black Prince.. I don't know if that is the Anvils weight or the anvil and stands weight.. I will be able to find out more today... looks to have a few torch cuts or from something else and unfortunately has been welded on the stand.. but he is willing to deal on the price from what it is marked now...seems like a very good deal if indeed its 800 lbs. and has good rebound... not sure on how good the reboun
  15. thanks guys !! I can't wait till spring to start the clean up process and restoration on this old boat.. and today this very nice all original unmolested 40hp 1957 Mercury Mark 55 motor followed me home and is now patiently awaiting its new home on the back of this old boat once its all done , polished , and pretty again .. !!
  16. thanks guys !! I probably won't get much done on her yet this year.. I have it stored for the winter at a marina that was close to where I picked her up at.. and my overtime will be coming up soon and last through December .. but at least its now mine.. I bought a newer more road worthy trailer for her and what to switch it out in the next couple weeks ad tarp her up for the winter ( even thought it has sat in the weather this way for the last 26 years or more !! ) upon searching info on this vessel I do believe that little old trailer is her original factory trailer from new !! this has chang
  17. yeah, kinda grows on ya !! heres one all redone.. sorta has a "Jules Verne" vibe to it... almost expect to see Captain Nemo himself to step out onto the deck !! lol
  18. well I've been pretty busy lately and haven't been able to get on here as much as I would like.. this isn't blacksmith related .. but, It did follow me home last weekend … after some persuasion of coarse, after sitting for 26 years about two miles deep in the woods !! this is a Aero-Craft JCC ( JCC stands for Junior Cabin Cruiser ) built between 1947-1954 about 30 miles from where I live .. complete restoration is in its near future ...
  19. well I got this home today.. not out of my truck yet !! lol this thing is HEAVY !! half ton truck and it made it squat some.. its actually 46 1/4 " X 39" X 27 1/2".. I thought the top was 3/4" thick but its a full 1" .. the webbing underneath is 11/16" thick.. I can't even budge it to lift one corner or even slide it... even on a bed liner.. I will weight it tomorrow at work .. I'm guessing in the neighborhood of 800 lbs. + --…. hope my little 1000 lb. rated forklift will lift it !! lol JT
  20. Hmmm, I don't know for sure just what it's initial use was for.. or what the hole was cut into it for.. under the 3/4" thick top it has several heavy cross braces going back and forth .. I can not lift one side of it... it cost me $100.00 USD must weight a few hundred pounds..
  21. Thank you Kevin, I was also seeing bending jig with the holes in it or adding more if need be.. JT
  22. I haven't has much to post here lately but this Very Heavy welding table ? is following me home tomorrow.. its 46" X 39" X 27" tall and 3/4" thick top plate.. many uses come to mind with this.. including mounting my 200lb bench vise to it and is just about the correct Hight for my large post vise as well..
  23. it finally warmed up enough to bring this guys back out !! here they are after disassembling and wire wheeling them, and a fresh coat of oil..
  24. BIGGUNDOCTOR. that's a good idea.. I too was thinking the same thing for this one.. I have property on a island and I'm looking at a log cabin with cathedral ceilings .. I was thinking of doing just that.. either standing it on the transom like in the photo or hanging it on its side on a wall.. its a flat bottom boat... I have several other nautical items including a life sized hand carved sea captain from the late 1800s or early 1900s holding a real harpoon in one hand and has a parrot standing on his shoulder.. also looking into a 1930s of 40s motor for the boat.. JT
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