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  1. This latest one is made from a can opener handle. It's the first one I made using my new 72x2 belt grinder. Saved me hours and hours of filing and using my weak 4x38 belt grinder. I forged it on a Tuesday and had it finished the following Friday. Usually takes 2 weeks. Only gashed my thumb's knuckle once.
  2. I got to hit the forge Monday. Beat out two knives. One was part of a commercial can opener handle. The other was some random steel piece. Looked like it may have been a hinge. They both seemed to harden. Got to use my new 2x72 belt grinder and saved myself a few hours on the old 4x32 sander. Having two horsepower makes a huge difference. I can just about stop my Harbor Freight sander motor with one hand. I can't stop my 72 inch. It'll break a hand first.
  3. Made a belt sander. It's not pretty but it works.
  4. Your welds are far better than mine.
  5. Been looking for an anvil for a couple years now. Finally found one for sale. Unfortunately the owner seemed quite insane and would not even begin to consider my offer. It was an old beat up 42 pound anvil. I offered 50 or 75 dollars for it. He would not budge from the absolutely insane price of $500. He kept going on about his price being reasonable since anvils are so rare. If I spend $500 on an anvil I won't be able to carry it out one handed. Guess I'll spend another year on my two inch thick six inch wide "anvil".
  6. Got to hit the forge on Monday. Made a little knife out of ancient rusty threaded rod found in the woods at my mother's house. The other thing was a broken file. It was a small piece so it's now a large arrowhead or a small spearhead. I mounted it to a broken arrow I have and it looks mean. Shot it a couple times. Kinda fun. The knife will be a work knife since it got nice and hard and is just right size for using.
  7. And here's the one that I welded the tang and placed a pin in the pommel. I concentrated on those two aspects so I neglected others. Plus it's the knife a split my pinky finger working on. Should have got stitches. The wound is healed but it still hurts to move it.The handle is purple leaf plum. I keep finding bits of it and using them. Still getting better at the knifemaking. Not as good as some of the knives posted in this thread. You guys put me to shame. Really good knives.
  8. Here's the one I ground out of Lowe's bar steel. It's how my dad made them. And compared to forging it is super simple to do. How did he get $350 per knife back in 1984? According to Ebay custom made knives go from $20 to $75. Have to find some super glue before I can finish the one with the pin and a welded tang.
  9. I let it cool slowly on it's own. How do you preheat a flux core welder steel? Propane torch? The first weld on it had a small bit attached together. The second one had it all melted together. It hasn't budged and I'm almost to the point of polishing it.
  10. Didn't make it to the forge this weekend. Finally got a welder. Tried the el cheapo one from HF and it would not weld the angle iron I had set up to learn on. Plus it would not stop feeding wire or turn off until the off switch was flipped. I took it back and traded up for the little green one. It could and did weld the angle iron just fine. I completely suck at welding but those two pieces of steel ain't coming apart. So I pulled out the knife I had set aside and welded threaded rod to the tang. I spent a bunch of time filing down a handle made of alternating black rubber and plexiglass. I f
  11. I don't consider my hands to be large. The wood began as a large block I split and used for a handle. I filed it, rasped it and sanded it for 3 days and it feels good in my hand so I called it "good enough". The hilt sticks out about half an inch on the sharp side and is flush everywhere else. It just keeps your fingers away from the ouch.
  12. My dad was a knifesmith and I inherited his tools from when he made3 knives. I use the pins he left behind. Eventually I'll have to buy more.
  13. Here is my latest knife. This one came from a random 6 inch long half inch wide piece of steel my mother had in her shop and she gave it to me. I made the guard out of a flattened piece of 3/4 copper water pipe. It's my first knife with both a guard and a pommel on a hidden tang knife. My first use of a brass pin also. The tang was not made properly for the guard. JB Weld covers most of the glaring mistakes. Wasn't going to have a pommel but I cut the end of the handle too short and the end of the tang was exposed. I had a small piece of brass about as wide as the tang so I drilled it and the
  14. I have no idea. I think it quenched and got hard, But I'm not too sure. It was just a random rod she had. No idea where it came from.
  15. I got to heat up the forge Sunday. Mom gave me a 6 inch x 1/2 inch steel rod. I Made it into a knife. Put a new tang on my roughing chisel. Also increased the bend in the u channel to make a better cutting chisel. Made a 3/4 x 1 inch chunk of mild steel into a fork. And took a small piece of scrap steel into a kindling wedge. WAs putting a handle on the knife and split my pinky finger. Bled everywhere. But that's the price you pay to be a blacksmith after 7 strokes. Going to get hurt a LOT. Still though, gotta do something and I've turned all my wood.
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