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  1. cement floor with lines in it for a future n floor heat system not sure when that happens though(shop was built 14ish years ago) maybe right out the door or in the same hole as the gun safe... M.J.Lampert
  2. hey not a bad idea we do have an ecevator now where to put the hole????? M.J.Lampert
  3. please pray for safety for the fire fighters and help for those with lung problems as the air is thick with smoke secondly prayers for peace and comfort as people are evacuating leaving behind many possessions that are important to them but the didnt have time or space to take in the path of the fire (I'm afraid my mother will say no to my forge and tools)] as of now i am safe i just hope to remain this way finally prayers for Lytton BC as 90% if the town was lost and many people displaced prayers that they can get back on there feet soon and begin to rebuild M.J.Lampert
  4. on Friday and Saturday i had some time at the anvil and made some animal heads out of3/8 square stock from left, attempted at a mountain goat but got more of an ibex, kudu, thin horn mountain sheep next one needs more taper to the horns, last one is a Texas longhorn also made a hoof pick and a ladle but the later needs some cleaning up before its done yes i know its a cast aso i only keep it around for the horn M.J.Lampert i just about forgot i also made a drift from half a U-bolt seen on ground is my explanation of the kudu horns to another person
  5. here's off my family's deck the hill line is 1.5-2 km off and we usually see the mountains beyond them this pick is about 5 min old and it has since got worse. the smoke is coming from a fire 70-80 km from us but we are safe for now as it is a highway and multiple decent rivers away to the soth west M.J.Lampert
  6. please send it here we are constantly smoked in this was last week its worse today M.J.Lampert
  7. Moose antler for the handle 5160 steel and 3/16 brass pins
  8. ok i see what yall are talking bout i would have had some 1/4 or 3/8 sheet welded beside it and some 1/4 or 3/8 bar n the sides to keep the movement down sideways for the upper what would you use 1x4flat or should it be larger also on the mod would you please move this into the press sub forum as i don't want to be high-jacking this thread thanks M.J.Lampert
  9. a few more mods and a sheath and we are finished M.J.Lampert
  10. so i did this last year in November but after that a friend decided to make a sheath for Christmas … well Christmas became my birthday and then beyond so this weekend he finally gave it back to me. he stamped my initials and died it black I plan to add a strap on it to hold it a little tighter when going through the brush. I sanded the handle some more and have since pics given the antler a coat of BLC and olive oil for the sheath 1 more coat needed on the latter and 2-3 on the handle so without further delay and one black and white to really pop the colours the blade on close inspection has some mistakes and when buffing it i got it a little hot but other wise im really happy the friend traded me some oak wood for a bush knife i will make him. wondering should I go with 1095 or 1075 for the blade i have either to chose from? M.J.Lampert
  11. looking good at that time we had 37- 42.5C (100ish- 110ishF ) look forward to seeing more progress M.J.Lampert
  12. placed "cast-o-lit-30 LI plus" on my forge yesterday as ceramic wool was exposed had a sluff that i patched this morning had my first ever lessons today with the recent restriction lightening of restrictions made a s hook and then a partner that didnt quit match but for first and second ever for it also made im happy. a leaf keychain to ugly to share and a fire poker in a 2.5 hour period while sharing forge and anvil. had a chance to work with a real anvil and that has cused me to up the usage of the TPAAAT to get myself one oh and i got a reminder that i should never go for 4 months without spending time behind the hammer as my hands got too soft and im back at point zero blisters oh whel just gotta work the kinks back out of my hands M.J.Lampert
  13. i most likly will put collars on the bar but 1in is as large as i can go as the cylender has a 1 in hole to hook on anyways i got this 2 weeks ago and never had time to post 2 gallons of cast-o-lit-30 (19lb) (11ish aready used), 1/2 pint of "ITC 100" refractery coating, 1 sheet each 800 and 1200 grit paper, 1 each scalloped edge 2X72 in belts 220 and 320 grit, 1X sanding belt cleaner, 1075 1/8X2X24in , 1095 1/8X2X25in, and 1095 3/16X2X24. plus they sent me a lovely little sticker as a thank you my fathe gave me some highgrade brass bushings and wear-plates to melt if i ever try cast brass handles also he gave me a box of buncher teeth to mess with they spark HC and work decent from bright red up now to figure out what to do with them M.J.Lampert
  14. M.J.Lampert

    Press idea

    ok that is what i thought just wanted to make sure here is my design M.J.Lampert
  15. You mean they didn make you sign the contract saying that they are allowed to control your life and that work comes before al else??? your lucky M.J.Lampert
  16. Can you post a pic of how the top die is attached i am building a press and that is the one thing i need to figure out before moving on see circled section a bottom up pic would be lovely M.J.Lampert
  17. Charlycuervo butiful blade the moment i say it i had thought chopper M.J.Lampert
  18. welcome from British Columbia happy Canada day may this land stay free M.J.Lampert
  19. these where new varneshes and they ar bad for anything over a few min my father (a mechanic) has no problem but he doesnt use them for long periods and when they bounce around in the truck they get the coating rubed off then rubbed in a grease coating M.J.Lampert
  20. looks great i have yet to try a pair of tongs so there beter than mine (nothing) frost keep the bugs i simpathize on the trimmer part i did 5 or five 8 hour days of that at work some string some star blade if your ranching down there there are these black hats with a large brim you can wear they work well to defend your head from wacks as well as the sun i beleive they also come in white haha i got about about 8 months and then im in that boat as well (in BC its 16 to get the L and 1 year L to get N 2 years N to freedom) go one picked out for myself to mid nintys 1/2 ton hope to grab it late summer/fall after i earned enough through this summer job at a fab shop hey you took pics of the wrong pics theres no RAM or DODGE on it so can you please send the real pics and quite kidding us ok for me there was nothing in the shop other than the fact that the air is on fire (30-45C for the last while) looking forwards to some cooler weather, have been going through cold drinks like crazy and sitting in the pool for hours oh and im designing a hydrolic press for in the shop will give more details when farther along M.J.Lampert
  21. i find that any time a handle is taped i get blisters... under the callus same with a varnished handel i like a charred hickory handle with 3 coats of BLO M.J.Lampert
  22. i wanna head down once i can drive and have some money so 3-5 years from now? then i can put a voice to text M.J.Lampert
  23. could be an id for its previous user sorry cant help any more M.J.Lampert
  24. sin doc in answer to you question Isaac Newton: Chickens at rest tend to stay at rest. Chickens in motion tend to cross roads. more choices HERE M.J.Lampert
  25. haha yup dont bother tracking a blacksmith in 5 days they change minds many times and you'll loose them
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